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Are you interested in relocating to a small and picturesque community near Burien in the Seattle area? This place offers some pleasant surroundings and many exciting amenities to its residents. If you want to hire a professional moving company in Seattle to help you relocate, you should consider our Seahurst movers. They can provide you with useful solutions and make your relocation pleasant and comfortable. Keep reading for more information about these services and detailed information about this place.

What is There to Know About Seahust?

This small and peaceful community is located in King County, Washington, on Puget Sound, west of Burien. The distance to Burien is only 1.2 miles, which is basically just a long walk. If you decide to drive instead of walk, it should take you no more than 5 minutes.

Is This Community Safe and Suitable for Families With Children?

Unfortunately, this area is not among the highest areas when it comes to safety rates. There is some crime, but it doesn’t impact residents much. Police are very responsive and visible. Seahurst Elementary School is located in Burien, and its reviews are quite positive. The overall impression is that Seahurst is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families.


Cost of Living in the Burien Area

The overall cost of living in this area is about 39% higher than the national average, and the housing prices are 42% higher than the national average. If you check grocery prices, utilities, health care, and transportation expenses, you’ll see that everything here is more expensive than in the majority of Washington state and the U.S. The median household income is approximately $65,000, and the median home value is about $351,000. Consider this information when calculating your potential expenses and making a moving expenses checklist.

Things to Do in and Near Seahurst

If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, you must check out Bistro Baffi and try some of their specials. Seahurst Park has some lovely trails, and the playground in this park is also very popular among kids. It is also great for walking your dog in case you are moving with pets. If you get tired of walking, you can always have a bite at Dairy Queen Grill & Chill nearby. You can also find some goodies around the local shops and enjoy around the Burien Lake area.

Some Handy Local Moving Tips

Before hiring one of the professional moving companies in Seattle for help, here are some tips on what you can do to make your move smoother and easier. Start by preparing a little moving away party. Once that is done, it’s time to get down to work. You can donate furniture in Seattle if you have extra pieces at home that won’t fit in your new apartment. While making a moving to-do list, keep track of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Once you’ve done everything that’s up to you, it’s time to hire local movers in Seattle. They can show you how to pack glasses for moving and other convenient moving hacks. Keep reading to find out details about the relocation solutions Seattle Professional Movers provide.

Hire Seattle Professional Movers – One of the Best Moving Companies in Seattle, WA

Thousands of satisfied clients are our confirmation that we have become one of the best moving companies in Seattle, WA throughout the many years of hard work and devotion. We can offer you many different types of moving services in Seattle. Unlike most other relocation companies, our cheap movers in Seattle can provide you with convenient services at affordable prices and make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed with moving stress.


Seahurst Movers Provide Variety of Local Relocation Services

Residential moving and apartment moving services are the most typical solutions our movers in Seattle provide, and they entail relocating your household belongings to a new home. This process comprises basic packing, securing, and transporting your belongings in a truck to the assigned location, as well as unpacking everything once we get there. We can follow up with your instructions on where you want some of the furniture pieces to be placed. Just make sure to check what the items movers won’t move are.

We can also offer you additional packing services if you need more moving boxes in Seattle, some other convenient packing supplies, or simply the help of our Seattle movers with securing fragile items. Keep in mind that everything they pack is under insurance. Our local moving offer also includes a labor-only moving service, which is the best option if you already own a truck and need help loading it with heavy items. The commercial relocation service is a type of service designed for businesses. If you have a business you want to expand or an office that you would like to relocate, all you need to do is hire our Seattle moving company.

Our Movers in Seahurst Can Also Offer You Storage Moving Services in Seattle City Area

In-and out-of storage moving service is always available for those who have some unused inventory that needs to be transported to or from a storage unit. Our packers and movers can pack all of these items, secure them from potential damage, and deliver them to the desired address at the arranged time. We have a highly professional relationship with our clients, and we won’t disappoint you under any circumstances.

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