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If you are looking to move to this particular area in Woodinville, you sure have fine taste. You are probably interested in hearing more about it as you are probably looking for the right local Hollywood movers to facilitate your move. A large number of Seattle moving companies serve the area, but not all are trustworthy, and not all excel in the services they provide. We will help you find the ones that do.

A Neighborhood Guide for Hollywood, Woodinville, Washington – a Short Distance Away From the Emerald City

This is a mixed urban and suburban neighborhood in Woodinville, King County, WA. It didn’t get its name after Tinseltown, but it comes from the landmark Hollywood Schoolhouse, which is a gathering place for the community. This neighborhood houses around 7,700 people and people of exquisite taste.

Cost of Living in Hollywood, Woodinville, Washington

Living in one of the cool neighborhoods in the Seattle area usually comes with a price, but this neighborhood is more affordable compared to living in downtown Seattle. If you plan on buying a property here, plan on spending approximately $570,000. And if you intend to rent, stand up for your Seattle renters’ rights and be prepared to pay around $1,800 each month. Buying here would be a good investment, but either way you go about this – you will be living in one of the best neighborhoods in Washington.

The Wine Paradise of Washington State

The southern part of the neighborhood is a wine-tasting mecca of Washington state. Here, you will find up to 40 wine-tasting rooms and another 60 in the city itself. And the selection of wineries is equally wide – you will find anything from small artisan wineries to big industries. The same goes for the kinds of wine. People from all over the state come here to enjoy the tours, hiking, and fine wine. Go to DeLille Cellars that offers great wine as well as stunning views of the landscape. Then there’s the family-owned Dusted Valley and Chateau Ste. Michelle, other favorites in the area – the choice is yours for the making.

What Else Is There to Do?

While winery and wine-tasting is the biggest attraction of the neighborhood and the city of Woodinville as well, there are other things to do around here. And they don’t just make wine over here, they make whiskey, too! Check out Woodinville Whiskey Company for their craft liquor and Straight American Whiskey. The Hollywood Schoolhouse is a 100-year-old historic landmark and a place to see and be seen, and if you prefer nature and a more relaxed atmosphere – there’s plenty of that, too. The Paradise Valley Conservation area near Bear Creek has wetlands, streams, and forests and offers the best hikes in the Seattle area. After a day full of activity, go to Vivi Pizzeria for some of the best Italian food in the Seattle area.

A Trustworthy Moving Company in Seattle That Offers Top Quality Moving Services in Seattle and a Wide Distance Around It

If you are interested in keeping your moving expenses checklist short and your moving to-do list even shorter, read up. Seattle Professional Movers are local movers in Seattle with a long history and even longer list of happy and returning clients. Our company can keep the moving stress a long distance away and make sure everything goes as planned on the big day. We are a mover that is really up to the task, and you can trust in us.

Our Local Hollywood Movers Are a Team of Experienced Professionals

If you are looking for an experienced team who will get everything done right and on time, look no more. Our local crew has all the moving hacks to move you effectively, so you can sit back, relax, and worry about that moving-away party. Whether you need help with the packing cause you don’t know how to pack dishes for moving and how to pack books for moving or you just need someone to carry the boxes into your house – we are here. There are some items movers won’t move, so feel free to check the list in advance.

Look at the Moving Services Our Movers in Hollywood Provide

Our company tends to cover all your relocation needs, so we offer a wide assortment of services. The quality of our services is exceptional – the only question is which one you need. The list is below.

  • Packing service – If you don’t like packing and you don’t even want to know how to pack glasses for moving, contact us – we’ll take over. Our professionals will pack your whole household in no time, and they will come with the finest packing equipment. Make sure the most commonly forgotten things to pack don’t slip your mind when you get ready for packing.
  • Residential moving service – Our team will be there on time and won’t waste any of your time. They will work efficiently and get you settled into your new home quickly.
  • In-and-out-of storage service – Find a good place and cause to donate furniture in Seattle, and you might not need to spend money on storage space. If you do, contact us if you need your items transported to storage or from storage to your new address.
  • Labor service – If you don’t need a mover, you might need a crew to bring in the heavy boxes and furniture from your truck. If you do, feel free to contact us, and we’ll send a skilled crew to get it done in no time.

Ask the People of Washington State What Mover in Seattle to Choose

When in need of a company to handle your move, you should always ask people you know for recommendations. If you don’t have anyone around you who’s moved before, turn to online reviews of those who have. They will help you understand what to avoid and what to expect. Feel free to compare ours with those of other companies to see why we have been the top choice of those who embark on a relocation journey in the state of Washington.

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