Did you know that the Emerald City’s population has the fastest growth rate among all major US cities? As it continues to expand, finding the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families is only going to become harder. Fortunately, if you follow our recommendations, you’ll be able to find a place that has everything you need to raise your children.

 A family with children
Finding the perfect place for your family won't be that difficult

Where should I live in Seattle with kids?” is one of the more commonly asked relocation questions. When making this list, we considered schools, housing, amenities, and many other factors that will help you select the most family-friendly community to live in. Since there are several excellent places to choose from, your decision is mostly going to depend on your budget. Furthermore, you have a significantly higher chance of experiencing relocation stress when relocating with children, so it’s highly recommended you hire some Seattle movers to assist you.

Is Seattle Family-Friendly?

Is there any doubt that Emerald City is an excellent place to live? The metropolitan area provides everything your children need to thrive. The best school districts in Seattle offer high-quality education, while the city’s numerous open areas helped develop an active outdoor culture. It’s one of the country’s healthiest places, with a liberal, diverse population, excellent housing, and many other amenities, all of which have created several communities perfectly suited for raising children.

A park with people
The whole metropolitan area is known for its numerous open spaces and parks

Bellevue Is Easily One of the Best Places to Live in Seattle for Families

Bellevue is undoubtedly one of the best suburbs of Seattle. It sits just across Lake Washington, offering leafy streets, waterfront access, and a cosmopolitan spirit. After all, Bellevue is French for “beautiful view”, and we can assure you that it lives up to the name. The combination of beaches, parks, excellent school districts, and the urban-suburban mixed lifestyle is very hard to top. According to Niche, Bellevue’s schools are the 2nd finest in America. It’s also ranked as the 4th greatest city to raise children in the country, making it a desirable place for living. The sense of community is strong, and the crime rates are some of the lowest in the region.

Housing in the City May Be a Bit High for Some People

With a median home value of $809,000 and rent costs of $2,000, Bellevue is probably not one of the more affordable Seattle suburbs. Still, with so many things going for it, it’s no surprise that the city’s housing costs are on the higher end of this list. If you can afford it, contact a few Seattle moving companies and hire some Bellevue movers.

Bellevue skyline
You'll certainly like Bellevue and all its amenities

Capitol Hill Is an Excellent Affordable Place for Young Couples

The lower housing costs are always a plus when making the relocation expenses checklist, and Capitol Hill is one of Seattle’s more affordable places. While most of the available real estate consists of large mansions, the median house value of $575,000 is quite inexpensive. It also has cheap rentals, with a median rent of $1,600.

The mixed-use and affordable housing complexes make it an ideal choice for young couples starting their family lives. As one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for young families, most of its east side is covered with kid-friendly streets and single-family homes. However, Capitol Hill is just east of the Downtown’s retail core, and there’s a good mix of clubs and theaters just west of 15th Avenue.

Residents Have Access to Several Excellent Parks

Despite being located on a steep hillside, Capitol Hill is one of Seattle’s most walkable places. The local Volunteer Park and the nearby Washington Park are more than suitable alternatives for the best hikes near Seattle. Both are easy to reach on foot and offer plenty of outdoor activities that will keep you busy for a while. If you decide to move here, most moving companies in Seattle, WA, have Capitol Hill movers.

A botanical garden
Explore the extensive orchid collection at the Volunteer Park Conservatory

Greenwood Is a Perfect Place a Few Miles North of the City Center

Greenwood has a perfect mix of urban and suburban qualities. It’s an excellent place to raise kids, as they’ll be able to play kickball in the street and still get a high-quality education. Many prospective homeowners migrated north to Greenwood due to its numerous affordable housing options. For a median home value of $583,000 and a rent cost of $1,600, you can find both newer apartments and older single-family houses adorned with gardens. If this is appealing to you, start looking for a place and contact some Greenwood movers.

Getting to Downtown From Greenwood Won’t Be an Issue

While Greenwood may be a bit farther away from all the action in the center, getting to Downtown won’t be an issue. If you get on Interstate 5, it will take you less than 15 minutes to get to the center. However, this route is not recommended for peak rush hours. If you need to get Downtown quickly, Aurora Avenue can also take you there in about 20 minutes. But what if you can’t drive? Do you need a car in Seattle to get around? For this place, the answer is no. While driving may take you where you want quicker, public transit can get you Downtown in about 30-35 minutes.

