Food Donation in Seattle – 5 Places Where You Can Donate Foods in Your Area

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When planning to move to a new neighborhood in the Emerald City, all you can think about is how to move your belongings. But one thing many people forget is what to do with a full refrigerator and pantry. Food donation in Seattle is a widely used way of solving this issue that many people regularly use. This good deed is beneficial for both sides, and all you have to do is pick one of the following organizations.

Different types of cans

Learn from our guide where you can drop off foods before relocating

Information You Should Know About Food Donation in Seattle

This is an excellent way to support your local community, and do something for homeless people in Seattle, that you’ll be proud of. There are many organizations where you can donate food in Seattle, and there is more than one way to provide aid. These organizations have different types of programs and events where you can give money, become a volunteer, or bring something to eat from the supermarket or your house. We’ll give you a list of five organizations fighting the problem of poverty through their programs, and you’ll also learn what type of supplies and goods they accept as donations.

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It’s essential to contribute to your community

Where Can I Donate Food in Seattle? 5 Places You Should Consider

Every can, money support, or individual support from volunteers counts. There’s no such thing as a small amount of giving, and we believe that giving from the heart is what makes this city a better place. Unfortunately, “Where can I get free food in Seattle?” is a frequently asked question these days. If you think you can contribute, put this on your moving to-do list, check our list of places that accept such donations and choose the one that’s closest to you.

Eating Lifeline – The Smartest Choice in the Rainier Beach Area

By preparing around 134,000 meals every day, this charity in the Rainier neighborhood provides essential support to people in need in their community. You can contact them on their website. They accept different types of foods, but you can also help them by volunteering, hosting a food drive, or donating funds.

University District – Take Action and Stop the Hunger With Uni

This charity accepts everything from tuna, salmon, and chicken cans to soups and stews. Other than that, they always have a lack of cereals, cooking oil, all sorts of nut butter, and much more. If you want to contact them or find out more about their working hours, you can check that on their website.

West Seattle Programs Offers Help to People and Pets

In this charity, non-perished items are desirable. They’re also very grateful to get low-sodium or sugar-free drinks for their clients that have health issues. If you’re moving with pets and have some spare dog or cat treats in your storage, you can also bring that here. Contact them or bring bags in their working hours from 9 AM till 3 PM, or find them on social media. After you finish your relocation with one of the best moving companies in Seattle, check the best dog parks in Seattle, and take a walk with your four-legged friend. After that, you might think about going to some dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle that your puppy will love.

One of the Best Food Banks in Ballard Area

Ballard organization has its unique way of raising goods they need. You can check their Amazon wishlist or donate some much-needed kids’ favorites, like mac and cheese or granola bars. They also need food for adults, so bring those cans from the storage to them. Ballard has a home delivery program, and you can find out more about it on their website.

The Family Works Seattle – Good Work for the City

This organization is doing a fantastic job for those who need their support, with fresh and new ideas to stop poverty. Dried fruits, crackers, and cooking spices can be found on their list of supplies they need. Contact them from 8 AM till 2 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For other days, check out their website to get a full working hours schedule.

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Think about all family members, and don’t forget to buy sweets

What Type of Necessities Are Suitable to Bring?

Giving is the best feeling you can get by helping others. Whether you’re donating your home supplies and making sure that you bring less stuff with you in your new house or apartment during the move or in the mood for deep decluttering of your kitchen, learn what kind of items you can bring to these kinds of banks.
Although terms can differ from one organization to another, most acceptable Seattle food bank donations include canned, dry fruits, macarons, crackers, and everything else that can last long. Anything that isn’t perishable and has an extended expiring date is needed, which could be milk in a very well-sealed container as well. This is the list of items you can give to the charity:

  • Canned soup,
  • Canned fruit,
  • Canned vegetables,
  • Peanut butter,
  • Beans, fish, or stew in the can,
  • Pasta (whole grain, because it’s more nutritious),
  • Rice (brown one if possible because it’s healthier).

If you’re wondering is it better to donate food or money, the right answer is both. But since we’re talking about foods, for some additional ideas on how to help those in need, this video might give you some useful ideas on what can you donate to a food drive.

Think Twice Before You Bring This to the Food Bank

There are quite a few rules you should follow regarding supplies that you can bring to the charity. Ensure that you don’t bring food that should be refrigerated, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, because some organizations don’t have freezers. Some of them work with local farmers, so they are getting these foods fresh from them. The second thing you should avoid is baked goods because they can contain some allergens and unwanted ingredients.

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Volunteers are essential for any charity

You Can Also Contribute by Starting a Virtual Charity Drive Event

Food banks drive events are a simple yet efficient way to raise money for charity. Ask your friends and family to join your cause of ending hunger in your city. Moving is an excellent occasion for you to start an online drive event and ask them to donate money. You can donate supplies from your apartment, and your loved ones can back your idea up with online payments. And after all those hours spent in front of the laptop screen doing amazing things for those in need, you’ll need to take a break and enjoy some time alone in one of the best parks in Seattle, where you can avoid the hustle and bustle.

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Host an online event and raise money for hungry people in your community

Help Those in Need Before You Call Your Local Seattle Movers

Before you start packing your boxes, make sure to check the list of prohibited items movers won’t move. Also, if you need the best moving hacks to go through moving smoothly or tips on how to pack books, you know where to look. The transportation of perishable supplies isn’t allowed due to sanitary regulations, and movers in Seattle won’t take it into the trucks. Whether you’re having different packages of nut butter in your storage or your pantry is full of rice, flour, and sugar – donate to your local community and help those in need.
We hope you’ll find this list of goods useful, and if you need any assistance with the furniture donation, you can also contact us. Seattle Professional Movers offers a wide range of services, from residential moves to commercial relocations and, of course, packing services. As one of the top-rated moving companies in Seattle, we can provide you assistance to move your stuff, and we’ll be happy if you can help someone else have a warm meal.