Top List of the Best Suburbs of Seattle for a Peaceful Life

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When it comes to living in suburban areas, no state can beat what Washington has to offer. If you’re getting tired of Downtown and you’re interested in moving to some of the best suburbs of Seattle, our list will help you find all the places that can suit your needs.

Lake Sammish.

Seattle’s suburban areas are known for their outdoor opportunities

What is the best area to live in Seattle? The city has many excellent suburban neighborhoods you can choose from, so it’s hard to single out just one. Our list was based on several factors, including housing, quality of education, crime rates, and amenities, so whatever suburb you chose, you won’t be disappointed.

Our Seattle Suburb Guide Will Help You Find the Right Neighborhood for You

While living in Downtown Seattle has its perks, relocating to the outskirts won’t deprive you of anything that the urban lifestyle offers. You’ll find the same energy and excitement while avoiding heavy traffic, as most places on this list have great restaurants and vivid cultural life. Apart from having excellent schools and cheaper housing, Seattle’s suburban areas are also surrounded by beautiful mountains and water. Prepare your moving expenses checklist and continue reading to find which suburb suits you the most.

What Is the Most Dangerous Neighborhood in Seattle?

Like with all the major cities, some of Seattle’s neighborhoods experience crime more often than others. While some of these may be quite good in various opportunities, the higher annual felony count makes them a risky choice. Here are a few places that you should avoid when considering where to live:

  • South Park
  • Rainier Beach
  • Othello
  • Beacon Hill
  • Yesler

Seattle’s North Queen Anne Has Several Suburban Qualities You’ll Love

If you want to move to a suburb, but you don’t want to leave the city, North Queen Anne has a unique suburban appeal that you’ll love. It’s one of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle with mostly single-family homes, but its proximity to the center puts you right next to all the action. North Queen Anne has several excellent schools, numerous parks, and some of the best rooftop bars in Seattle, allowing you to relax with a drink after a long day at work. If you like what the neighborhood has to offer, find a moving company in Seattle that has the right Queen Anne movers to help you relocate.

Seattle's Skyline.

Queen Anne has one of the top spots for viewing the city’s skyline

Bellevue Is Undoubtedly One of the Best Suburbs of Seattle for Families

The city’s name, which literally means “beautiful view” in French, perfectly encapsulates its townscape. The community is rich in restaurants, parks, and shopping stores. More importantly, it’s covered by one of the best school districts in Seattle, providing an excellent education for your children. We can agree that Bellevue is undoubtedly more urban than suburban, as public transportation availability makes commuting a lot easier. It also has some of the lowest crime rates in the region and many dog-friendly amenities for people moving with pets. The whole environment is perfect for parents who want to raise kids, which puts Bellevue in line with the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families.

Discover Bellevue’s Amazing Cultural Entertainment Sites

You probably didn’t know that Bellevue used to be famous for its berry farms during the 19th century. Its Mercer Slough Blueberry Farm is one of the few places left where you can buy some fresh berries for a low price. Bellevue offers many other things besides good restaurants and shopping stores. You’ll have a chance to explore its numerous art museums, such as the Bellevue Arts Museum and the KidsQuest Children’s Museum, without dealing with the parking hassle. If you want to move here, find out which Seattle moving companies have the right Bellevue movers.

Bellevue skyline.

The skyline is only one of the things Bellevue is known for

Mercer Island Is One of the Top Places in the State

Whether you’re looking for the best suburbs of Seattle for singles or a place to move with your family, you can’t go wrong with Mercer Island. The city’s mix of urban and suburban qualities is very attractive for groups of all ages. It has plenty of parks, excellent schools, high-end housing options, and low crime rates, similar to some of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. Since Interstate 90 passes over the island, locals can access all of Seattle’s amenities in less than 15 minutes, with Bellevue being even closer. Thanks to an abundance of wealthy residents, the city’s per capita income is the fifth highest in the state, making it a prime choice for successful professionals.

Can You Afford the Local Real Estate Prices? Try Renting Instead

While Mercer Island has a lot to offer, its amenities don’t come without a price. The real estate prices are some of the region’s highest, with residential housing prices going for around $1.2 million. At least the median rent of $2,200 is somewhat more affordable. Still, you likely won’t be able to find a better location to live, so why not move here if you can afford it? Once you start looking for real estate, find which moving companies in Seattle, WA, have Mercer Island movers that can assist you.

Kitchen interior.

Mercer Island has a lot of high-end homes

Renton Is a Great Choice for Both Job Seekers and Families

Renton has been attracting job seekers and people looking to start their own families for years. Its thriving businesses and career opportunities make it an excellent choice for young adults, while an abundance of school districts make it a perfect place to raise children. The area also boasts many shopping hubs, and you’ll find the only IKEA in the state well within your reach. The Landing is just the newest of Renton’s shopping centers. It’s an excellent spot if you’re looking for some unique handcrafted, locally made gifts.

