If You Want to Donate Clothes in Seattle, These Are the Places You Should Check Out

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If you are packing your bags and getting ready for your Seattle movers to come for your local relocation, you should know that the fastest way to pack for moving is to declutter. There are so many places where you can donate clothes in Seattle, and it is a great way to declutter and get rid of the items you don’t really need. Plus, it will bring a smile to someone’s face and much-needed support in these trying times. So, help yourself declutter and lighten the load by helping others. Here are some places where a Seattle clothes donation can be given.

Going through the closet

Pick the items you don’t want to wear or the kids have outgrown and make your contribution to Seattle clothing donations

Where Can I Donate Clothes in Seattle?

As you are jotting down your moving to-do list and scouting Seattle moving companies searching for the one that won’t blow your moving expenses checklist – you must be mortified of the packing process that is yet to come. What items movers won’t move? What are the most commonly forgotten things to pack? Don’t know how to pack plates without breaking them? And last but not least – what to do with all the clothes?
So much money gets spent on garments each year only for them to end up in landfills polluting the atmosphere. That’s why you should take this opportunity to declutter and get rid of everything you won’t need. You will make your packing and move a lot easier, and you can support families in need by making clothes donations in Seattle to a charity close to your heart. In this article, we’ll introduce some reputable and honest organizations where you can give.

What Kind of Clothing Items Can I Donate?

Different charity programs have different rules when it comes to the kind of donations they accept. The general rule of thumb is to give gently used items that are still in good condition. Think about it this way – would you wear what you are thinking of giving away? If the answer is no, then it’s probably not good to be given away to someone else to wear. Here are some of the big don’ts of clothing donations in Seattle.

  • No underwear – While these are the most needed things to each charitable organization, make sure any underwear you give away is new.
  • No ripped or torn things – If the garments have holes or are ripped, they shouldn’t be given away.
  • No smells – If your old T-shirt still clings to a smell – don’t give it away to someone else.
  • No stains – T-shirts, pants, or anything with a stain or spot is a don’t when it comes to donations.

So, if you have some old T-shirts with holes or stains, don’t give them away. You don’t have to throw it away just yet, either. If you are moving with pets, you can create a toy for your dog to play in some of the best dog parks in Seattle. Before you get on to moving large items and considering where to donate furniture in Seattle – take a look at this video of how you can create a toy for your dog out of your old T-shirts.

Seattle Goodwill Is One of the Seattleites’ Favorite Places to Give

It’s hard to say who is the best organization to donate clothes to, but Goodwill is a favorite place to give for many American families. This trustworthy organization has various programs to support the community they work in, all in a bid to alleviate poverty. They accept various kinds of donations – from used clothing to household appliances and exercise equipment. They have locations all around the city, and Seattle’s public transportation will take you to most of them. Whether you are living in downtown Seattle or in a spacious home in some of the affordable Seattle suburbs – we are sure you will find a donation center close to your home. Some Goodwill centers even offer pickup services, so use this locator to find the nearest location and contact them to see if they can pick up your stuff.

Is Seattle Goodwill Accepting Donations? Most Locations in King County Are Now Open

As you may have noticed, the pandemic has stopped many things around us, and most donation centers and programs were temporarily closed, as well. Luckily, almost all locations that were closed during the state-issued closure are now open. Safety measures are enforced to make sure all workers, donators, and those in need are protected during this time. Still, it’s best to follow the news about the working hours and regulations on their website, and contact your nearest location for more information regarding this before you visit.

A store sign

Most Goodwill stores have reopened and are ready for your Seattle clothing donation

Mary’s Place Helps Families and Kids Get Out of Homelessness

There are many people who are homeless in Seattle, even more so now, during this pandemic. And life on the streets is difficult, especially in winter. If helping those affected by homelessness is close to your heart, you should consider donating to Mary’s Place. They have extraordinary programs that help families on their journey out from homelessness. The things that are most needed include new underwear, personal hygiene products, maternity clothing, stroller covers, towels, and linen.
Small household appliances such as microwaves, toasters, and blenders would also be highly appreciated. They are unable to accept monetary donations at shelters, as well as electronics, used pillows, cribs, house decor, dirty or torn garments, and expired or opened food. Mary’s Place doesn’t organize pickups, and they advise you to wear a mask upon arrival at their shelter. For Covid-safety purposes, they have organized the operation of contactless receiving – this means that you are to put a bag or box in a bin and leave it there for their volunteers to pick up.

