The Ultimate List of the Best Moving Tips You Can Find When Moving Locally in Seattle

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The Emerald City is a great place for living with many nice neighborhoods, which is why locals tend to move a lot. If you too are planning a local move, here you’ll find many interesting moving tips that will help you improve your relocation experience and move easily and efficiently. If you find yourself in a situation where you need additional assistance, hire Seattle professional movers. They can offer you various relocation services at affordable prices.


Follow these exciting tips and improve your relocation experience

How can I make moving easier? Following this text will definitely help you. After learning the best tips for moving, you’ll feel much more confident and comfortable doing every challenging task that you run into along the relocation process.

Stay Focused and Organized

What should you move first when moving? Organization and planning are keys to success. Before you start doing anything, take a few hours or even days just for planning – you won’t waste it, you’ll save it! Think of this as a shortcut to managing all of your responsibilities at once, without forgetting a single thing.

Write Down and Memorize These Excellent Moving Tips

These moving tips and tricks are specially designed for beginners like you – but even for relocation veterans, there are some new and exciting ideas. Try to read these packing and moving tips carefully, write some things you find useful, and memorize them for later.

Make a to-Do List and an Expenses Checklist

Memorizing these ideas leads us to the following step – making a moving to-do list. This part is essential if you want to stay organized and focused. If you have some calendar or planner with schedules for every day, even better. Write down goals for every day and fulfill them accordingly. Checking accomplished goals will keep you motivated and going.
Sure, relocating to some of the cool Seattle neighborhoods is great, but you don’t have to spend all of your savings just for the move. Write a moving expenses checklist and stick to your budget limits. If you think that managing everything on your own will cause overspending, consider hiring cheap movers in Seattle. They will offer you economical solutions for your relocation problems.

List with goals

Write down your goals

Gather All the Packing Materials You Might Need

In case you decided to go with the flow and try to manage everything by yourself, you better start gathering supplies. Keep in mind that you’re going to need many boxes, containers, and cushioning materials. If you are friends with workers and owners of some local stores, you can ask them for help – they might offer you some big boxes that will be more than enough. Just make sure to clean them and secure them with some tapes.

Buy Additional Supplies

If you didn’t find much in local stores, you’d need to buy additional materials. Materials you’ll undoubtedly need include:

  • Boxes,
  • Tapes,
  • Cushioning,
  • Wraps,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Labeling materials.

Keep in mind that if you hire local movers in Seattle for assistance and request packing services, they will also supply you with quality materials and protect your fragile belongings from any damages. Everything they pack will be under insurance, so you can say goodbye to moving stress. They can also show you how to pack books and some other interesting moving hacks.

Use Original Boxes When Packing Electronics

If you have a garage or some other storage space in your home, search for old electronic boxes – you might be surprised with what you find. These original packages are great for storing because they are already in a perfect size and are usually made of thick materials that will protect your fragile devices.


Gather supplies

Get Rid of Unused Items and Remember to Donate and Recycle

Before you start putting everything you own in containers, try to think twice – you’ll probably find some stuff you never use or that won’t fit inside your new home. If that’s the case, you should definitely get rid of these things instead of relocating them and storing them again. You can sell some of your unused belongings, but you can also recycle or donate furniture in Seattle. The same thing applies to your clothes – if you own some clothes that are still in good condition, but you aren’t wearing them, donate or sell them and earn money that you can invest in professional local moving services.


Donate unwanted clothes

Start on Time and Pack Unfrequently Used Inventory First

What is the most efficient way to move? It’s better for everyone if you begin preparing in advance, even if you decide to hire one of the Seattle moving companies for assistance. You can spend some time on research and decide which services work best for your unique needs and requirements. Keep in mind that our Seattle moving company can offer you a free quote – that way, you’ll know the estimated price for the requested service before you start the relocation process. If you have a storage space with things you rarely need in your daily life, like Christmas ornaments, you should pack these belongings first. Leave them waiting in your storage space but ready for the move.


Storage inventory should be packed first

Use Towels and Clothes as Cushioning and Protect Glasses With Socks

You’ll need a lot of cushioning materials to protect fragile items. Instead of buying them, use stuff you already have and relocate them as well during the process – that’s right, we’re talking about your clothes, towels, and blankets. Fill out empty spaces with them, and your delicate belongings will be secured. The method of using socks as protection is an alternative to wrapping individual glasses with bubble wrap. Although bubble wrap is more secure, this technique can be used if you rely on it combined with something else like an extra layer of blankets around it.

