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If you’re looking for someone to help you with your move, there are many local Seattle moving companies on the market. By hiring our Maple Hills movers, you’ll be getting top-notch professional services like packing, labor, and transportation, which will enable you to have a much more relaxed and more comfortable relocation experience.

Nothing Can Compare to Living in the Suburbs

This rural unincorporated community is a part of East Renton Highlands, a larger census-designated place (CDP) just east of Renton. The area features some excellent outdoor opportunities, affordable housing, and some of the top schools in the state, all of which make it one of the best suburbs of Seattle.

Residents Earn More Than Seattleites, Making the Local Housing Even More Affordable

The whole East Renton Highlands, including the Maple Hills community, are some of the more affordable Seattle suburbs. According to Niche, the CDP’s median home value of $445,400 is 26% cheaper than the capital’s $605,200. Another thing that makes the area more affordable is the median household income of $98,500, which is 15% higher than Seattle’s $85,600. However, since owners occupy 87% of households, there aren’t many renting possibilities. This is likely the main reason why the median rent price of $1,900 is about 27% higher than the city’s $1,500. If you still choose to rent instead of straight out buying a place, refresh your knowledge of Seattle renters’ rights.

Maple Hills Has Access to Some of the Top Schools in Washington

Residents are often described as highly educated, with 96% of all adults having at least a high school diploma. About 38% have completed their bachelor’s studies, while over 13% have a master’s degree or higher. This is in no small part thanks to the suburb’s excellent schools, of which there are plenty, like in the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. In fact, Niche ranked it 13th out of 286 places with top public schools in Washington. The area is covered by Issaquah School District, one of the best school districts in Seattle, which continually ranks among the top in the state.

Commuting to the City Won’t Take Long if You Have a Car

If you’re living in the suburbs, do you need a car in Seattle to commute? For this particular community, the answer is yes. You’ll get to some cool neighborhoods in Seattle much more quickly by driving a car than taking public transportation. Even though Downtown is over 20 miles away, you can get there in about 30 to 35 minutes.

You Can Experience Some Incredible Views in the Nearby Mountains

There are so many things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, and this community has more than a few outdoor activities you can explore. The local park features a playground, two tennis courts, a baseball and soccer field, and a picnic shelter. If you want to check out one of the best hikes near Seattle, the nearby Squak Mountain State Park has a few excellent trails, including the May Valley Loop. With an elevation gain of 1684 feet, this 6.6-mile-long trail enables you to get a clear view of the incredible mountain scenery.

Excellent Reviews Are Just One of the Reasons Why You Should Hire Our Seattle Moving Company

If you’re hiring a professional mover for the first time, you likely don’t know which moving companies in Seattle, WA, can provide all you need for your relocation. Taking a look at customer reviews is one of the simplest ways to find out if a company is worth your time. People usually leave positive feedback when they’re genuinely satisfied with the service they were provided, so a high review score is an excellent way of determining who to hire.

If you want to hire an experienced, reputable company to guide you through the relocation process, then look no further than Seattle Professional Movers. With over 20,000 satisfied customers, we’ve become one of the industry’s leading businesses, setting a new standard for what a move should look like.

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Reputable cheap movers in Seattle are hard to come by. If you want to book a move with us and secure a date you like, you can contact us through our website or by phone. You’ll get all the information you need about the pricing and fees by requesting a free quote from our local representative.

There Are Many Ways Our Maple Hills Movers Can Assist You

After you view some of the reviews, take a closer look at everything our local movers in Seattle have to offer:

  • Packing service – All moves start with packing, no matter if you’re relocating your home or a business. Besides making sure all your items are appropriately packed, our Seattle movers will show you how to pack dishes for moving and many other neat hacks.
  • Residential Move – Whether you’re relocating to the city or one of its suburbs, a home relocation can be a lot more enjoyable if you hire our professionals to assist you.
  • Apartment relocation – If you’re living in Downtown Seattle, this is probably the best option for you. While an apartment building is harder to maneuver around, our guys know how to handle even the most difficult situations.
  • Commercial move – Relocating a business requires a solid plan and a coordinated team that can carry out the relocation in the shortest amount of time. Our mover in Seattle will provide you with the appropriate workforce that will enable you to avoid extended downtime.
  • Labor-only service – Do you need help with loading the moving truck? Even if you’ve got all other things like packing and the transportation figured out, our team can still assist you with the heavy lifting part of the move.

Our Moving Company in Seattle Can Also Help You Move Your Storage