Apartment Moving Seattle

Moving an apartment might be one of the biggest milestones in your life. It could also be the step that will change your life forever.

For that reason, you want this experience to go as smooth and easy as possible and you will need some of the best apartment movers in Seattle in order to have that amazing experience.

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Why Apartment Movers At Seattle Professional Movers Are The Best Movers In Seattle?

Seattle Professional Movers have the best, most efficient and most reliable apartment movers you could only wish for!

We have the most committed teams of movers who have been through many days and hours of practice and training so that they could help you move your apartment fast and efficiently.

We have been on the market for more than two decades and we have used years of our experience to learn how to optimize the service for our customers.

Not only are our teams trained and motivated, but we also have the best and latest equipment, more than enough packing supplies and moving trucks in all sizes!

If you give our apartment movers a chance, you will understand exactly why so many of our customers decide to hire our moving company year after year without having any doubts!

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We had a fantastic experience with Seattle professional movers. We moved from a fully furnished (perceived forever home) & Peter & his crew managed to get everything over with only one photo framing cracking. The crew worked as fast as any could reasonably expect.

Aneesh Menon

Apartment Movers At Seattle Professional Movers Offer The Best Moving Specialists That Will Help You Move

Now, is this the first time you are moving and you wish for everything to go just fine but are not sure whether you will be able to organize the whole process properly? Or, perhaps, you were not as pleased with your move the last time and you want to make it much better in this round?

Well, luckily for you, there is a solution for that.

If this is the first time you are moving or you simply want someone to help you go through the entire process easily and stress-free, our apartment movers are here to help you sleep peacefully during your move.

And how are we going to do so? Well. If you decide to hire the best apartment movers in Seattle, right here, at Seattle Professional Movers, you will get professional assistance from our moving specialists.

Moving specialists at Seattle Professional Movers have at least a few years of experience in helping people move their homes and will help you organize a moving process that is fast, easy and efficient.

They will be there for you during the whole time of your move and will be prepared and ready to answer all of your questions about the move.

And not only will they answer your questions, but they will also give you some truly valuable tips and tricks on how to plan your move, prepare for the arrival of your apartment movers and pack your belongings properly.

Hire our apartment movers and use all the advantages that we are offering to you!

When Hiring Apartment Movers At Seattle Professional Movers There Are No Hidden Fees!

One of the things that our apartment movers are best known for is our transparency and the fact that we are hiding no secrets from our clients.

We respect transparency and it is one of the qualities we are hoping to maintain in order to keep our customers’ trust.

The reason why so many of our customers come back to us year after year is the fact that they fully trust us.

Once you receive your moving bill, you will realize that there are truly NO HIDDEN FEES when hiring our apartment movers.

We are offering all inclusive rates that we are more than proud of.

Now, since we are sure you are wondering what is included in the price, we will get straight into it. Once you make a reservation with our apartment movers, you can expect these services:

  • Disassembling and reassembling all of your furniture that needs to be moved
  • A moving truck that will fit your inventory perfectly (up to 26ft)
  • All taxes are being covered
  • Per request: Partial packing – includes your kitchen and clothing
  • Bringing our best equipment, including dollies and other necessary and useful tools
  • Wardrobe boxes you might ask for for your hanging clothes
  • Basic coverage insurance
  • Shrinkwrap and moving blankets that will make your furniture arrive at the destination without a scratch

Apartment Movers At Seattle Professional Movers Offer Some Of The Most Amazing Benefits

If you thought that that is all, you are wrong, there are more surprises and benefits our apartment movers are offering.

Have you ever considered having all of your possessions packed FOR FREE?

Sounds too good to be possible? Not with Seattle Professional Movers and our apartment movers.

We are offering a completely free packing service!

Yes, you have read it right. If you decide to ask for this service, our motivated and hardworking apartment movers will not only disassemble all of your furniture and load the trucks, but will also pack everything you ask them to!

What we are offering is:

Standard service: packing is not included in this service

Partial packing service: including packing your kitchen and closet FOR FREE

Full packing service: our residential movers will come to your home and pack all the belongings from your inventory also FOR FREE (We require 1 additional mover for this service, but the service is not charged additionally).

Still, we would like to inform you that we do charge for the packing supplies we are using in order to pack your inventory and we are charging per item used.

If you wish to avoid this type of fee, you can get your own packing supplies and our apartment movers will use them instead of bringing their own.

What Type Of Charging Can You Expect If You Hire
Apartment Movers At Seattle Professional Movers?