Kids looking out the window

With every item you contribute, one family is a step closer to their home

The Salvation Army Donation Center

Enjoying a couple of beers from some of the cool Seattle breweries along with the best burger in Seattle or the best takeout in Seattle is something we all enjoy every now and then. However, for some people, this has turned into an addiction which has, in turn, caused them many problems and much hardship. As addiction is a disease, those people need help and are oftentimes unable to get it themselves. That’s where The Salvation Army steps in, and every item you give becomes a part of someone’s recovery and success story.
They help men and women in the community affected by the addiction problem by providing them with free rehabilitation. Everything you give will be able to be deducted from your tax. If you are moving from some of the best suburbs of Seattle to the downtown area, you may ask yourself – do you need a car in Seattle? As it’s likely you won’t be needing yours here, and they accept vehicle donations, as well, and they are tax-deductible, too.

You Can Organize a Free Pickup

If you are too busy trying to figure out how to pack books and don’t have the time or energy to drive your package to the shelter, you can schedule the services of a free pickup. To schedule a free pickup, you should visit their website, click donate, and enter your zip code. Then you’ll have the option of listing the things you plan to give and scheduling the pickup date. It’s a rather convenient and hassle-free way to give, and their website is very user-friendly. So, if your relocation process finds you on a tight schedule, don’t hesitate to contact the Salvation Army and request a free pickup – they’ll be more than happy to help.

Hands painted in red

The Salvation Army can send a free pickup to take your donation, so you don’t have to drive them to their location

Northwest Center Helps People With Disabilities

The Northwest Center is all about helping people and kids with disabilities. It was founded by parents who refused to institutionalize their child and accept the then-prevailing notion that kids with disabilities couldn’t be educated and people employed and part of the society. Partnered with Value Village, today it collects donations in The Big Blue Truck and The Blue Bin. You may have seen some of the bins scattered around the city.
They collect and buy things to sell in their stores, and all proceeds go towards the education and employment of kids and people with disabilities. All in a bid to further integrate them into the community and the society as a whole. If this is something close to your heart and something you would like to support, give to the Northwest Center. They accept gently used clothes for children, men, and women, as well as toys, games, and some household items. Visit their website for more information on what’s accepted and what’s not in their stores.

The Big Blue Truck Temporarily Suspended

COVID has impacted every aspect of our lives and work and in different ways. When it comes to the Northwestern organization – they have decided to temporarily suspend their famous Big Blue Truck and residential pickups. It is set to start up services in the spring of 2021 if all goes well. Until then, you can donate by driving your things to the Value Village or some of the drop-off location bins. Here’s where you can find more information on the location of their drop-off bins throughout the city.


Until The Big Blue Truck is back in business, drive what you want to give to one of their locations

Give Children’s Things to Wellspring’s Baby Boutique

This is another charity that helps families, particularly children affected by homelessness. Their organization is mostly aimed at helping babies and children in the community whose parents are homeless. Among the things they need most are garments, shoes, diapers, books, games, and toys. Underwear and socks for children are also much needed, and they must be new. Hygienic products must also be new and unopened. You can drop off your donation at their Baby Boutique location on 1900 Rainier Ave, S.Seattle Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 4:30 AM. For any news regarding regulations or changes in working hours, visit their website.

A child with a book

Put a smile on a child’s face by giving books, toys, or games

Vincent de Paul Helps the Community in Many Ways

Named after the patron saint of the poor, St. Vincent de Paul is here to assist the underprivileged among us in more ways than one. By giving to this organization, you will make it possible for your neighbors to keep a roof over their heads, deal with unemployment or chronic disease, make ends meet until payday, and so much more. The things you give to them are sold in their thrift stores, and 95 cents of a dollar earned goes to help those in need. Their rule of thumbs they go by when it comes to the things they accept is – if you would give it to a friend, it’s good enough for us. So, take that into consideration when giving, and drop off your package at their location Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. You can also take it to one of their thrift stores – whichever works best for you.

People in the streets

Help families in need make ends meet

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