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Our team of South Park movers is a well-oiled machine that guarantees a quick and painless relocation experience. If you’re drawn to this lovely community on the southern outskirts of Seattle, allow us to help you become part of it! Keep reading to learn more about the former farming settlement on the brinks of the Duwamish River.

Going Down to South Park?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this isn’t the neighborhood depicted in the Comedy Central show. The Rocky Mountains landscape is replaced with a view of the Duwamish River and the Seattle skyline. However, the humble folks are still around waiting to yell, “Howdy neighbor!”. The area is a former farming community turned industrial center. While it may not be on the cool neighborhoods in Seattle list, it certainly has its charms!

A Farming Community Turned Industrial Hub

This location was the perfect place to settle in the early days of Seattle. With the Duwamish River running in, the land was fertile, and farming was lucrative. When the demand for shipping lanes grew, the river was straightened out and deepened. The farms began to shut down and give way to commercial efforts. Today, the area is characterized by industrial prowess. However, its people have worked hard to retain a sense of community over the course of the years. While it’s not the fertile valley it once was, it’s one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. With friendly faces everywhere and a peaceful environment, it’s the perfect home for you and your loved ones.


Exciting Parks and Recreation

The Duwamish Waterway Park is among the best parks in Seattle. Built on the banks of the Duwamish waterway, the peaceful and secluded place has a vast lawn area, complete with large shade trees, a BBQ pit, and picnic tables. You can enjoy your lunch while watching the ships cruising along the river. The municipal Cesar Chavez Park is located just a few blocks away. A truly enchanting place where you can get to know your new neighborhood by admiring sculptures made by local artists.

Top-Notch Beers and Wine

The neighborhood is home to some of the best Seattle breweries and wineries. You can take your pick for a new favorite hangout spot. There’s Lowercase Brewing that specializes in “Simple, good beer.” Or Odin Brewing, a brewery that “embraces the exploratory spirit of the ancient Vikings” with its recipes. Loretta’s Northwesterner is another neighborhood favorite, where you can enjoy quality beer and try the best burger in Seattle. If you’re more of a wine drinker, the O.S. Winery holds tastings of its premium wines and also hosts private events. If you like your wine made from local ingredients, Nota Bene Cellars is a family-owned business that strictly uses Washington grapes.

Seattle Professional Movers Have the Best South Park Movers

If this lovely community is the right pick for you and your family, it’s time to get in touch with Seattle Professional Movers. Our South Park team of professionals has the best people for the job. They will ensure your relocation goes seamlessly without any cause for moving stress. Our business model is completely customer-oriented, which you can tell by reading our former clients’ reviews. We pride ourselves on our reputation of being among the most reliable companies in Seattle.

Nothing Can Compare to Our Expert Moving Services

Our company has specialized in a variety of expert Seattle moving services. The goal was to cover all aspects of relocation, from full residential moves to loading and unloading the truck. Judging by the reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers, it looks like we’ve succeeded. No matter how long your moving to-do list is, we can help you complete even the most tedious tasks.

  • Residential Moves: We can organize the relocation of your entire home, from packing your belongings to loading and unloading them onto the truck. Our team of professionals can handle homes of any size, from condos to penthouses. The crew is armed with a vast knowledge of the best moving hacks there are.
  • Commercial Moves: If you need help with moving your office, our efficient team specializes in commercial moves as well. They are well-prepared to handle anything, from office supplies to office furniture. However, hazardous materials, medical equipment, and lab equipment all fall under the category of items movers won’t move.
  • Packing Services: If you don’t know how to pack dishes for moving or even how to pack glasses for moving, our Seattle moving company provides expert packing services. Our team of packers is equipped with high-quality packing materials and well prepared to handle items of any shape, size, and type. They will also make sure to keep an eye out for the most commonly forgotten things to pack.


Save Valuable Time With Our Labor-Only Moving Service

We are among the few moving companies in Seattle that offer labor-only service. You won’t have to lift a finger since our crew will load and unload the truck for you. They will handle the transportation of all your boxed items, furniture, appliances, and more. If you need to get rid of some of the bulkier stuff, they can also point you to where to donate furniture in Seattle. We also specialize in the in-and-out storage service, if you change your mind about decluttering.

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If you’re interested in our agents reviewing your relocation expenses, don’t hesitate to request a free quote. They will help you with your moving expenses checklist and advise you on how to save money during relocation. You absolutely won’t have to worry about hidden costs with our company!

We Have Been the Best in the Business For Years

For years now, we’ve made it our top priority to deliver exceptional expert services. As you can tell by reading the reviews on our official website, we are fully devoted to our customers’ needs. We believe that’s what sets us apart from other companies that specialize in short-distance relocations. Start your journey with Seattle Professional Movers today!

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