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If this trendy Bellevue neighborhood has caught your attention and you consider making it your home – you’ll need the help of our local Crossroads Movers. Our company has been on the market for years, and our moving and storage services come at an affordable and competitive price. Learn more about this area and Seattle professional movers.

Welcome to Crossroads, WA

This is a neighborhood in East Bellevue, Washington. Formerly known as Highlands and for timber harvesting, now this neighborhood is home to almost 13,000 people. Most of its 5,000 residential homes are filled with those working for the tech giant Microsoft, located in neighboring Redmond.

Discover A Neighborhood Where Over 50 Languages Are Spoken

When Microsoft opened up for business in nearby Redmond, it brought people from all over the world looking to fill the job openings and settle down here. That’s why today this is the second-most densely populated area in the city and the most ethnically diverse one. Here you can hear more than 50 different languages on any given day.

Things to Do in the Neighborhood

The neighborhood’s shopping center is the place where people like to meet and spend their free time. It offers a variety of national chains, international brands, and unique shops. There are many events and performances throughout the year. The neighborhood also has a park, skate bowl, tennis and basketball courts, and even a golf course.

Cost of Living in Crossroads, WA

This neighborhood is considered to be relatively affordable for its location, with the median home price ranging from $300,000 to $400,000. Condos are slightly more affordable than that, ranging from $250,000 to $300,000.  If you prefer renting, expect to spend around $1,800 on average for a one-bedroom apartment. Around 30% of homes on the market are single-family homes, though, and most residents are homeowners.

Why Seattle Professional Movers Is a Reputable Moving Company

If you have your mind set on this town, it’s time to make a moving to-do list and choose which relocation company to include in your moving expenses checklist. Seattle Professional Movers is a reputable Seattle moving company with over two decades of relocation experience under our belt. The high quality of our service is the reason why we are the first choice to many, and why we’ve maintained a 5-star rating over this long period.

Why Movers Crossroads Are the Best in the Business

Choose our Seattle moving services for your relocation, and there will be no moving stress for you. The members of our crew are hardworking, experienced, and friendly. They’ve got the expertise and moving hacks to make it all seem easy. There’s nothing they can’t do when it comes to relocation and when you leave your belongings in their care, you are sure they will be handled with care and arrive at your new home undamaged.

No Matter the Distance, Crossroads Movers Offer These Local Moving and Storage Services

We’ve designed a set of services to match each and every customer’s needs as no one understands the intricacies of a relocation process better than us. Take a look at some of our most sought-after services and figure out which one works best for you.

The Basic Services We Provide

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Testimonials from our customers might help you make up your mind. Over the decades we’ve been in business, we have maintained a 5-star rating from our clients. We have accumulated a plethora of reviews on different websites and apps. Google the reviews to see why we are the best choice or ask around to see why our customers keep returning to us. And don’t forget to join them and leave a review if you opt for our crew.

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