The Ultimate Packing and Moving Hacks for a Painless Relocation

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Relocating is not something to look forward to – to say the least. But the proper organization and the right moving hacks can make your life a whole lot easier and your relocation to your new home painless. So, before you begin to pack, check these ultimate moving tips and hacks – they’re a life-saver.
A couple stressing over boxes

Check out our packing hacks for moving for an easy transition.

Take a Deep Breath and Make a Moving To-Do List

First things first – take a deep breath. While some moving stress is to be expected, don’t get overwhelmed by it. It’s not that terrible – hey, some of us do it every day. Organization is key to a successful relocation. So – take a deep breath, have the best burger in Seattle and a beer or two in one of Seattle breweries to unwind, and create a moving to-do list to keep you organized. You can do this. Just follow our guidelines.

Make a Budget and Stick to It

Once you’ve made a to-do list, you should set a moving expenses checklist. Whether you are relocating to some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families or some of the affordable Seattle suburbsyou need to know how much you will have to spend and keep your finances in check every step of the way.

Calculator, piggy bank, and coins

Set a budget and stick to it.

When Choosing Seattle Professional Movers, Make Sure You Pick a Reputable Company

If you decided to hire local movers in Seattle for your residential moving, thoroughly research Seattle moving companies and choose a reputable company that will be your rock during this experience. And choose it on time – about a month in advance.

Client and mover shaking hands

The tip of tips is to hire a reputable company when you move into a new home.

There’s No Better Time to Declutter Than Before You Pack

Take this opportunity to get rid of the unnecessary things you keep hoarding for no good reason. Check where you can donate furniture in Seattle – lighten your load and do a good deed along the way. If there are some clothes you haven’t worn for a couple of years, chances are you’ll never wear them again. Winter is coming, and there are countless homeless in Seattle who could use that old jacket that is just taking up space in your closet and that you don’t even like that much anyway.

Donate to those without a home

Help yourself by helping others.

Know Your Boxes and Get All the Other Supplies Ready

Figure out how many boxes and what kind you’ll need and get them ready ahead of time. That way, you’ll have time to browse some stores and ask around for boxes – maybe you’ll be able to get all of them for free. If not, you can always contact your local packers and movers in Seattle if you want to buy boxes. You’ll also need a whole lot of duct tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, scissors, and a marker.

Relocation supplies in a house

Get the supplies ready.

Packing: Put Your Towels and Linen to Use and Save on Paper

Want to know how to pack dishes for moving? Use clothes and towels for padding and do the same with other fragile items. Use linen for bigger items. How to pack glasses for moving? Put them inside clean socks. It’s free padding, it’s environmentally-friendly, and one of the hacks to make moving easier and cheaper.

A Perfect Way to Pack Clothes so They Stay Unwrinkled

Another one of our life hacks for moving on a budget is to pack clothes in garbage bags, so they stay unwrinkled. Slide the bags directly onto clothing on hangers and tie them at the bottom. You won’t have to pack the hangers, and it will make unpacking a whole lot easier when you settle into your home.

Set Out a Moving Essentials Bag and Keep It With You

Even though you’re relocating locally – chances are you won’t get to unpack everything on the same day. And you don’t want to have to search for your toothbrush, mascara, new pair of underwear, or some medicine you need to take every day. So, figure out what you and your family will need during that day and on the next day, put it in a separate bag, and keep it with you.

Some Extra Packing Tips You’ll Need for a Smooth Relocation

  • Know what items movers won’t move in advance to avoid inconvenience later on,
  • Learn how to pack books for moving,
  • Take apart whatever furniture you can to lighten your load a bit,
  • Keep clothes in drawers when you disassemble the dresser and use plastic wrap to keep them together. You can even roll them for more space,
  • Before you unmount your TV – snap a photo of the cords, so you know what goes where when you put it together,
  • Use toilet paper tubes to organize cords and mark them,
  • Check out the most commonly forgotten things to pack, so you don’t make the same mistakes.

One of the most useful tips – save on paper by using towels and linen instead.

Get Your Utilities in Order and Change Your Address

Some of the most important things to do before relocation are – to officially change your address and cancel and set up the city of Seattle utilities. It is quite easy and convenient actually, you can even do it online – it takes just a couple of minutes, but it tends to slip our minds. So, don’t forget about and set out a few minutes for that before you move. Change your address here and cancel and move utilities here without ever leaving the house.

Laptop computer

It’s easy to change your address and get your utilities in order online.

The Ultimate Life Hack – Get Packed by Pros

Of course, the easiest way to deal with packing is to simply opt for packing services from your Seattle moving company. That way, you’ll be sure your valued possessions are safe in the hands of professionals, and you can enjoy a cocktail in one of the best rooftop bars in Seattle. Or, if you are moving with pets, you can take your furry friends out to lunch to one of the dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle, and after that, you two can enjoy some of the best dog parks in Seattle, while Seattle Professional Movers do all the work.