How to Pack Glasses for Moving – Packing and Transporting Breakables

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Among the most challenging kitchen items to pack is glassware. Don’t be fooled by the short distance move. Relocation from one part of Seattle to another also requires careful packing of these delicate objects. Follow each step on how to pack glasses for moving, and you’ll be sure that each one will arrive in one piece to your new home.

Man wrapping item in bubble wrap.

Pack all your glassware carefully and transport it safely to your new home.

Start With Necessary Packing Material

Before you start, purchase all the necessary packing supplies. The kitchen glassware is very delicate, and you’ll need a lot of materials to protect and transport them in one piece into your new home. Here’s a list of what you need to get:

  • Packing paper: You’ll need plenty of these because each glass must be wrapped individually.
  • Old clothes, towels, and newspapers: To save some money on paper, you can use old clothes or newspapers. However, be careful with the old newspaper because they can leave black marks on your dish. When you move to your new home, make sure to unpack the items wrapped in them and clean the black ink.
  • Small and medium-sized boxes: When filled, small and medium-sized cartons won’t be too heavy for lifting. Your breakables will be safe from any accidents that could occur during transit.
  • Adhesive and fragile tape: Apply adhesive tape to cover the whole box on the outside for protection. The fragile tape will help you remember which one contains your breakable items, and hence you will be more careful with it.
  • Marker: To know what each box contains, take thick markers, and label them all with big letters.

Man applying tape with "fragile" on it.

Provide additional warnings with fragile tape.

Do This Step First: Prepare the Box for Glassware

Seal the bottom of the carton with adhesive tape for extra protection. You can reinforce a cardboard box with wood lath as well. Then prepare enough crumpled paper to cover the bottom on the inside. In case the box hits the floor or accidentally falls, the glasses will hit into the soft cushion of papers. That way, they won’t break in case of unforeseen circumstances. You can also use some old clothes and towels instead. Just be sure to have a thick layer on the bottom.

Man and woman putting crumpled paper into box for moving.

Be sure to fill the bottom with plenty of crumpled papers or some old clothes and towels.

Follow These Steps on How to Pack Glasses for Moving

After you acquired all supplies and prepared all boxes, you can start packing. These objects are very delicate and need special attention when moving. Follow each step on how to pack your fragile cups and prepare them for transportation.

Stuff Each Glass With Packing Paper

The first step is to stuff each glass with crumpled paper. Otherwise, it can break when lifting the boxes or during transportation. Besides wrapping each one individually, remember to do this step as well. It will provide double protection, and during the unpacking, you’ll find your drinking cups in one piece.

Use This Method to Wrap Glasses

To wrap your glassware in the paper, start with one sheet that you will place on a flat surface. Take one glass and put it on one corner of the sheet at an angle. Then start rolling it and stuff the ends of the paper into the opening of the glass. Repeat it on each side until the glass is fully covered. If you own a couple of thicker and heavier ones, you can save some wrapping material and use the same sheet to wrap two at once.

Pack the Box up to the Top

Don’t let your box be half full because if there are free gaps, your drinking cups will rattle and probably break each other. Remember that the bottom of all boxes needs to be filled with heavier contents first. After you fill the bottom, you can place other soft items or some lighter glasses that also need to be packed for moving on top. Also, be sure to fill all free gaps with crumpled paper.

Seal the Box With Adhesive and Fragile Tape

When you fill each box, be sure to place additional crumped paper or towels on top for extra protection. Then seal the top with adhesive tape. Use thick markers and write in big letters what each pack contains. Acquire fragile tapes as well and cover your packages with it.

Pack Items Like Stemware Cautiously

If you have a cabinet full of stemware, you are probably in great worry because you don’t want it to break in transit. However, if you take special precautions, it will arrive in your new home safely. You can use dividers, which will add stability to your crystal glasses, but make sure to repeat the wrapping method mentioned above. If you decide not to use dividers, add plenty of papers and make sure they don’t rattle in your box. Your stemware, glassware, and other kitchen items can be packed with bubble wrap as well. Check the video below for detailed instructions.

Load Boxes Gently Into the Moving Truck

Whether you are hiring local moving services or transporting things by yourself, take extra precautions, and make sure these boxes are loaded gently into the truck. They must be placed on the floor of the truck or underneath some furniture. That way, they will be protected from falling during transit.

People unloading items out of truck.

Be very gentile when placing your boxes into the truck.

Final Words

Hopefully, each step of this article will help you pack glasses for moving and save you some stress and anxiety when it comes to packing and transporting your precious glassware. However, if you are still unsure, consider hiring a local moving company, like Seattle Professional Movers, that offers packing services and can help you wrap your breakables safely. Also, if you need your glasses to be transported from storage or into one, Seattle Professional Movers offer in-and out-of storage services and can pick up and carry them all the way to your new home.