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If you’re looking to move to one of Ballard’s smaller neighborhoods, contact our Loyal Heights movers. Our local mover can provide you with everything a move requires, whether it’s packing, labor, or any of the relocation options. Our business has transparent pricing without any hidden fees. If you contact us, our representative will provide you with a free quote, and we can start planning your move at once.

This Ballard Neighborhood Has Many Things to Offer

Established in 1906, the neighborhood is considered to be part of Ballard. Many things make Loyal Heights a great place to live in, including relatively affordable housing, excellent schools, low crime occurrence, and various interesting amenities.

Higher Median Incomes Make the Housing Affordable

How does the neighborhood’s housing compare to the city? The median home value of $555,000 is about 14% higher than the city’s $485,000, while the median rent prices are almost exactly the same. Interestingly, around 63% of residents own their homes, much higher than the 46% in the city.

The higher median income is likely the main reason why more locals choose to buy compared to other Seattleites. The per capita income of $53,100 is 9% higher than Seattle’s $48,700, while the median household income of $97,000 is 30% higher than the city’s $74,500.

The Neighborhood Has Excellent Schools and Low Crime Rates

What makes this community one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families? The area is serviced by one of the best school districts in Seattle, enabling students to score 76% on their tests, more than the 57% all Seattleites score on average. Around 96% of adults graduate from high school, more than 92% in the city, and the number of highly educated residents is about the same.

Safety is one of the main factors that need to be taken into account when relocating. Besides having excellent schools, this Ballard community is one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. Based on various demographic data such as home prices, per capita income, and population density, some estimates show that the community has 58% lower crime numbers than the city overall, with violent crimes occurring 76% less often.


You Can Find Many Things to Do Nearby, No Matter Your Lifestyle

No matter what your lifestyle is, there are numerous things to do in each Seattle neighborhood. If you’re looking for some of the better parks in Seattle, you won’t be disappointed. The nearby Golden Gardens Park features beaches, wetlands, hiking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Its famous bathhouse was made a historic landmark in 2005.

Explore Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Garden, which contains over 500 species of plants from all over the globe. Other great parks nearby include Sunset Hill Park, Green Lake Park, and Salmon Bay Playfields.

Art enthusiasts and history buffs can visit the National Nordic Museum, dedicated to the history and culture of Nordic immigrants. Serving as a community gathering place, the museum shares Nordic culture through various art exhibits, collections, and educational programs.

As a part of greater Ballard, many of the best Seatle breweries are very close to the community.

If beer isn’t your thing, don’t worry, the neighborhood is 7 to 8 miles away from Downtown and Capitol Hill, so it won’t take you too long to reach some of the best rooftop bars in Seattle.

Why Should I Look for Seattle Moving Companies if I’m Only Relocating a Short Distance?

While some may try to organize a local move all by themselves, most people can agree that it takes too much work. You can’t always predict how a relocation will unfold, so hiring a professional is highly advised. Moving companies in Seattle, WA, offer various services that are specifically designed to accommodate very different customer needs. If you want to hire a reputable company, look no further than Seattle Professional Movers. Our team will minimize the chances of experiencing moving stress or any other difficulty during your move.

We Provide Many Moving Services in Seattle, Including Residential, Commercial, and in-and Out-of Storage

A mover in Seattle needs to cover a variety of services, but most relocations start with packing. Depending on the number of belongings you have, it can take from a few days to weeks or months if you try to DIY. Getting a professional packing service is crucial if you want to reduce the time needed to prepare everything. If you have any valuable, delicate belongings, you might want to avoid hiring cheap movers in Seattle. Fragile items require the highest quality materials, which these companies probably wouldn’t be able to provide. When you hire our Seattle movers, besides getting top-notch service, you’ll also be able to learn how to pack dishes for moving, among many other items.

Our Seattle Moving Company Provides Various Relocation Options

No matter what the nature of your relocation may be, our moving company in Seattle has an option for everyone:

  • Residential Move – Why go through all the trouble of DIY when you could be settled in your new house in a day? All you have to do is hire a local mover.
  • Apartment Relocation – These relocations require a bit more planning. Some residential buildings may have some factors that make the apartment inaccessible, such as the absence of elevators and narrow hallways. Luckily, our team has more than enough experience and knows how to overcome these obstacles.
  • Commercial Move – Entrepreneurs will love this option. It enables them to move their business without suffering any unnecessary delays or downtime.
  • Labor-Only Services – If you need help with moving boxes in Seattle, relax, and allow our team to do its business. Just because you have a truck doesn’t mean that you should strain yourself with the heavy lifting.

Try Our in-and Out-of Storage Service

If you’re relocating to a smaller home that can’t fit all your belongings, local movers in Seattle can help move these into your storage. All you have to do is get our in-and out-of storage services. We’ll gladly help you take out anything from your storage unit, unless it has some items movers won’t move, like explosives and toxic materials.

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