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Are you considering relocating to Benroy in Sumner? We have some good news for you. It is one of the coziest small-town neighborhoods in Washington, in the north part of Sumner, a town of 10,000 people. What to find out what it is like to live there and who the best Benroy movers are? Keep reading.

Want to Move to Benroy, Sumner?

If you want to move to Benroy, you will be happy to know that it is a safe little community. In Sumner, you have all you need: schools, coffee, and dining. Also, the lovely Lake Tappa is not too far. You can enjoy the Daffodil Parade that marches through Sumner and three other cities in Pierce County in spring.

Why Benroy Is a Good Choice

If you google Benroy, you will find out that there are many affordable homes with a median price range of around $350,000. On average, rent is about $1,600. What a change from living in Downtown Seattle! The real estate consists mainly of small and medium single-family houses, as well as some apartment complexes.

At Your Doorstep in Benroy

Living in Benroy, you would only need to walk a few minutes to get to Brank’s BBQ & Catering local fast food restaurant, where you will encounter friendly staff. Fat Zach’s Pizza Place is also near. As for recreation and sports, you can go to Sumner Link Trail Access to walk, jog, or ride a bicycle surrounded by beautiful nature by the river. Some of the best hikes near Seattle will be right at your doorstep.

Living in Sumner, WA – Best-Rated Schools and Breathtaking Nature

Sumner Main Street is just a 9-minute drive from Benroy. There, you will be thrown back in time to enjoy a jewel of Americana. There is a row of cute, old buildings on Main Street, where you can feel the charm of a vintage small town and go shopping or for a drink. Near Sumner Main Street there is also Sumner Train Station, which can take you to Seattle for $3 to $5 in just 44 minutes so that you can experience the best of both worlds.

Sumner is a Rhubarb Pie Capital of the World according to Travel Tacoma. So you can have a taste of rhubarb pie at Dixie’s Home Cookin’ or Rhubarb milkshake at Main Street Dairy Freeze. Near there is a beautiful tea house and gift shop called Secret Garden Tea Room & Gift. Aside from the beautiful garden and Victorian mansion exterior, you will be delighted with Christmas decorations and vintage, flower ornate teacups and plates. The teahouse has a herb garden, and you can taste some homemade fare there.

In the summer, Lake Tapps, a water reservoir for Pierce County, transforms into a summer swimming location. Just 15 minutes drive away, this beautiful location offers stunning views with its conifers and mountain Rainier in the distance. This school district’s average testing rank is 10/10, which is in the top 10% of Washington’s public schools, making it one of the best school districts in Seattle.

Why Seattle Professional Movers Are Perfect Moving Help

If you chose to move to this lovely location but are worried about the logistics, we can help you. Seattle Professional Movers is one of the most reliable and experienced companies in the area. We know all the moving hacks, and we will save you time, energy, and money. No need to worry about the moving expenses checklist; simply contact us, and we will offer you a quote. Our local moving services are personalized: each move is unique, so our service is uniquely molded to fit your needs.

Best Movers in Benroy

Our Benroy movers are the most experienced in the area; they are here to make sure you have a smooth and stress-free local relocation. If you are worried about how to pack dishes safely or how to pack books for the moving, don’t worry – our movers are professionals, and they know the safest ways to do it. We don’t just transport your belongings, with the packing services, we also offer full packing, partial packing, and unpacking service. Our movers provide all necessary supplies, from boxes to padding blankets. With us, your moving to-do list will be empty.

Your Personalized Service at a Reasonable Cost

We have solutions for any type of move. We don’t take local moving lightly; local relocations are our specialty, and even if the transporting route is not long, the process is as delicate as any other. Seattle Professional Movers is one of the top movers in Seattle.

As for residential moving, we are a licensed and insured company, so your goods will be taken care of and safe with us. Our professionals know the area well, so they will choose the best roads to avoid traffic. We are also there to move your apartment. Apartment moves are usually easier because there is not as much stuff as in a house, so we will offer you a quote according to it, as our company is one of the cheapest movers in Seattle.

Moving Your Business

We understand how complex the relocation of a business is, so we offer commercial moving. We are ready to move everything from pencils to desks in the exact order you demand. You will not have to worry about logistics and details. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team for more information. If you’ve already moved with us, don’t hesitate to leave a review and let others know what your experience was like.

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