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If you’ve thought about relocating to one of Seattle’s more affordable residential neighborhoods, there are many ways trained professionals can help you. Our local North Park movers provide all the necessary relocation services, enabling you to have the most enjoyable experience possible. Learn more about everything we offer by contacting us either by phone or through our website.

The Neighborhood Offers Affordable Housing Relatively Close to the City Center

North College Park is a neighborhood in North Seattle. Also known as Licton Springs, it’s named after a reddish iron spring that attracted many native tribes throughout the region’s history. The area is just 7 miles away from Downtown, but it still offers affordable housing and numerous amenities.

Considering the Distance to the City Center, Housing Is Relatively Affordable

According to AreaVibes, the neighborhood’s cost of living index is 10% lower than the city’s, with local housing costing about the same as some more affordable Seattle suburbs. The median home value of $354,200 is 26% less expensive than Seattle’s $484,600, while the median rent of $1,300 is about the same as the capital overall. With 56% of all households being occupied by renters, the neighborhood skews more towards renting, just like the city. However, since there’s no rent control, we suggest you get acquainted with all Seattle renters’ rights before signing a lease on a place.


The Neighborhood Is Only About 20 Minutes Away From Downtown

With the neighborhood being very well connected to the heart of the city, one has to wonder, “Do you need a car in Seattle?”. If you decide to drive, whether you go down Aurora Avenue or take Interstate 5, you’ll be Downtown in about 20 minutes. Getting to the city center won’t take too long even if you’re using public transportation. There’s a departure every 8 minutes, and it will take you 35 minutes to get to some of the best rooftop bars in Seattle.

The Whole North/Northwest Seattle Area Features Numerous Outdoor Activities

As part of North and Northwest Seattle districts, Licton Springs is only a short distance away from numerous outdoor amenities in the surrounding areas. Green Lake, one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families, is just south of here. Not only does it have some excellent schools, but it’s also home to some of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Seattle. If you can’t get to some of the best hikes near Seattle, the neighborhood’s centerpiece lake and Woodland Park are more than decent replacements, offering all kinds of outdoor activities. Other great parks include Carkeek, Cowen, Ravenna, and Golden Gardens.

Professional Moving Companies in Seattle WA Will Enable You to Have an Easier Relocation

When planning to move, getting professional services is just one thing that needs to be on your moving to-do list. Experienced Seattle moving companies know their ways in and out of the city and can help you move more efficiently whether you’re living in one of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle or its suburbs. Operating for over 15 years, Seattle Professional Movers (SPM) has had over 20,000 satisfied customers in over a hundred locations.

Start Your Move by Getting a Free Quote From Our Movers in North Park

The best way to start planning your move is to learn more about our pricing. Our company is reputable and has excellent cheap movers in Seattle that will provide you with everything for a reasonable price. If you contact our representatives, you’ll get a free quote on all our services.


Don’t Quote Us, but We Offer Some of the Best Moving Services in Seattle

SPM is one of the best service providers in the state, and judging by the number of positive reviews, our customers seem to agree. Getting any of our company’s options will significantly reduce your chances of experiencing moving stress during your move:

  • Residential move – With the neighborhood being primarily residential, this is the option that’s likely to suit you the most. Relocating to a new home in the 21st century shouldn’t be a big deal. You finish up the rest of your obligations while we handle your house.
  • Commercial relocation – If you’re looking for a Seattle moving company that knows how to move a business quickly, you’ve already found one. Our team can help you relocate without unnecessarily disturbing your working schedule.
  • Apartment move – Our mover in Seattle has a lot of experience dealing with these types of relocations. We know how to handle stairs, narrow corridors, and any other obstacle a residential building might present.
  • Labor-only service – After having done all the packing yourself and securing a transportation unit, why not hire a more to at least help you with the labor-heavy part of the move. We’ll load everything into the truck at the current place and unload the items at your new destination.

Moving Things in-and Out of Storage Is a Lot Easier With Our Local Movers in Seattle

If you want to move some things out of your storage, our moving company in Seattle has just the thing you need. Moving boxes in Seattle has become a lot easier thanks to our in-and out-of storage move. By getting this option, our Seattle movers will transport anything you want from your storage or take some stuff you don’t need and place it in the unit.

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