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Are you scouting affordable neighborhoods around the Emerald City where a home won’t set you back half a million dollars? Then Benson Hill might be worth a look. Learn more about this city on the rise and professional Benson Hill movers that can facilitate your relocation.

Welcome to Benson Hill

Nestled between Renton and Fairwood, Benson Hill is a small community with less than 5,000 dwellers with an average age of 48. It’s not really one of the best Seattle neighborhoods for families, as not many young families live there, so your children might lack playmates. But, it could be good for them too, as it is a peaceful environment that will give you privacy and peace of mind. And there is lots of land, so If you are moving with pets, your little furry friend will enjoy all the space the neighborhood can provide.

Good News – the Neighborhood Is Developing and the Housing Market Is on the Rise

Benson Hill is one of the affordable Seattle suburbs – the median home value is approximately $350,000. You could even find a condo for around $200,000, and most people own their homes. Investing in a property here might be a good idea, as the place is developing and the prices are on the rise. So, if you want a home under half a million, better hurry up.

Things to Do and Places to See

This place may be quiet and small, but it’s far from boring. There are some bars and restaurants in the area, but the most significant appeal is nature, so if you are an outdoorsy person – you’ll love it here. For shopping and sightseeing – visit the nearby Renton, where you’ll find the Renton History Museum, Renton Civic Theater, and a charming antique store called Antiques 4U – which is also the biggest antique store in the whole Emerald City area.

Benson Hill Local Movers

After deciding on your relocation destination, it’s time to choose your local Seattle moving company and start making a moving to-do list. Seattle Professional Movers is a reliable moving company with over twenty years of experience in the field. We’ve relocated tens of thousands of people during this frame and have successfully maintained a 5-star rating from our customers. Our Benson Hill movers are professionally trained, experienced, approachable, and up to any relocation need you might have. We will handle your items with care and safely deliver them to your new home, alleviating all your moving stress.

Family First Community Center

A while ago, this state-of-the-art community center was dreamed up as a place that will provide learning opportunities, health, and recreation to the youth and families. It took some time for the project to take on, but it is now in progress and has plenty to offer. Located outside Cascade Elementary School, it’s bound to make the area more appealing to young families. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the community has organized volunteers to deliver relief to families and elderly in all Seattle areas.

Our Residential Seattle Moving Services and Other Services

We understand that every relocation is a unique process, so we tailor our services to fit our customers’ specific needs. We offer residential moving services for the whole greater Seattle area. If you put our Seattle moving company on your moving expenses checklist, you can count on us to be there on time, work diligently, and transport your belongings safely to your new home.

Other Services We Offer to Our Customers

Below you will find a list of our other services, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

  • Packing services – If you want experts to pack your things, rest assured that our local Seattle movers handle your valued possessions with care. If you choose to pack by yourself, check out how to pack glasses for moving and what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are, so you can pack yourself like a pro.
  • Commercial moving services – Whether a small startup or a big industry, we will relocate your business smoothly while you enjoy a brewski in one one of the best Seattle breweries.
  • Labor services – If you are moving by yourself, we can help you load and unload your furniture into or from the truck. You can take this chance to figure out what items you won’t need and donate furniture in Seattle.
  • In-and-out-of-storage services – We’ll pick up the items from your storage or transport them into one in no time. Just make sure you know what prohibited items movers won’t move.

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Before committing to any mover, you should first do a thorough research of moving companies in Seattle, Wa. Ask around and check the reviews written by our customers to see what people say about our performance and why we are the best in our line of work.

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Price is one of the key factors to anything, moving included, so make sure you compare different prices and ask upfront about any additional fees. You’ve probably heard of various experiences when people were shocked by the final cost of their relocation. That doesn’t happen with us, as our free quotes are reliable, and there are no hidden fees.

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