How to Pack a TV for Moving Like Professional Movers

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The question of how to pack a TV for moving probably won’t arise until the end of the packing process, as you will likely want to keep it around for entertainment and save that for last. And when it’s time to figure out how to move a flat-screen TV, you may feel like it’s no big deal as it’s not that bulky and heavy like the previous box versions. But, don’t be fooled – modern flat-screen versions may not be as heavy, but they are much more fragile and delicate. Plus, they cost a bunch of money, so you may want to be careful with that. But, as usual, we come to the rescue, and we bring useful tips that will make it easy peasy.


Be extra careful when relocating your favorite electronics

Should You Keep Your TV Box for Moving?

The easiest way to move efficiently when it comes to electronics is to simply put everything back in the package it came in. After all, it was created for that particular product and purpose. If you’ve kept the styrofoam edge protectors that came with it, the better. If you are living in a home somewhere in the affordable Seattle suburbs, and you’ve kept the original package, go with it – it’s your best option. But, let’s face it – chances are you haven’t kept the original package, especially if you are living in downtown Seattle. Apartments aren’t that spacious, and it’s hard to keep the boxes of all the electronics we have. So, don’t fret it if you haven’t – you still have many options, and your favorite movers in Seattle are here with tips on how to pack TVs for moving.

What if You Haven’t Kept the Original Box Your Flat Screen TV Came In?

As we said, don’t fret it. Keeping the original package is not the norm – it’s actually the other way around. So much so that many companies make and sell boxes and kits created for different kinds of televisions. You can get it in most hardware and home improvement stores or even buy a kit online on Amazon. You can even ask one of the moving companies in Seattle you choose to hire for residential moving services in Seattle if they offer these kits. If you are unable to find it or you don’t want to bother, you can choose any of the sturdy wardrobe boxes that match the size of your device. It should be a little bigger, of course, so the device can fit right in and leave some extra space for cushioning. But, don’t make it too big – it can cause movement, which can end up in damages.

Other Packing Supplies for Moving a Television

You can’t just throw the television into a box and call it a day. You’ll need more supplies than just a kit. When you pack fragile items, you want to make sure they are properly protected inside the package. Unlike when moving large items and previous versions of TVs, the screens of modern televisions are delicate and prone to damage. So, you should know what supplies to get in order to protect your device from possible harm in transit. You’ll protect your device using these:

  • A packing kit,
  • A blanket,
  • Stretch wrap,
  • Tape.

All of the above-mentioned items can be found either in hardware stores or online. So, when you are out and about enjoying Seattle breweries or dog parks in Seattle, if you have a furball and are relocating with pets – stop by and get the supplies. And do it early on, so you don’t forget it.


Get that stretch wrap ready and be generous with it

Things to Do Before You Get on to How to Pack a TV for Moving

Now you know what supplies you will be using and should get before you start with this process. But, there are some things you should do before the device goes into the box and moving hacks you should know. These are the things that should be on your to-do list before you get on to how to pack a television for moving.

Snap Photos of the Cables of Your Television

Before we get to the unmounting part – we should first disconnect all the cables and cords. But, don’t just pull them out and put them somewhere you’ll forget. Cables and cords tend to be the most commonly forgotten things to pack and misplace. So, before you unplug them, snap photos of the cords and their placement, so you know what goes where when it’s time to unpack. You can also label the cables, as in ‘PlayStation, ‘power,’ and so on, so it’s even easier for you to place them. And then, put the cords and cables in a separate bag, not to risk damage to the device. That way, you’ll stay organized with just a little extra time and effort invested.

Unplug and Unmount Before Packing

Now it’s time to get into action and unplug and unmount the device. Even if yours isn’t that big, it’s still advisable to get someone to help you take it off the wall or the base. You don’t want it to fall over or something. So, clear the area before you start, make room for the device on the table or floor, and get on to work. Don’t remove the flat-screen TV with the bracket – remove the bracket from the wall first, detach the device from it, and dismount it. If you don’t know how to do it, turn to the manual for help or look for it online. Then unscrew the screws and remove the bolts to get the bracket of the wall. If your television is on the base, remove it from the base, and place it in a bag, separately from the device. Here’s a useful video on how to dismount your device.

