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If you plan to move to one of Seattle’s best and wealthiest suburbs, consider hiring our Eastland movers. Our moving company in Seattle can assist you with all kinds of services. Whether you’re relocating to a new home, changing offices, or need some help with packing, our team is here to make your experience a lot more enjoyable.

The Neighborhood Is One of Seattle’s Best Suburbs

This community is located in Eastside, King County, in the small residential city of Medina. While the area features some of the more expensive housing in the state, many things make living here worth the price. Excellent schools, plenty of amenities, and almost no crime make Eastland and the city of Medina some of the best suburbs of Seattle.


Most Residents Are Highly Educated and Earn Substantially More Than Their Seattle Counterparts

With the median home price of $1,654,600 (according to AreaVibes), Medina is not exactly one of the most affordable Seattle suburbs. However, its residents earn substantially more than their Emerald City counterparts. This comes as no surprise, as the billionaire Bill Gates and a few top Microsoft executives have a home in the city. Medina’s income per capita of $97,800 is double Seattle’s $48,700. The median household income difference is even greater, as Medina’s $182,600 is 145% higher than the Emerald City’s $74,500.

Less than 6% of the population lives under the poverty level, compared to 13% in the city overall. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the potential number of homeless in Seattle in 2021 is going to be significantly higher than in this neighborhood.

Besides being high earners, adults here are very well educated as well. Over 82% have completed a bachelor’s degree, which is higher than even Seattle’s 60%. Furthermore, around 38% have masters, also higher than the Emerald City’s 25%.

Efficient Education System and Very Low Crime Occurrence Make the Neighborhood an Excellent Place for Families

In terms of education quality, Eastland is in line with the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. The community and the city of Medina are served by the Bellevue School District, one of the best school districts in Seattle. When tested, students score 88% on average, significantly higher than the 57% Seattleites score. What’s even more outstanding is that 99% of all residents graduate from high school, more than most other places in the country.

Safety is the other factor that makes the area an excellent place for families. The FBI data shows that the city of Medina reported a total of 53 crimes in 2019, none of which were violent. After we extrapolate the data and compare it to Seattle’s crime rates, the city would experience almost 70% less crime overall. The absence of violent felonies and the overall lover crime rates certainly place the location among the safest neighborhoods in Seattle.

Relax by Spending Some Time in One of the Nearby Parks

You won’t have to look too long to find a good park in the area. For example, Medina Beach Park is right around the corner. While not nearly as big as most of the parks in Seattle, it offers a fantastic view of Lake Washington. Bellevue’s Downtown Park is excellent for the whole family. It’s only a short distance away and features sizeable green picnic areas, a playground for children, and a 240-ft wide waterfall. If you want to go on one of the best hikes near Seattle, explore the nearby Bridle Trails State Park. This 482-acre forested area features many hiking and horseback riding trails and even has an outdoor arena built explicitly for equestrian shows.

Hire Eastland Movers With High Ratings

While we commend those trying to organize a relocation all by themselves, it’s evident that Seattle moving companies will make the process a lot easier. However, remember that cheap movers in Seattle don’t always provide the highest quality service, so always check the customer reviews when looking to hire a professional. With plenty of reviews to back up our reputation, we can safely say that our company Seattle Professional Movers, is one of the best in the business.

Why Is It Important to Get a Packing Service?

In order to have a successful relocation, you need to figure out how you’re going to pack all your belongings. DIY-ing it might take weeks to finish, so hiring professional help is highly advised. If you get our excellent packing services, we’ll use only the best materials to take care of all your belongings. You’ll also learn some unique moving hacks, such as how to pack specific delicates, how to properly label your containers, and more.


Local Moving Companies in Seattle WA Provide a Wide Array of Services

By hiring our company, you can expect to get some of the best moving services in Seattle. Let’s take a look at what our team has to offer:

  • Residential Move – Home relocations are known to cause moving stress. If you’re moving to a new house, our mover in Seattle will ensure you have an easy transition.
  • Apartment Relocation – Changing an apartment requires a good understanding of the building and its intricacies. Luckily, our team knows how to handle all the problems regarding high-rise relocations.
  • Commercial Move – Entrepreneurs relocating a business want to waste as little time as possible on the process. An experienced Seattle moving company like our own will enable you to get back to work quickly and without delays.
  • In-and Out-of Storage Move – If you moved from a smaller to a larger place, you might have some items you want to get out of your storage. That’s where we come into play. We’ll help you move all the boxes, and we’ll also take some belongings back into the unit if you can’t find a place for them.


Don’t Worry About Moving Boxes in Seattle With Our Labor-Only Service

An injury is the last thing you want to experience during a move. If you already have a transportation plan in place, don’t worry about loading the truck or carrying large furniture and equipment. Get our labor-only service, and our Seattle movers will do all the heavy lifting for you.

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