Moving Large Items – How to Handle Furniture and Other Bulky Things

Moving large items is a difficult task that requires some careful planning. While hiring one of the local movers in Seattle is still the best choice, there are a few things you can do that can make the whole process much more manageable. Follow these next few tips, and you’ll be transporting these objects like a pro in no time.

Man and woman moving furniture

Heavier objects make home relocations a lot harder

Having a Plan Makes Moving Large Items Much Less Complicated

What should you do before transporting a bulky object? Unless you’re going to donate furniture in Seattle or put it in storage, you should have a plan in place on how you’re going to handle each piece. Let’s go over some basics that can make the process much more straightforward:

  • Prioritize – Doing the inventory should be on the top of your moving to-do list. When loading the truck, you should load the heavier pieces first, as rearranging them later would take too much time. Besides balancing the load, this will keep your other less sturdy belongings safe.
  • Take measurements – An object that can’t fit through the doors makes the relocation incredibly difficult. Measuring will enable you to find a potential problem earlier on, which makes finding a solution much easier.
  • Dismantle it – Removing all attached parts such as drawers, shelves, handles, and knobs can make an otherwise tricky object much easier to handle. If you can’t separate them without damaging the item, tape them shut or secure them with bubble wrap, and they won’t cause you any more problems.
  • Try different angles – To find the simplest way to move any objects, you’ll have to experiment with different angles. Some are better than others, just give it time, and you’ll figure it out.
  • Mark it – The methods you’ve used to mark your moving boxes in Seattle don’t apply here. It’s best to use painter’s tape, as sharpies may leave permanent stains.
  • Call a friend – Even if you don’t hire a moving company in Seattle, you’ll still need some assistance with the relocation. While your friends might not be thrilled about having to do the hard work, having them there will make the process significantly easier. You can thank them by ordering some of the best takeout in Seattle.

Planning the Unloading Right Away Is Much Better Than Doing It Last Minute

Your relocation to one of the best suburbs of Seattle won’t be completed until every single item is properly set up. Plan out which pieces go where, so you won’t have to move them again at a later date. You’ll also save a lot of time if you unload everything before you start putting the furniture back together.

Person writing notes in planner

A good plan makes your home relocation much easier to manage

Use Different Materials to Protect the Furniture

Although local relocations are not as complicated as moving large items across the country, you’ll still have to protect your things. If you’re relocating without a mover in Seattle, you’ll need to acquire the right supplies to keep the objects from suffering any damage during the transport. Most of the time, bubble wrap, blankets, cardboard, and plastic covers should be more than enough to keep all your belongings safe.

Here’s Some Information on How to Wrap Objects Properly

Even if you know how to pack dishes for moving, preparing heavier objects brings its own unique challenges. Here are a few tips that can help you properly secure your bulkier belongings:

  • Use bubble wrap to protect delicate parts such as corners and knobs, wrap the piece with blankets, and secure it with tape.
  • Consider using plastic wrap on top of the blankets, as this will prevent dirt from getting on your things. This is especially useful when transporting mattresses.
  • Protect glass surfaces with cardboard, bubble wrap them, and put them in a box if possible.

Various moving items stacked

Blankets are excellent for protecting your furniture

How Do You Lift Heavy Things by Yourself?

Don’t worry if you can’t afford to hire even cheap movers in Seattle. There are plenty of moving hacks that will enable you to lift heavier objects without much trouble. All you have to do is acquire some tools and gadgets, and you’ll become a DIY champion in no time:

  • Dollies – These four-wheel platforms are excellent for transporting bulkier or heavier objects or stacked boxes. Hand trucks are very similar, but they are better for taller things like dressers or bookcases.
  • Furniture straps – Also known as shoulder dollies, these will shift the weight from your back to other muscle groups.
  • Mattress slings – These will enable you to move your mattress like a pro.
  • Sliders – Sliding a heavy object across the floor is much easier than carrying it. After you have the sliders in place, push the item’s lower half so you don’t tip it over. You can also tie straps and pull the object, just like in the video below.

Handling the Stairs Without a Seattle Moving Company Is Going to Be Difficult

Getting your furniture up and down the stairs will be a lot more difficult without the help of moving companies in Seattle, WA. You’ll have to work with a partner, with one person carrying the item from the bottom, while the other lifts it from the top. Going slow is key here, with the person lower on the stairs setting the pace. After the hard work is done, take your friend out for a drink at one of the best rooftop bars in Seattle or one of the Seattle breweries.

Lifting Bulky Furniture Without Tools Is a Lot Easier With These Next Few Tips

While proper equipment can make the process much more manageable, many people don’t have access to it. However, lifting furniture without tools can be pretty dangerous. Fortunately, you can avoid adding injury to your moving stress by following these next few tips:

  • Bend the knees – Many beginners don’t know that carrying heavier items without bending the knees transfers the whole burden on the back, which can cause you a lot of problems down the road. Doing this will enable you to distribute the weight evenly across your whole body.
  • Keep your posture steady – Avoid any unnecessary movement while carrying a bulky item, as these can often lead to a joint injury. When you do need to make a turn, lead with your hips instead of your feet.
  • Hold the item close – This may be harder depending on the object’s size, but it will engage your whole body, helping you maintain balance.
  • Always look where you’re going – A bulkier item may obscure your field of view, but you should always see where you’re headed.

Two men moving furniture

With the help of a friend, a home relocation can become a fun activity

Don’t Know How to Move Heavy Items? Hire Our Seattle Movers to Assist You

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