Clean the TV Before You Put It in the Kit or Box

Don’t forget to clean your device before boxing it up. It may sound unimportant, but dust and other particles can damage the delicate screen or internal electronics. Cleaning stuff before boxing them up is generally one of the best moving tips you can get, as it’s generally overlooked by many. The same goes for packing glasses or packing dishes. When it comes to televisions, you can use a screen cleaner for the screen and a microfiber cloth for the casing. And then, not only will you have a nice and clean TV instead of a dusty one – you will also ensure no damage is done to it. After all, TVs are expensive, and you don’t want to add more expenses to your relocation expenses checklist, do you? Watch this video to see how to clean a flat-screen TV.

How Do You Pack a Flat Screen TV for Moving?

If you have bought one of those TV kits – good for you. These are sturdy and actually made for this, so it will be easy. You’ll also get foam pieces to protect the edges of your TV. So, place the foam pieces on the corners of the TV to protect it and hold it firmly in the box. This will prevent movement and, therefore, damage your device. Then wrap plastic stretches around it to make sure it stays in place and has extra protection. Secure it with tape and slide it gently into the box. If you notice any extra space, use soft padding to fill it, so everything stays in place during transport. You can use towels or cloth. And, voila – there you have it! Your TV is good to go, and you can treat yourself to the best burger in Seattle or order the best takeout in Seattle – whichever you prefer.

How to Move a Flat Screen TV Without a Box? The No-Box Method

TV boxes and kits can cost from $30 to $100, so if you don’t want to buy them and prefer to save a buck instead – there’s another method. If you are not using storage units and aren’t going far away, blankets will serve. You’ll still want to use those foam pieces, though. So, put the foam pieces around the corners and then cover it all with plastic wrap. Then wrap the blankets around it and be generous. Use extra layers and lots of tape, especially if the TV goes in a truck of one of Seattle moving companies as opposed to the back of your car. Just don’t take it with you to Seattle public transportation – it will end badly.

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Blankets are a great way to protect your items, especially if you are not using boxes

How Do You Move a 75 Inch TV?

Boy, those televisions only keep getting bigger. While this form of media is losing popularity to computers and the internet, most people still have at least one TV at home. Actually, the average home has a little over 2 – 2.3, to be more precise. And people always seem to be looking to improve and go for bigger and bigger versions with thinner and thinner screens. That, of course, makes them more fragile but also more expensive.
So, if you have invested in a good piece of electronics, you may as well add a buck to its protection. Opting for the packing services of reliable Seattle movers may be the best approach here. TVs are not among the items movers won’t move, and if you contact professional packers for this service, you’ll end up with a lot less relocation stress, and you won’t have an extra cost for repairs or buying a new device. Or you can just go for a bigger container, one suited for your device’s size.

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TVs only keep getting bigger and more expensive, so protect yours well

Is It Ok to Transport a TV Flat?

Well – it’s not really advisable, no. The thing is – even if you’re driving it in your car, laying the TV flat can cause both external and internal damages, especially if it’s not boxed up. It doesn’t happen that often, and it certainly isn’t a big deal if you are driving in your car to a new house nearby. Still, better safe than sorry – have it propped up. Especially if it goes into a movers’ truck, put it in between two things, like mattresses, so it doesn’t fall over and stays in one place instead. Oh, and if you have a mattress you won’t be needing, consider the option of mattress donation in Seattle. It might mean the world to someone.

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It’s always better to transport the TV in an upright position

Contact Professionals for Help if You Don’t Know How to Move a TV

And that’s about it when it comes to packing up a TV. Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand the process, but if you don’t want to bother with it – contact us. Our moving company in Seattle has a team of skilled workers ready for any challenge. We are Seattle Professional Movers – a reliable company that can handle this task for you professionally. We are a reputable company that has been in this business for over 20 years, and the trust we have from our customers says it all about the quality of our service. We are also affordable, and we will give you a free quote upon request. So, scout some of the best rooftop bars in Seattle, have some fun, and find the right one for your going-away party, and let us handle your move. You can always count on Seattle Professional Movers.