One of the most important things when hiring a moving company is understanding their way of charging.

If you want to have a stressless move and no misunderstandings with your apartment movers, it is crucial you ask them about their way of charging as soon as possible.

We are offering all the necessary information about our way of charging right here on Seattle Professional Movers website, just keep reading!

Basically, what you need to know is that our apartment movers are charging hourly and we have a 3 hour minimum charge.

There is one exception though. If you are moving long distance, our apartment movers will give you a flat fee.

For any further questions, you can always call our moving agents and they will be ready to answer all of them!

What Information Do Our Apartment Movers Require In Order For Making A Reservation For You

Once you decide that Seattle Professional Movers are the best apartment movers in town that you want to hire, all that is left for you to do is call us and make your reservation.

In order to do that, we will need some information though.

Since we want to help you be prepared once you call our moving company, we are bringing a list of all the information our apartment movers will need:

Now, once you call us, we will need to understand the number of bedrooms in your current home, square footage of the home you are moving to and also the zip codes of the pick-up location and the delivery location.

If there are any other unpredictable circumstances our apartment movers should be informed about as well like for example extra heavy items in your inventory, any restrictions, elevator reservations or stairs involved, you should definitely inform us about them.

This way, we can also prepare everything for the move and make it fast, efficient and very organized.

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Finalizing Your Reservation With Apartment Movers At Seattle Professional Movers

After you have spoken to our moving specialists and got your moving quote from our apartment movers it is time to finalize your reservation.

Now, once you are ready for that, our apartment movers will need just a few more information including:


Your email address in order to send you a confirmation email


Exact addresses of the pick-up and delivery locations


Any special circumstances or special requests we should know about (for example wardrobe boxes, items that require special care while moving etc.)

Also, our moving agents will do their best to help you understand every other detail you may need to know.

Our apartment movers will also explain to you our cancellation policy that is very flexible and will be there to answer all of your potential questions.

Also, we will send a confirmation email to you and in this email you will be able to find all the details about your move.

And not only that. In this confirmation email you will also find a lot of very useful tips and tricks about organizing a very efficient and stressless move and preparing for the arrival of your apartment movers.


How The Moving Day WIth Your Best Apartment Movers From Seattle Professional Movers Looks Like?

Now that you have decided on your moving date and set your reservation in stone, the only thing left for you to do is patiently wait for the apartment movers you have chosen to arrive.

And if you have received our confirmation email, then you have probably read some of the very useful tips and tricks on how to prepare for the arrival of your apartment movers as well as how to pack your belongings and have a very relaxed moving experience overall.

Now, if you are wondering how your moving day is going to look, we are here to explain it to you in detail.

The first thing you should know about us is that we are very conscious and very punctual. That means that you will not have to worry about our apartment movers being late. On the contrary. They will arrive at your home right on time.

Our apartment movers will come to your door at an arranged time, disassemble all the furniture you intend to move with yourself, load the truck and move your inventory right where you have told them to.

Our apartment movers are also amazing packers and they will do their best in order to pack your belongings efficiently. Of course, only if you ask them to.

As we have already said, you can ask your apartment movers for two types of packing service. You can ask them to pack only your kitchen and clothes, or you can ask them to pack all the possessions from your inventory.

How Much Hiring Our Apartment Movers Costs?

What you should know from the very beginning is that each moving process is unique and therefore, moving quotes are unique as well.

Still, you should be familiar with our price ranges so that there are no misunderstandings once you call our apartment movers in order to make a reservation.

We are bringing a price table right here where you can check out our prices and make sure that they will work for you and your budget just perfectly.

Of course, it is necessary that you call us and talk to our moving specialists in order to get a proper moving quote.

And if there are any more questions you might feel like asking, go ahead! We are here to answer all of them.

How Can You Reach Our Apartment Movers?

Since we are trying to make everything about your move as efficient as possible, we are also hoping to make it very easy for you to reach us as well.

Now, there are two very easy and fast ways to get in touch with your apartment movers at Seattle Professional Movers.

The first thing you can do is dial the number (253) 656-4996 Mon – Sun / 9:00AM – 8:00PM. You will reach one of our best moving specialists who will do everything in their power to help you make a reservation and organize a perfect move.

Another thing you can do is simply to send us an email. Our email address is info@seattleprofessionalmovers.com. We are always trying to reply to our potential customers as soon as possible, so you can be sure that you will not be waiting too long before you hear from us!