Top 7 Cool Neighborhoods in Seattle You’d Want to Live In

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Since you already live in the largest metropole in Washington, we presume you’re familiar with its numerous charms. And yet, if you’re finding yourself wanting to change your address and can’t quite pick the right location, you have come to the right place. You might be wondering what is the best neighborhood to live in Seattle? Keep reading to discover the top 7 cool neighborhoods in Seattle we’ve singled out for you. We won’t lie, choosing only seven was not easy – every area here has its unique charm.

Panoramic view of Seattle

It’s hard to pick a spot for relocation when the whole metropole is so beautiful.

Downtown Is the First of the Cool Neighborhoods in Seattle

Let’s open it up with a bang and first suggest the very heart of the city. If you’re a fun-seeking upbeat individual who shines among the hustle and bustle of urbanism, you should make your local move to the Downtown area. Countless job opportunities, amazing cafes, bars, and restaurants at walking distance, the fantastic Pike Place Market, and so much more is a promise that your life will be anything but boring.

Keep a Few Things in Mind

Living in downtown Seattle, with all its vibrant appeal, has its drawbacks. Are you wondering: What are the bad areas of Seattle and is Downtown one of them? It’s nothing to keep you from settling here, but be aware that this area is inevitably one of the priciest locations in the city, and its outskirts are considered a tad risky, especially at night. If you’re looking at your moving expenses checklist in despair because your budget is limited, and you’re planning quiet family life, better consider some of the affordable Seattle suburbs.

Panoramic view of Park Place Market.

Park Place Market is just the thing in this downtown.

Fremont – For Those With a Sense of Adventure

Keeping it lively, our next entry is the Fremont neighborhood, or the Center of the Universe, as it likes to call itself. Fremont is also best suited for outgoing, adventurous types, and it is a slightly less mainstream location than our previous entry. In some of the local foodie spots, you can try the best takeout in Seattle. You’ll definitely forget about moving stress in no time with the amenities that this place offers.

Versatile Is the Way in Fremont

When we say less mainstream, we mean the sheer versatility of this location. For example, Fremont, famous for its Sunday Market, also has a statue of Stalin and the Theo Chocolate Factory! Yum, indeed. We mean chocolate, not communist leaders.
Check out this interesting video about living in Fremont.

Ballard Is Marine’s Heaven on Earth

Now for something with a real adventure at its core, Ballard is a true marine’s heaven. Though it’s largely urbanized, and you won’t have a shortage of packed restaurants to stay, drink, eat, and meet new people, Ballard is more peaceful than our previous two entries. You can relax at some of the finest Seattle breweries here or enjoy beautiful picnic spots. One thing is certain – with a variety of options here, you’ll never get bored.

Ballard Has Many Charms

There are many things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, but we promise you, this place will entrance you. Some of its many pros are the colorful Lake Washington coasts, the soothing beach of the famous Golden Gardens Park, and the fact that it’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. Plus, if you decide to relocate here, you’ll share your home with the historic Scandinavian Vikings. As far as we’re concerned, sign us up!

Street view of Ballard.

Ballard is heaven for after-work relaxation.

West Seattle Offers Peaceful Surroundings

Are you trying to escape the noise and the clamor of urbanism? Are you perhaps moving locally because you’re starting a new family? Or are you simply a more laid-back individual that enjoys the calm and quiet in their everyday life? If any of these apply to you, West Seattle is where you should relocate. It is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families offering some of the best school districts in Seattle – your children can have amazing educational opportunities along with a safe environment.

West Seattle Is a Beachy Oasis and One of the Best Neighborhoods for Families

We’re sure you’ve already had a chance to stroll through the famous coasts of Alki Beach Park, but imagine if this magical place was your home? Move here, and the quality of your and your family’s life is ensured. Do keep in mind though that this once-distant location of the big city has been growing in population recently, so you might want to make your move swiftly.

View of Seattle's beach.

West Seattle’s sandy beaches are true heaven on Earth.

Capitol Hill – Unique and Vibrant Neighborhood

Going back to where the craze is, Capitol Hill is another of the more upbeat locations. The cool Jimy Hendrix statue it hosts is just the thing that symbolizes this area’s liveliness. It’s also home to some of the most beautiful parks in Seattle, like Volunteer Park. Here you can enjoy panoramic views of the city, nice walking trails, a plant conservatory, and visit Asian Art Museum.

Capitol Hill – Where the City Doesn’t Sleep

Next to South Lake Union, this gem of a neighborhood is open to all, and we mean all. With its acceptance of similarity as well as uniqueness, Capitol Hill’s diverse community makes it a perfect home for people who are in search of finding themselves or want to be accepted or simply inconspicuous. To demonstrate, on the one hand, you’ll live near the biggest park and the biggest library in the city, and on the other, you’ll be constantly surrounded by the music coming out of its countless nightclubs, pubs, and cafes.

Panoramic view of Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill is nothing if not diverse.

Chinatown – International District: Where the Best Restaurants Are

Another perfect home for people with a mix of different character traits is Chinatown – International District, or simply International District, as it’s more properly referred to today. If you enjoy quiet surroundings, a beautiful area where you can take a stroll to get your favorite coffee or grab a bite, but are also a fan of flare and festivals, this place is the best for you. If you like to eat sushi and enjoy cultural exhibits, this spot could feel like a true paradise.

International District Is a Popular Festival Spot

With an avalanche of festivals that are hosted in this spot, you’re bound to have your social calendar booked throughout the year. On the other hand, if you don’t enjoy crowds, the food that can be found in the ‘ID’ is reason enough to relocate there.

Crowds of people in Chinatown in Seattle.

Perhaps the International District is just the neighborhood for you.

Queen Anne Hill: The Best Views of Emerald City

Our final entry on this list has a lot to offer. The Lake Washington Ship Canal, which is located to the area’s north, alongside its name, gives it a charming fairy-tale-like appeal if you ask us. But even so, Queen Anne is still a neighborhood that brims with life, amazing restaurants and bars, famous sites, and cultural events. The Museum of Pop Culture and Chihuly Garden and Glass are great spots to start exploring the neighborhood.

Queen Anne Hill as Your New Home Close to Interbay

If you make Queen Anne your new neighborhood, you won’t regret it. With walking proximity to South Lake Union, this spot is perfect if you wish to avoid public transit combustion. Also, similarly to Ballard, Queen Anne is one of the safest quarters, and the rents are reasonable. Not to mention you’ll be surrounded by picturesque spots as you go about your daily life – for example, you can visit the Interbay Athletic Complex.
Here’s a short video about living in Queen Anne

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