If You Are Looking for Great Schools, You’re in the Right Place

The Renton School District is a recipient of the prestigious What Parents Want Award. This achievement says a lot since only 35 school districts in the state received this award. This school district provides excellent welcoming teachers who will help your children prepare for further education. Since a parent can’t ask for anything better, you should look up some housing and contact Renton movers as soon as possible.

A child in class.

Settle in Renton and enroll your children into some of the state’s top schools

Lake Forest Park Is a Nature Lover’s Heaven

Lake Forest Park rests on a hill that provides a breathtaking view of Lake Washington. The area has a rich history, with most of the houses being built between the 1950s and 1970s. The affordable Seattle suburb has a median home value of $623,500, while its rent cost of $1,600 is relatively inexpensive for the region.
The community’s naturalistic aspect is well-preserved even though its population has significantly expanded since the 1950s. Even now, it hasn’t lost that “cabin fever” charm. That’s why the location is perfect for those who want to get far from the public noise and enjoy the picturesque surroundings every day. New residents who strive for a suburban feeling arrive each year to settle among the abundance of hills and forests. The area is just perfect for nature lovers and outdoor activities, and if that’s the thing you’re after, contact some local movers in Seattle and start preparing for the relocation. While we’re at it, take a look at this video showcasing some of the neighborhood’s main features.

Bothell’s Community Is Constantly Developing

Bothell started growing rapidly after WWII, and the urbanization process continues to bring great improvements to the area’s infrastructure and facilities. As a result of this development, you might not recognize some places in Bothell’s if you haven’t visited it in a while. The landscape may yet change as the redevelopment is not entirely over. Considering the constant influx of new residents, the median home value of $530,300 and a rent price of $1,700 are still very affordable.
The suburb has plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy some free time. Spend a pleasant evening in Decibel Brewing Co., one of the better Seattle breweries, or try some delicious desserts at Daddy’s Donuts. You can also stop by Molbak’s Garden Store and pick some great indoor plants for your new house. If you’re planning to move to this suburb, know that hiring a mover in Seattle will significantly reduce the relocation’s difficulty.

Bird's eye view of Bothell.

Bothell is in a constant state of development

Kirkland Has an Excellent Beach You Can Explore

If you are someone who prefers to get around their town by walking rather than driving or taking a bus, Kirkland is perfect for you. Take a stroll along Lake Washington Boulevard and enjoy the charming landscape. Many buildings here had been renovated in the past decade, giving the city a more contemporary architectural look. You’ll run into numerous excellent restaurants while strolling along the lakeshore, such as Cafe Juanita, which offers some delicious Italian dishes.
You and your family can explore Juanita Beach Park, which offers many outdoor activities for visitors of all ages. It provides an incredible beach experience with tennis courts, volleyball areas, and playgrounds. If you choose to settle here, hiring good Kirkland movers will make the relocation process a lot easier.

Kirkland harbor sunset.

Move to Kirkland, and you’ll enjoy a beautiful sunset every evening

Newcastle Is a Great Choice for Community-Oriented Individuals

Newcastle is also an excellent suburb to call home, perfect for community-oriented individuals who enjoy a close-knit relationship with their neighbors. Despite being a mining town for most of its history, it’s often ranked among the most desirable places to live in the whole country. Prices for residential properties go around $760,000, with a median rent cost of $1,800.

Enjoy Some of the City’s Excellent Outdoor Opportunities

Besides cute houses and a cozy neighborhood feel, Newcastle also offers various activities to do on your days off. The nearby Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park provides some of the best hikes near Seattle. In terms of the sheer number of possibilities, it easily eclipses even the largest parks in Seattle, with 38 miles of hiking trails spread over its 3,115 acres. Newcastle’s massive golf complex is also widely known, and you can become a member of its prestigious Golf Club. If you like what you’re seeing, start going through the listings and book some Newcastle movers right away.

A golf stick and ball.

If you enjoy golf, settle in Newcastle and become a member of their prestigious Golf Club

Hiring a Top-Notch Seattle Moving Company Will Make Your Experience Significantly More Enjoyable

Hopefully, our list will help you find a suburb that’s just right for you. We know that the choice won’t be easy, but if you look into the cost of living, education, job prospects, and available amenities, you should be able to make a shortlist. Once you select the neighborhood you want to move to, start looking for some professional relocation companies. While even cheap movers in Seattle can make your experience significantly more manageable, you’ll want to hire a company that’s both affordable and reputable. That’s why Seattle Professional Movers is the perfect candidate for the job.
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