Don’t Throw Away Old Newspaper – They Can Be Used as Well

Have a pile of old newspapers for your fireplace and think about throwing them away? Think again. Instead of buying packing paper, use a newspaper to fill out empty space in your containers in order to protect your delicate belongings. If you do not know how to pack dishes or how to pack glasses, you can always hire a professional mover in Seattle to do this instead of you.

Be Creative When Packing Your Kitchen Items

Are you living in downtown Seattle and want to relocate your dishes to some of the affordable Seattle suburbs where you’ll have plenty of space to rearrange them in your new kitchen? If you have many spice containers, put them inside of pots and secure their lids. Pots can be a great alternative to cardboard containers, especially for other kitchen inventory. No matter if you are moving with pets or kids, you want sharp objects out of their sight and reach. Secure knives by placing them inside of oven mitts and save bubble wrap for other things you have to protect.

Boxes and towels

You can use towels instead of buying additional materials

Leave Clothes on Hangers and Don’t Empty Your Drawers

This interesting tip is great if you have only a few days for packing. You do not have to take your clothes off hangers – just leave them like that and wrap them in a garbage bag to give them extra protection. There is no need to remove clothes from your drawer either. Leave them inside instead of placing them into a separate box – just wrap the whole dresser to secure it, and you’re good to go.

Put Your Clothes in Laundry Baskets or Suitcases and Put Tea Bags in Your Shoes to Keep Them Fresh

This is a great way to save space, especially if you’re in a hurry. Putting clothes into every container-type object is a win-win. For example, you’re relocating a laundry basket but filling it with clothes (even clean) is an excellent way to make it more useful. One of the amazing tips for moving shoes is to put unused tea-bags inside of them to keep them fresh and reduce potential unpleasant odors. This is a quick and simple hack that many people find helpful.

Shirts on hangers

Leave clothes on hangers

Prepare a Box With Essentials For the Day of Your Move

If you want to spend your first days in your new neighborhood exploring some of the beautiful parks in Seattle or dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle, it’s always a good idea to have some extra clothes on your hand. Prepare a box with essentials – items that you’ll use daily like fresh clothes, towels, chargers, and bathroom supplies. That way, you can live comfortably during the first couple of days in your new home before unpacking everything. This video will remind you of essential things you should keep in a first-day box

Don’t Forget to Label All Boxes

When you have to relocate a pile of containers with different types of items inside of them, you must rely on good labeling techniques. Loud colors like red or yellow are always recommended for labeling, especially for fragile items since you have to be extra careful with them. This can also help Seattle movers get around and know where to put things once they reach their destination.


Label everything, especially containers with fragile objects

Take Pictures During the Entire Process

Want to remember the most commonly forgotten things to pack or simply want a reminder of the perfect way your bookshelves in your old house were arranged? Take pictures of every step of your move. If you are disassembling some furniture, you will easily remember each step of reassembling them again once you move in. You should also capture the back of your electronic devices to make sure you plug cords back in fastly and correctly.

Person using a mobile phone

Take pictures with your phone

Leave Your Home Clean

We get that you are excited about relocating to your new neighborhood where you can visit some of the best rooftop bars in Seattle and check out interesting Seattle breweries, but do not forget about cleaning your house before you leave it for good. You’ll probably make a lot of mess during the relocation process, so it’s important to clean it out once you are finished.


Remember to clean out on the relocation day

Ask Friends and Family for Help or Call Professionals

If you find it too challenging to do everything on your own, you can always rely on your friends and family for help. If you don’t want to bother them or simply want professional assistance, hiring one of the moving companies in Seattle, WA, is always a good idea. Wondering what is a good amount to tip movers? In case you are delighted with professional assistance and want to tip them properly, you should know that this amount depends on many factors, but it all comes up to your personal preferences and possibilities.


Ask your friends to help you

Hire Seattle Professional Movers if You Want to Learn More Moving Tips

Once you decide which one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle you’re going to relocate to and organize an exciting moving away party, it’s time to contact our customer service and decide which one of our moving services in Seattle works best for you. We can provide you residential moving for relocations of your household belongings and commercial relocation service for business office relocation. Just check which items movers won’t move, call us if you have any questions, and start your local move today.