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If you intend to move to this quaint mountain community, you will need the assistance of the right local Coalfield movers. Just like you made the right decision regarding the place, you should make one regarding which one of the best moving companies in Seattle you want to entrust with this task. We will tell you a bit more about this suburban neighborhood, and we will suggest our moving company in Seattle that covers your chosen area.

Welcome to Coalfield, Washington

Located north of the East Renton Highlands and southwest of Issaquah in the foothills of Cougar Mountain lies this beautiful suburb. It is an affordable mountain suburb, great for families and retirees looking for a home out of the city. What is it like living here and what’s near it? Read on to learn more.

You’ll Be Surrounded by Beautiful Nature and Breathtaking Views

This is a place where there’s no lack of lush greenery or breathtaking vistas. And who doesn’t like that? Cougar Mountain is close by with some of the best hikes near Seattle. The homes here are mostly single-family homes, both medium-sized and large, with an abundance of space inside and out. If you intend to move in with children, you should know that there are great schools in the area, as King County is famous for great education opportunities. If you are moving with pets, they will surely enjoy being able to run around unleashed all the time.

Nearby Towns and Cities

This is a small place without many attractions other than nature itself. However, if you ever feel like you’re missing the atmosphere and amenities of a big city, you’ll have plenty of bigger towns and cities nearby, whether you want to go shopping for clothes, dine in fancy restaurants, or anything else. East Renton Highlands is just 4 minutes away via 164th Ave SE, and the city of Renton isn’t much further – it’s 11 minutes away via NE 4th St. Then there’s Bellevue, which’s 18 minutes away, and the big city of Seattle with all it has to offer at a distance of only 20 minutes by Coal Creek Pkwy SE. That’s an abundance of options for things to do around you.

Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park Is a Nearby Gem

This park is the biggest attraction around here, and it is located near the cities of Bellevue and Issaquah. It is connected with Squak Mountain State Parkby Cougar-Squak Corridor Park. The park offers diverse habitats like forests, caves, wetlands, and cliffs. It boasts hiking trails and also horse trails in some parts. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family, and everyone loves it.

Seattle Professional Movers Is a Seattle Moving Company With a Long and Successful History

Seattle Professional Movers is a mover in Seattle that covers a large distance around it, including your small town. You should choose us because we are professionals with a 20-year long and successful track record in this industry. After choosing a mover, the next thing on your moving to-do list is setting a budget and jotting down all your expenses in a comprehensive moving expenses checklist that will keep your finance in check. With good organization and our help, you will be able to keep the moving stress at a distance.

Our Local Coalfield Movers Will Keep the Relocation Stress a Long Distance Away From You

Our company prides itself on our local Seattle movers in Coalfield. That’s because they are well-trained, professional, and they know all the moving hacks and tricks to help you keep the stress a long distance away from you. Let them tell you what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are and how to pack dishes for moving so they don’t break. Or put them in charge of that, too, and give all your time and attention to your moving-away party. Whatever you want them to do, they’ll do it better than anyone else.

Take a Look at All the Moving Services Our Local Movers in Coalfield Provide

We strive to be able to be of assistance to all those who might need it. To do so, we have various services available so our customers can choose according to their needs. Feel free to choose the right one for your needs from the list below.

  • Packing service – If you don’t want to deal with things like how to pack glasses for moving, contact us for our packing service. Our professional packers are readily available, and they know how to pack everything in no time. Make sure you know what items movers won’t move, so you don’t waste any time packing them.
  • Residential moving service – Contact us if you need a dependable crew to drive your valuables from your old address to the new home. Before you pack up, you can donate furniture in Seattle and give away the things you don’t use to the less fortunate.
  • In-and out-of storage service – For all those who rent a storage unit and don’t have a way of transporting their stuff to it, we have our in-and out-of storage service. Contact us, request it, and we will drive your things to a storage space or pick them up from it.
  • Labor-only service – If you don’t want to hire a mover for the relocation and prefer to rent a truck – you may find yourself needing workers for physical labor. We have skilled individuals capable of carrying heavy things from your truck in the right way, and they will be ready to help as soon as you contact us.

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Before you commit to our or any other company, review the online testimonials of people who have used our services. That’s how you will know what you can expect from our company and why we are at the very top of the industry for so long. So, feel free to review our ratings and let our clients tell you why we are the best choice possible.

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