The Best Takeout in Seattle – 15 Restaurants You Have to Try

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If you live in the city of Seattle, you’re probably aware of all the fantastic dining places near you. However, with the coronavirus’s current state, many local restaurants have had to close up and switch to a curbside pick-up or takeout. Here we have compiled a list of the best takeout in Seattle to help narrow down your food choices!

an image of white plates with different dishes

It’s time to check out take-out places!

Italian Takeout to Share With Your Family

If you’re craving Italian, you’ll be pleased to hear that The Pink Door has reopened for takeout. The well-known bistro offers Italian specials such as nuanced lasagna, wine-stewed cherries with ricotta, and many more for your meals.
Another good choice would be Cafe Juanita. Their chefs now write reheating instructions for your dishes and include a wine list, if you’re up for a drink! The family cafe Juanita has created a pick-up service where you notify them 24-hours prior, and they will prepare your favorite dishes as well as cocktails, wine, or beer. If you’re planning a family dinner, ordering from these restaurants might be a good idea.

Craving Some Pizza?

If you want something cheap and straightforward, Slicebox Pizza is a great choice. While pizzas usually lose flavor, after staying in a box for a long time, that’s not the case with this Sicilian Pizza! Remember, pizza is always a fine option for a casual dinner at home. If one of your family members is coming home late, here’s a clip on how to reheat a pizza to keep it’s crispy taste!

Spicy Eastern Cuisine

If you enjoy spices and prefer eastern cuisine, here are a few suggestions.

Biang Biang Noodles is currently number one on yelp reviews for the best takeout. Their menu includes potstickers, fried meat, pork belly, and the restaurant special – spicy chicken noodles, all for a very affordable price. If you enjoy authentic Chinese food, we suggest you try it!
Little Ting’s Dumplings is a Chinese restaurant in Greenwood, almost on the outskirts of the city, and while the location can be inconvenient, it’s quite delicious and inexpensive. For the price of just $8.99, you can order eight homemade potstickers. Also, for a dollar less, you can get giant steamed pork buns.
If you have a preference for Thai noodles or Thai cuisine in general, Pop Pop Thai Street Food might be an excellent choice for you! They offer genuine Thai dishes such as Pad Thai noodles and Tom Yum Soup with the freshest ingredients. The price range is also affordable!
Finally, you could also check out Ba Bar, which serves Vietnamese and is famous for its pho dish. They also have a special offer where they give $5 meals from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to workers from the food and serving industry. Ba Bar is located in Capitol Hill, one of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle. If your home is in the Central District, it might be the best take out near you!

Mamnoon is a perfect place to have your meal if you enjoy Lebanese or Syrian cuisine. If you want their takeout, Mamnoon Street is the place for you! It’s Mamnoon’s sister locale in South Lake Union. Mezze and spicy fries, falafels, and lamb pita sandwiches are all on the menu. It’s just like Mamnoon, except you can take it to go!
If you enjoy Turkish cooking and are craving a kebab, Kitchen Istanbul, located in Ballard, might be the food delivery for you! They offer all the classics of Turkish cuisine along with wine and cocktails.

When ordering sushi, we all often worry about the raw fish and what condition it will arrive at our door. However, Sushi Maki takes itself seriously. This Japanese restaurant located in Capitol Hill makes sure that your order stays fresh and delicious while keeping a moderate price range. They separate all of the condiments into different boxes, so you don’t have to worry about dressings you don’t like.
Wataru Sushi is one of the more famous, upscale Edomae-style sushi restaurants in Ravenna. With the current COVID situation, the bar has, for the first time, officially began a delivery service. Omakase dinners, chirashi balls, and futomaki rolls are all available for orders. Additionally, you can also get a bottle of sake to go! The bar is a bit on the pricey side, the price of a meal per person starting at $40, but if you’re willing to splurge, check it out!

an image of a fried rice dish

Shrimp, fried rice, noodles, and all of the Asian foods you love to eat ready to be ordered!

Chicken and Beer for a Fun Night

If you want to snack on some poultry and would like something sweet on the side after a tiresome day of cleaning your house, Fat’s Chicken and Waffle in the Central District is a great choice! Their fried wings have a spicy crust that stays crispy during delivery. Their waffles are soft and come with Hennessy-infused butter. Spicy and sweet food make a great combo!
If you’re looking for some chicken and beer for a game night, look no further than Jack’s BBQ’s new fried offshoot, Jack’s Chicken Shack. It originally opened as a kind of ghost kitchen at the South Lake Union location, amidst the COVID situation. The Shack now has its own website and menu that also includes sandwiches and beer to go.

an image of boxes with fried chicken

Get the beer out to enjoy with your meal!

Best BBQ and Grill from Lake City to Beacon Hill

If you live in the Central District, an excellent place to check out is the Barbeque Pit. The restaurant offers pork ribs, beef ribs, gumbo, and different side dishes for a very affordable price! It’s currently one of the more popular takeouts in Seattle.
Living in Downtown Seattle, you are probably aware of the Metropolitan Grill with arguably the best steak in Seattle. While this classic upscale restaurant is expensive, if you’re planning something more formal for friends and family, since they have recently added a delivery option with reheating instructions, this might be a perfect fit!

an image of steak with vegetables

Ordering a steak once in a while isn’t a bad idea.

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