Labor-Only Moving Seattle

Sometimes we do not need someone to pack our inventory but only to help us with labor work. After all, that is the most difficult part of each moving process, right?

Luckily, Seattle Professional Movers have the best and most educated teams of labor-only movers that will help this part of the move seem like a true piece of cake!

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Why Should You Hire Labor Only Movers At Seattle Professional Movers?

There are so many valid and good reasons why you should hire labor only movers at Seattle Professional Movers that we do not even know where to start!

What you should know for sure is that our labor only movers are movers who have gone through a serious education process on how to handle your moving process the best.

We consider ourselves to be Seattle’s favorite moving company and we can say with certainty that during more than two decades on the market we have gained trust from so many clients that are still coming back to us every time they need to move.

We are proud to say that our labor-only movers have the latest equipment, all the necessary tools that might be useful for your move, all the packing supplies you might just happen to need at some point and moving trucks that will perfectly fit your inventory.

Giving our labor-only movers a chance to help you move efficiently will be the best choice you can make for your move.

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Very pleased with the care and efficiency from Peter and his team. They were able to provide extra materials to ensure some of my loose items like my monitor were covered and protected for transit. Everything was delivered to the new address with minimal dirt and damage.

Serena Leppanen

What Are Our Labor-Only Movers Trained For?


Help You Rearrange The Space

For how long have you been thinking about changing something in your home?

Do you finally want to completely rearrange the huge living room and make some positive change in your environment?

Or perhaps your older kid is going to college and the younger one wants to take their room?

Or perhaps you want to change your office space and make it more efficient, pleasant and spacious?


Staging Projects

We know how important staging projects are and that is exactly why our labor-only movers have become so efficient and expertised at dealing with them.

If you are selling your home or your client is selling their home, you can count on labor-only movers at Seattle Professional Movers to get the job done professionally and very fast as well.


Helping You Move One Item

Organizing an event is stressful enough even without trying to figure out how you are supposed to move all of that heavy furniture and make the space just as you have imagined it to be.

Well, we are here to convince you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Our labor-only movers have been part of organizing so many events through two decades of existence and we will be more than happy to make your event go just perfectly as well.


Helping You Move One Item

Moving some extra heavy or delicate items can seem very concerning to you and give you a lot of headache.

But, after all, why would you bother moving this item or even taking it up or down the stairs if you can simply call our labor-only movers to help you deal with this issue.

Our labor-only movers are true experts when it comes to moving even the heaviest items from your inventory and navigating them up or down the stairs.

If you hire labor-only movers at Seattle Professional Movers you can be absolutely sure that your precious item will be moved without getting even a single scratch.

Do not hesitate to call us in order to help you move a single item. No job is too small for us and we are always at your service.


Loading And Unloading Your Possessions

Have you decided to pack completely on your own and only leave loading and unloading your inventory to somebody else?

Well, if this is the case, we are very glad to inform you that our labor-only movers will be just the perfect choice for you.

We have teams of incredibly motivated and patient labor-only movers who will load and onload all the pieces from your inventory very carefully and professionally.

There is no need to worry if you have labor-only movers from Seattle Professional Movers by your side!


Helping You Rearrange Your Space

Do you wish to switch things up a little bit and redecorate the space you are spending a lot of time in?

Well, our labor-only movers will be all the help you might need for this project! Our labor-only movers are patient, skillful and very experienced at what they do and you can be sure that you can rely on them at any time.

Our labor-only movers will help you make all of your home decorating and rearranging ideas come to life in no time!


Helping You Move In The Same Building

Are you only moving to the floor above or perhaps under the apartment you are currently living in and all you need to do is actually take all of your belongings and furniture up or down the stairs?

Well, if that is what you need, our labor-only movers are the right choice for you! They are very experienced in these kinds of moving processes and will make yours be done very fast and very efficiently!

Our Labor-Only Movers Have Absolutely No Hidden Fees

The thing that Seattle Professional Movers are mostly insisting on is full transparency with our clients. During more than two decades we have spent on the market, we have always tried really hard to fulfill all of our clients’ expectations and never let our clients’ trust down.

If you decide to hire labor-only movers at Seattle Professional Movers, you can expect absolutely no hidden fees! We are offering all-inclusive rates that all of our loyal clients simply adore.

So, what is included in our all-inclusive rates:

We offer all-inclusive rates and we are very transparent about what is included in the price:

  • Disassembling and reassembling all of your furniture that needs to be moved
  • A moving truck that will fit your inventory perfectly (up to 26ft)
  • All taxes are being covered
  • Per request: Partial packing – includes your kitchen and clothing
  • Bringing our best equipment, including dollies and other necessary and useful tools
  • Wardrobe boxes you might ask for for your hanging clothes
  • Basic coverage insurance
  • Shrinkwrap and moving blankets that will make your furniture arrive at the destination without a scratch

The Information Labor-Only Movers At Seattle Professional Movers Will Need In Order To Give You A Moving Quote

If you have decided that you have given your thoughts enough time and you are sure that labor-only movers at Seattle Professional Movers are the best choice for you, the only thing left for you to do is just get your quote at Seattle Professional Movers!

Still, in order to do so, you will need to give us some information.

What our labor-only movers will need to know when giving you a quote and organizing the entire process is the list of items that you want to move during this process or the size of your home in case we are loading or unloading the truck and the zip code of your location.

Also, in case there are some other unpredicted circumstances our labor-only movers should know about before arriving at the destination, such as for example extra heavy items in your inventory, any restrictions, elevator reservations or stairs involved, do not forget to inform us about them in time, so that the whole process gets done fast and successfully for both you and our labor-only movers.

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Labor-Only Movers At Seattle Professional Movers Will
Give You Feedback And A Lot Of Useful Information

Now, since Seattle Professional Movers are only thinking about our customers getting the best possible service and helping them with organizing their move as much as possible, we have some of the very important information ready for you once you get your moving quote.

After receiving your quote, we will give you some clues about everything that is included in our labor only moving quotes, the hourly rate for your upcoming move, all the labor-only services we can provide for you, how to prepare for the arrival of our labor-only movers and all the other information you might consider important for having a successful move

Finalizing Your Reservation At Seattle Professional Movers

If you have received a moving quote and are feeling satisfied with it, it is time you make a reservation and book labor-only movers at Seattle Professional Movers before somebody else books just the date you considered to be perfect!

You can make a reservation either by calling us on the phone or through Mod24 online.

If you opt to book your move through Mod24 you might get some really amazing discounts, so it would not be a bad idea to check it out.

Still, if you decide to call us, here is what information we are going to need in order for you to finalize your reservation:


Your email address in order to send you a confirmation email


Exact addresses of the pick-up and delivery locations


Any special circumstances or special requests we should know about (for example wardrobe boxes, items that require special care while moving etc.)

Once you are done with making a reservation, our moving specialists will give their best to explain our cancellation policy in detail.

There are no reasons to worry - our cancellation policy is very flexible and we are sure that you will agree with it.

Since we are always thinking about our clients, we have made sure that reaching us is also very easy and convenient to everybody.

So, if you want to contact labor-only movers at Seattle Professional Movers, there are two equally practical ways to do so.

First, you can simply dial the number (253) 656-4996 on your phone and wait until some of our best moving specialists answer. They will help you organize the whole process perfectly.

One of the options to contact us is definitely calling us over the phone. All you need to do is dial and one of our best and most reliable moving specialists will answer it and tell you everything you need to know in order to have the best move.

The second choice you could opt for is sending us an email. Our email address is We are giving our best to reply as fast as possible and make everything easy and pleasant for you!