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Are you thinking about relocating to Snoqualmie, Washington? It’s a beautiful town just outside of Seattle, and you’ll need reliable Snoqualmie movers to help you move into your new home.  Seattle Professional Movers is the right choice for you. Once you’ve settled in, you’ll quickly get a sense of how great the area is, but first, let us briefly introduce you to your new home.

Living in Snoqualmie, WA

Located 20 miles east of Seattle, tihs is a quiet suburb of the Emerald City. The total population in the area is around 13,000. The place offers a lot for the friendly, open, and welcoming residents. Many families live in the suburb and enjoy its amenities, great parks, and excellent schools. It’s also considered one of the best suburbs of Seattle, so you and your family will surely get adjusted quickly.

Ideal for Families

Though it isn’t one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families, it’s still a great area to raise a family in King County. It’s a very safe environment that offers a lot for children and families to do, and there are plenty of parks for you and your kids to enjoy. If you’re moving with pets, there are also many great dog parks for your furry companions to run around and play. They have an excellent selection of schools for kids to attend that are worth checking out:

  • Snoqualmie Elementary School
  • Timber Ridge Elementary School
  • Chief Kanim Middle School
  • Twin Falls Middle School
  • Two Rivers School
  • Mount Si Highschool

There are a total of 12 schools, both private and public, that your kids can attend. They all have great reviews from parents all around the suburb.


Things to Do in Snoqualmie

This is a very green town with plenty of outdoor activities, parks, and hiking trails if you’re interested in experiencing the great outdoors. The sights are truly breathtaking at the Falls and the RattleSnake Scenic area. You can also visit the local casino for a fun night or spend the day enjoying wine from Sigillo Cellars winery. If you aren’t too keen on just gambling or drinking wine, you can always sate your vices in one of the many great restaurants and bars around town.

Cost of Living

For all that this excellent suburb offers, it can be quite costly as it is significantly pricier than both the national and state average. You’ll need to make sure you add a tight budget to your moving to-do list. The median home value is $600,000, and the median rent value is $1,800. The majority of residents own housing rather than rent by a considerable margin. The average household income is $145,000. The majority of it goes to various costs and expenses that have to be maintained – nobody said a suburban life didn’t come with a hefty price.

Hire the Best Snoqualmie Movers

Now that you’ve gotten to know more about this family-friendly suburb, you can get to know the right choice of Seattle movers for your relocation. We understand how frustrating relocation can be; it’s why we make it our business to help each customer tackle the most challenging parts of the process. We are well trained and well prepared to make your relocation as smooth as possible.

What Our Movers do That Others Don’t

Most other companies you’ll find are just cheap movers in Seattle who only do the bare minimum to get a customer from one place to another. Our professional moving company in Seattle seeks to exceed your every need and expectation and make your experience with us memorable – we don’t want you going to anybody else but us!

No Other Local Moving Company Can Compare to Our Services

Overall, the relocation process is complicated and can take a lot of effort on your behalf. Even with help from family and friends, relocating is tedious and exhausting. To help you, we’ve got excellent moving services designed for the most challenging parts of a move. You’ll be amazed at just how seamlessly we handle your relocation, and with plenty of daylight hours to spare.


Packing Services

Packing can be a very tedious and long process that not only costs energy but quite a bit of money as well. You can save loads of time and even some money with our packing services. Our local Seattle movers come with high-quality packing materials and will handle all of your belongings and get you packed up and ready to move out.

In-and-out of Storage Moving Service

Most people have trouble relocating all of their belongings on relocation day all at once and often don’t have enough space in their new home or not enough time to make several trips. To compensate, people rent storage units. It’s convenient, but it takes time to get all of your things to and from the unit. With our in-and-out of storage moving service, our local Seattle movers will gladly move your belongings to and from your storage rental.

Labor Only Service

Having to get all of your things moved on and off of a moving truck can quickly tire you out. With our labor-only service, we’ll handle getting all of your stuff loaded on and off the truck. We take everything from small boxes to large and bulky furniture. We also disassemble and reassemble furniture for you.

Other Areas We Serve in Washington

Our main headquarters is located in Seattle, but we serve other communities in King County, WA, and surrounding locations. You can visit our website and look at our neighborhood listing. If you don’t see your area listed, you can always give us a call to see if your town is covered.

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