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There are more than a few cities in Seattle’s area that provide excellent living conditions and opportunities. If you want to move to one of these, look up some Edmonds movers in the area. When choosing a company, make sure you check its customer reviews and ask for an estimate on your move. Let’s see why this city is a great place to live.

How Does Edmonds Compare to Its Surrounding Area

The city is located on the southwest corner of Snohomish County, WA. Being a part of the Seattle WA metro area, it’s located 15 miles north of Seattle’s area and 18 miles southwest of Everett. Two state highways and the ferry system connect it to nearby areas, with public transport centered around the downtown train station. Similarly to its larger neighbors, the location provides good safe housing opportunities with lots of parks and greenery. Let’s go over some of the city’s most important information.

Most Residents Own Their Holmes

While the cost of living is about 29% higher than the state of Washington’s, according to AreaVibes, the overall expenses are slightly lower than Seattle’s, around 5.7%. While it may not be cheap as some more affordable Seattle suburbs, Edmonds’ median home value of $413,000 still makes its housing cost about 13% lower than Seattle’s. The median rent is approximately the same at about $1,200. Interestingly, around 71% of residents own their homes despite the affordable rent, while Seattleites are about the same in terms of renting and owning (46% own, while 54% rent). If you opt for leasing, before deciding to relocate anywhere in the city, make sure you get acquainted with your Seattle renters’ rights.

Higher Average Income Will Enable You to Do Many Things

Despite being significantly smaller, the average income per resident is $47,100, almost on par with Seattle’s numbers at $48,700. However, the median household income of $78,200 exceeds Seattle’s numbers ($74,500). The unemployment rate of 3.3% is lower than both Seattle’s (3.7%) and the nation’s average (4.3%). Furthermore, similarly to living in Seattle, you won’t spend any money on the income tax, while the general sales tax is 28% lower than the US average. With these higher incomes, the residents can opt to have a Seattle staycation whenever they feel like it. Instead of traveling out of state, have a drink in one of the best rooftop bars in Seattle.

Edmonds Is a Pretty Safe Place

Edmonds’ crime rates show that the area is pretty secure, even compared to some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. The number of violent crimes is 60% lower than the nation’s (10% for property crimes). Furthermore, violent crimes occur around 4.5 times less often than in an average Emerald City’s neighborhood (2.6 times for property, three times overall). What’s even more important is that the overall crime occurrence decreases by about 10% each year.

Local Parks Are Large in Both Numbers and Area They Cover

Edmonds’ 23 parks cover around 189 acres, and if we include the government and school district’s shared spaces, this number rises to 560 acres. The city’s downtown has many parks, including the beach at Brackett’s Landing. Similarly to some parks in Seattle allowing dogs unleashed, the area provides some great options if you’re moving with pets. Furthermore, several natural reserves and urban forests are ideal if you’re looking for some of the best hikes near Seattle. Edmonds Marsh Park, on 28 acres, is home to 225 bird species and provides several walking trails. The Southwest County Park is a county-run area with over 120 acres of forest.

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Moving stress is a common occurrence, even for local relocations. Finding reliable movers in Seattle will make the whole process easier and enable you to spend time on other things. Before you hire any moving company in Seattle, make sure you check their reviews and other credentials. If you’re looking for movers in Edmonds, Seattle Professional Movers is one of the best companies you can hire for the job.

What Do Moving Companies in Seattle WA Provide

Local movers in Seattle provide numerous services in the area, depending on the nature of your move. One of the most common things people need help with is packing. By keeping a moving to-do list, you will keep track of your belongings and enable you to get the most accurate free estimate. If you declutter, your packing services will cost a lot less. You’ll also learn plenty of new things about packing, like how to pack dishes for moving, among other things. If you require aid with moving boxes in Seattle, we provide excellent labor-only service.


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