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Are you looking for Berrydale Movers to relocate you to this tight-knit suburban community surrounded by untouched nature in Lake Morton-Berrydale, Washington? If so, read more about this picturesque lakeside neighborhood and professional Seattle movers and get familiar with our services before preparing your local moving expenses checklist.

Lake Morton-Berrydale, Washington – a Lakeside Paradise

This peaceful natural oasis looks more like a vacation destination from a travelogue or a place for a Seattle staycation than a residential area – but some lucky people actually live there. The lake, forests, some of the parks in Seattle, fresh air, and lots of land are just some of the appeals of this place. No wonder people say it’s one of the best suburbs of the Seattle surrounding area. If you’re moving with pets – your furry friend will love it here as much as you, as it will afford him the freedom he craves for and lots of space to run around.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

Lake Morton-Berrydale, Washington, is a small neighborhood of around 10,000 souls, and as you would have it, most people know each other and are quite tight. You will find that most of your future neighbors are educated, employed, friendly, and welcoming. Because this is one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle with lots of nature and one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families – you will often see children running around and playing together. When they’re not playing – they are at one of the great schools in the district.

Commuting, Transport, Traffic, and Parking

This neighborhood is a hidden gem and a secluded area, so the average one-way commute of 38 minutes is a bit longer than the national average. Most people drive themselves to work, and some carpool, too. The upside is that traffic isn’t a mess, quite the contrary, and parking is easy to find. But, if you were wondering – Do you need a car in Seattle?  – the answer is yes, at least in this neighborhood, a car is a must.

How Much Does It Cost To Live in Berrydale, Washington?

This upper-middle-class neighborhood with a cost of living index of 143 according to website Livability, and a median home price of around $480,000 is not one of the affordable Seattle suburbs. Almost half of the residents are executives, managers, and professionals with an average per capita income of $41,000. So, it’s no wonder 85% of them own their home as opposed to renting.

If You Choose To Bring in the Pros To Your Moving Process – Our Berrydale Movers Are the Best Choice

If you have decided to set up home in this lovely community, now all that’s left to do is choose your professional Seattle movers, and you can start making your moving do-to list. Our company has been in the business for over two decades, and we’ve got moving down to a T. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and the 5-star rating from our customers. You can always count on our Berrydale movers to be there on time, work hard, be professional, treat everyone with respect, and your valued possessions with the utmost care. If you are looking for reputable and cost-effective movers – we are the right company for you.

Check Our Reviews To Learn More About How We Serve Our Customers

Before you hire a local moving company in Seattle or anywhere else, you should thoroughly research and compare your options. So, ask around about us, browse the websites for reviews from our customers, and compare them to others. See what our customers have to say about our service and why we are the best local movers in the City of Seattle.

In-and-Out-of Storage Service and Other Services We Offer

Do you need your things moved out of storage and into your new home? Or into storage from your previous home? Either way, we’ve got you covered with our in-and-out-of storage services. Leave everything in our hands and trucks – just make sure you know what prohibited items movers won’t move, to save yourself the time and trouble.

Residential and Commercial Moving Services – Our Movers Do It All!

We can move your home or your business – no matter how big or small – all you need to do is give us a ring. If you are looking to move to another house, opt for our residential services, and if you need to move your business – use our commercial services for a safe and smooth office moving experience. You just give us a call and enjoy a brewski in one of the best Seattle breweries or best rooftop bars in Seattle, and we’ll take care of everything.

If You Need Help With Loading and Unloading – We’ve Got the Muscle and Experience

If you decide to hire a moving truck and drive your items by yourself, chances are you will still need help with the loading and unloading of your heavy furniture. And if you do, we offer labor services, and our team will help you load and unload all that bulky furniture in no time and with no damage. This might be a good chance to consider what pieces of furniture you won’t need anymore, declutter and donate furniture in Seattle.

If You Opt for Our Packing Services – You Get Packed by Pros

Packing can be a hassle, and it has to be done properly. If you don’t want to be bothered by that or want to make sure that everything is packed just right – opt for our packing services and have a piece of mind. Our professional packers will handle your items with care. If you prefer to do it yourself, know what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are and don’t make the same mistakes as others.

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