A monorail train
Thanks to excellent public transportation, commuting from Greenwood to Downtown is very accessible

What Makes Queen Anne One of the Best Neighborhoods in Seattle for Families?

Queen Anne lies on top of a hill above Downtown and Elliot Bay, at one of the city’s highest points. It became a popular spot for building expensive mansions for the elite during Seattle’s earlier days, owing its name to the architectural style in which they were made at the time. Besides having a rich history, it offers cute restaurants, coffee shops, and many other amenities, so locals rarely need to leave the district. While anybody would love it here, the excellent schools and numerous parks make Queen Anne one of the best Seattle neighborhoods for families.

Queen Anne Consists of Four Smaller Sub-Neighborhoods

The neighborhood itself is vast, so it’s often described through four smaller communities:

  • Lower Queen Anne (Uptown) – Although it’s considered to be among the top four places to live in Emerald City, its median house value of $683,000 and rent of $1,900 are the lowest of the four. It’s also the closest one to Downtown, putting you right next to many other cool neighborhoods in Seattle.
  • East Queen Anne – There are several smaller and medium-sized parks throughout the community, making going out for a short walk very easy. If you’re thinking about buying a place here, the median home price of $878,000 is on the higher end of this list. Otherwise, renting will cost you about $2,050.
  • North Queen Anne – With a median housing value of $884,500, buying a home here costs similarly to the previous entry. With a rent price of $1,900 a month, renting is slightly more affordable. Besides being great for children, this community has some of the best rooftop bars in Seattle.
  • West Queen Anne – Most of the community’s southern and western borders are covered in vast green spaces. Besides having some of the better parks in Seattle, it’s also very close to several beaches in Elliott Bay. Buying a place here won’t be cheap, though, as the median house value of $947,000 is one of the highest on the list. Fortunately, renting costs of $1,950 are much more affordable.

Since even these sub-neighborhoods differ from one another, don’t hire just any mover in Seattle to assist you with the relocation. Instead, look for a company that has professional Queen Anne movers.

A view of Emerald City Downtown
Located on a hill, Queen Anne provides an excellent view of the Downtown

There Are a Few More Places You Can Take Into Consideration

Seattle’s communities are very diverse, so it’s no surprise that it has a lot more to offer aside from our top picks listed above. The next three places offer unique environments both close to Downtown and somewhat away from all the action, so you’ll undoubtedly want to look into them as well.

Ballard Is Great for Kids and Offers Plenty of Things to Do

While Ballard is known for its rich Scandinavian history and excellent Seattle breweries, many are surprised to find that it’s also very family-friendly. Couples with children love this neighborhood as it offers more than decent schooling opportunities, plenty of outdoor play spaces, and lots of smaller housing options that have been spruced up or expanded. The whole area has an abundance of entertainment options, giving you no reason to venture across the Ballard Bridge. If you’re interested in relocating here, contact some Ballard movers as soon as you find a suitable place.

What Is the Safest Neighborhood in Seattle? That Title Goes to Madrona

Madrona on Lake Washington is a quiet and quaint place that offers many outdoor activities like lakeside swimming, boating, with several walking and picnicking areas. There are a number of restaurants and shops and highly-esteemed public schools all within walking distance. It’s also one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle, with 80% lower violent crime rates and 40% fewer felonies overall.

In case you’re relocating with pets, you’ll be happy to discover that some of the top dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle are right here in Madrona. Additionally, while it’s located on the opposite side of Downtown, getting there will take you less than 15 minutes. All of this impacts the median home value of $904.500, which may be too much for many. Fortunately, renting costs of $2,200 are slightly more affordable. If you can afford these prices, start looking for a moving company in Seattle that has Madrona movers and begin preparing for the relocation.

West Seattle’s Laid-Back Environment Is Perfect for Raising Children

Sold on its enticing affordability, walkable communities, and excellent school districts, West Seattle is known for being a family-friendly oasis. The whole area is close to the action without being overwhelmed by it. While everyone from retirees to young professionals loves living here, the laid-back environment is perfect for raising kids. Locals can enjoy peaceful walks on Alki Beach and iconic views of the Cascade Range and the Olympic Mountains. Before you contact some local movers in Seattle, take a look at everything this area has to offer.

Found That Perfect Place? Hire Our Seattle Moving Company to Assist You on Your Journey

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