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Trying to find the right local Seola Beach movers can be tiring and time-consuming if you don’t know where or how to look. We are here to help as our Seattle moving company covers the area. Let us introduce our way of doing business and tell you why we are the best choice. Additionally, we will tell you something about the place, as well, if you are second-guessing your decision to move here.

Welcome to Seola Beach, Burien, a 20-Minutes Distance From Seattle

This is an upper-middle-income neighborhood in Burien, King County, Washington. It is nestled along the waterfront of Puget Sound, so if you like being surrounded by beautiful scenery and calming sounds of the water – this might be the perfect neighborhood for you.

Cost of Living in Seola Beach, Burien, WA

This is one of the best suburbs of the Seattle area and one with residents that tend to have a high income. Even though it’s not exactly one of the affordable Seattle suburbs, buying a house here isn’t crazy expensive either. The median home value is around $580,000, while the average rent is approximately $2,000. If you are renting, take a look at our blog about Seattle renters’ rights – it’s good to know your rights.


Living Surrounded by Water and Lush Greenery

If you decide to nestle here, you will be living in a peaceful neighborhood, surrounded by the best nature has to offer. Lush Washington greenery will be everywhere around, and you will live near the sea. Relax at the beach, catch some sun, or engage in many water activities like kayaking, swimming, and paddleboarding. The community here is diverse and welcoming, and in addition to English, you will get to hear other languages like Spanish or Vietnamese, as well.

What Else Is There to Do Around Here?

There are several parks in this neighborhood that have become the gathering spot for the community and places for recreation. Some of the most popular parks are Seola Greenbelt Seattle Parks and Recreation and Salmon Creek Ravine Park. Here, you can have a picnic with the whole family, go hiking, or play tennis. There are many cute coffee shops and family restaurants that serve American food and some exotic food like Mexican and Vietnamese. Grocery stores are easily accessible and within walking distance.

Our Moving Company in Seattle Has a Long and Impeccable Track Record

Our local movers in Seattle cover your neighborhood in Burien and can ease your moving stress. Over the 20+ years we’ve been around, we have moved tens of thousands of people in the area of Washington and have maintained a great relationship with our clients. Put your trust in Seattle Professional Movers, and rest assured that your moving to-do list will stay short and your moving expenses checklist under control. With us around, you will have an easy and efficient move.

Our Local Seola Beach Movers Are Here to Help You Have an Easy Move

Our local movers in Seola Beach have all the moving hacks in the world and know your area well, so they can get the job done smoothly and effectively. They can help you learn how to pack dishes for moving or do it for you in a professional way, and advise you what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are, so you have them ready. They will take care of the relocation tasks so you can use the time and energy left to scout the famous Seattle breweries and choose a perfect one for your moving-away party.


What Moving Services Does Our Company Offer in Your Area?

We have a batch of different services available to assist in any way you may need. Whether it’s packing you want assistance with because you can’t figure out how to pack books for moving or you simply want relocation services – we are here. Browse our services below and find the right one for your relocation plan.

  • Packing service – Don’t fret over packing problems like how to pack glasses for moving; contact us, and we’ll handle it easily and professionally. All your belongings will be securely packed, so all of them stay intact during transport.
  • Residential moving service – We can move your whole household effectively while taking care of your belongings and property. There are a few items movers won’t move, so we kindly advise against having them onboard.
  • Labor service – If you are relocating on your own, consider where you can donate furniture in Seattle to have fewer things. But, you will likely need some experts to carry the heavy furniture into your new house. Contact us – we have the best.
  • In-and-out-of storage service – If you find yourself with too many things and decide to use a storage facility – count on us to transport your belongings into it or out of it and to your new address.

Read Our Reviews to Get a Full Picture of Our Business

The best way to get to know how a mover in Seattle works is to search the internet for its reviews. So, feel free to take a look at our reviews and compare them to those of others. You will understand why we have maintained our 5-star rating during all this time. Our customers’ feedback means the world to us, and we are always ready to improve.

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