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Moving from one apartment to another is always a challenge itself, no matter the distance between your old place and the new one. Like everyone ever, you want everything to run as smoothly as possible for your local move and for a low cost. This can be arranged – when you hire the right apartment movers near you!

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Seattle Professional Movers is a company that offers a complete moving service from packing your belongings to unloading and unpacking them in your new home for a reasonable cost. You can pick whichever company service you need the most. Our apartment movers are there to help you every long step of the way, so you experience a less stressful local move.

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Save time and money with our apartment movers

Our services are cost-friendly and quite affordable for local moves. Apartment moves are usually easier to handle since there are fewer items to carry in a truck than in a four-bedroom house. You can request a quote on our website or contact us over the phone, and when our agents offer you a price, you will see what works best for you and your budget checklist. Our apartment movers near you will save you time and money because the entire moving process can be done quickly and in a single truck trip.

What to keep in mind when hiring apartment movers

When you come to the decision to hire professional movers, there are certain steps you can take to help speed up the process. First, you need to figure out your budget, so you’ll know whether or not you can book specific services. Then you can start planning your packing process and get packing materials in case you go for the option of packing yourself. Remember to label everything, so later, when the time for unpacking comes, you’ll know which box goes to which room.

Apartment Moving Rules

When hiring professional apartment movers, there are some things you need to think about before our crew enters your apartment and starts moving. These are some basic pointers you need to be aware about:

  • If you haven’t hired movers for packing services, make sure everything is packed and ready to move.
  • Make paths along the apartment where movers can move freely without bumping into anything.
  • Talk to our movers – tell them anything they need to know about moving your things, especially if a box is filled with fragile items. Nothing is implied.
  • Be careful about certain items. There are things no moving company will move for you, so place boxes with these items in a separate place.

Keep in mind

Be sure you don’t forget anything you own at your old home and take care of any paperwork that needs to be changed when you move. Fix any previous damage in the apartment, check your budget every time you spend money, and you can go the distance.

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Need additional help from our apartment movers?

Other moving services that we offer are:

  • Full packing service – Get all your furniture and items ready for moving. We will provide packing materials.
  • Packers and movers service – In case you want your items packed and moved, this service is the one for you.
  • Labor-only service – If you want help with loading or unloading a truck you’ve rented, our moving company offers labor-only moving services to help you out with your local move.
  • In and out of storage moving service – You have already found a storage space and your items are currently in one, but you want them moved? Our moving company offers truck services for in-and out-of storage moves.

We can move you in or out of the storage units Seattle has to offer

See which companies offer Seattle storage at an affordable price near you. This is in case you need to store your belongings temporarily, because the new place isn’t ready yet, or you need it for long term usage because some of your furniture doesn’t fit in your new home.

Get a free quote from Seattle Professional Movers

You can request a quote on our website or contact us over the phone. Our agents will offer you a price for your move, and if you like the offer, you can immediately book a date. On your moving day, our movers will contact you 30 minutes before they arrive to let you know they’re coming. When they arrive, our movers will conduct a quick on-site time estimate. The price of your move is calculated based on the hourly rate, so the clock starts when you sign the contract with our movers. Once the last box is in the new home, the clock stops.

What do we consider when providing you with a quote

Moving companies, just like ours, calculate the price based on the hourly rate. So why is distance important? Or the number of boxes you have? Basically, if it’s a long ride, it will take more time. Also, the more boxes you have, the more it will take to load and unload them. Simple as that.

The best apartment movers near you

You can check our website and contact us as one of the best moving companies near you. There are over 180 places all over the Washington state area that we cover, where we can help you relocate stress-free. Altogether, we have successfully completed over 20,000 moves since 2000.

Choose us for your upcoming apartment relocation

Seattle Professional Movers provides expert moving services in the Seattle, Washington area for any type of local moves. We have been operating in Seattle and nearby cities since 2000, and we’ve come to understand everything about how stressful moving can be. That is why our team strives to take the stress out of your moves. For your local, residential, and commercial moves, you can count on our trustworthy and professional team, providing you excellent customer service.

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For more information about our services, feel free to contact us. You can get a free quote for your local move! You can fill out the form with some basic information on our website or you can call us over the phone, so one of our agents can give you a free quote right on the spot. We look forward to helping you move to your new home.