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If you decided to move to this suburban town outside Seattle, make sure you look up some reviews and contact professional Tanner movers. These companies offer various services that will make your relocation experience much more enjoyable. After you book your move, take some time to learn more about what makes this town a great place to live.

What Makes This Suburban Town a Great Place to Live

Located in east King County, WA, this census-designated place (CDP) has many things going for it. The neighborhood is an attractive place for families with children due to its very low crime rates. The surrounding area offers numerous outdoor opportunities, great for those looking for a change of pace from the usual urban environment. Most of the town is highly educated, and residents earn significantly more than those living in Seattle or someplace else in the state.

Tanner’s Cost of Living Is About the Same as Seattle’s

According to AreaVibes, the cost of living in the CDP is about 47% higher than the state average, with housing being the most significant contributor to the difference. Tanner’s median home value of $484,800 is about the same as Seattle’s, 80% higher than Washington’s $269,300. Just like the city of Seattle utilities, electricity and phone bills are about 7% more expensive than the US overall and 20% higher than the state average. Other expenses are also in the same price range, costing anywhere from 7% to 26% more than Washington State averages. However, unlike Seattle, around 94% of all community households are occupied by owners, which more than doubles the city’s 46%.

The Town’s Residents Earn Significantly More on Average

Most of Tanner’s residents earn significantly more on average than people living in other parts of the state. The income per capita of $69,000 is about 110% higher than the state average of $33,000 and 42% higher than Seattle’s $48,700. Households also earn a lot more, as the median household income of $131,900 is once again 110% higher than the state’s $62,900 and about 77% higher than Seattle’s average of $74,500. The unemployment rate of 1.6% is lower than both the state and Emerald City. Furthermore, all residents live above the poverty line.

Tanner’s residents have a strong educational background. Around 94% graduated from high school, and with a 72% test proficiency, scored much higher than Seattle’s 57% and Washington’s 48%. Around 60% have completed a bachelor’s degree, and 25% have a master’s, which is on par with the Seattle numbers.

Crime Rarely Occurs in the Community

Overall, the town is a pretty safe place, making it ideal for families and those looking to get out of the cities. Compared to the state overall, it’s estimated that the community has 86% lower crime rates. If you were looking for the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families, maybe you should think about relocating to this suburban haven instead. Tanner’s crime rates are 93% lower than Seattle’s, which is a pretty significant difference considering the city has very few violent crimes each year. Year over year, the number of cases in the town goes down by about 9%, something not even the safest neighborhoods in Seattle can brag about.

The Location Is a Paradise for Outdoor Enthusiast

While it certainly can’t provide as many amenities as living in Downtown Seattle, the area still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Surrounded by mountain ranges, the town is only a short distance from some of the best hikes near Seattle:

  • Twin Falls is great for beginners – With an elevation gain of 500 feet, this is one of the easiest hikes in the area, great for beginners and families with kids. There’s also a platform that overlooks the 135-foot waterfalls.
  • Rattlesnake Ledge is one of the more popular hikes – One of the more popular Seattle staycation options, this trail is often crowded during summer days and weekends. Its 1,200 feet elevation is spread over a 1.5-mile segment, making it accessible for most people. Rattlesnake Lake at the bottom of the trail is excellent for relaxing after the hike.
  • Elevation at Mount Si provides a challenge – With an elevation gain of around 3,150 ft, this is one of the most challenging trails in the area. However, the incredible panoramic view of the Snoqualmie Valley makes crossing the 8-mile distance worth it, and over 100,000 people who visit the mountain each year would agree. If this is too much for you, it’s smaller neighbor Little Si will be much easier to climb, as it has half the elevation gain.

How Can Tanner Movers Help You With Your Relocation?

It takes some time to prepare for a relocation properly. While a moving to-do list makes DIY-ing possible, the smartest thing is to look up some professionals to help you out. These companies offer various moving services in Seattle that will make your whole experience significantly more comfortable. Our team at Seattle Professional Movers is here to provide you with anything you may need during your move.

This Seattle Moving Company Provides Various Services

Our moving company in Seattle provides many different relocation services that are suited to different needs. Depending on the nature of your move, you can get some of these next few options:

  • Packing Services – This option is best if you have a lot of belongings and want to cut down the time needed to prepare With the help of our Seattle movers, you’ll also learn some neat moving hacks, how to pack certain items, which materials to use for packing, and more.
  • Residential Move – Getting professional help is crucial if you want to avoid moving stress when relocating to a new home. With us on your side, your move will feel like a vacation.
  • Apartment Relocation – Need to move to/from a high-rise apartment? Our team is well-trained in maneuvering the narrow corridors these buildings usually have.
  • Commercial Move – Entrepreneurs who need to move their business need to do it quickly if they want to avoid losing profits. With the help of our mover in Seattle, your company will be back up and running in no time.
  • Labor-Only Service – Do you need help moving boxes in Seattle? If you already have a transportation unit but need someone to load the truck, our local movers in Seattle are there to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our Customer Reviews Are Proof That We’re One of the Best Moving Companies in Seattle WA

If you compare us to some cheap movers in Seattle, we’re just as affordable but have a lot more experience in the field. While we started as a small family business, we now cover over 100 locations in and around Seattle. Whether you’re moving somewhere more suburban, like this community, or to one of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle, our company is up for the task. Numerous customer reviews on our website are proof of our quality standard. We always look to improve our service, so we can continue to be one of the best local Seattle moving companies.

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