Tips on How to Pack Books for Moving to Make Your Move Easier

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Every book lover knows how hard it is to pack your entire book collection. Each volume means a lot to you, and the last thing you want to do is to accidentally damage them during your local move. Luckily, you can read these tips on how to pack books for moving so you can safely prepare your collection for a new home in Seattle.

Person packing books into box.

Packing can be tiresome, but you need to spend some time organizing your things one way or another.

Pack Your Books Early

Don’t leave your books for last! Packing requires a lot of time and dedication, especially if you have a huge and heavy collection. Most of the boxes you’ve purchased will be used for your collection. So the sooner you finish with your library on the moving to-do list, the faster you can focus on other stuff, like reading new tips on how to pack your dishes or what to do with the prohibited items movers won’t move.

Person organizing books on floor.

Organize a weekend at home just for your library, don’t just throw them in a box last minute.

Use The Right Boxes

It’s essential to use a box that can withhold the weight of your books and isn’t damp. Two, three, or four books won’t be heavy, but when you pack ten of them, it can be a real workout. Remember to buy good packing tape to seal the box bottom and top, but also find some wadded-up paper to fill inside any remaining spaces later when you pack.

In case you purchase brand new boxes, make sure you seal the bottom with a double layer of tape over the seams, but If you’re using a recycled box instead, put new tape at the bottom to make sure it will hold.

Where Can You Find Boxes?

One way or another, you need a lot of boxes. Here are some tips on where to find them:

  • Ask your local stores if they have some that they don’t need. You can even try your local bookstore – they have heavy shipments too.
  • Check with your colleagues from work. Maybe they had some deliveries recently.
  • Thank God for social media! Facebook is filled with local groups where you can reach out and ask for moving supplies. You have a big chance that someone has moved recently and still has a stash of boxes and wadded-up paper.

Books in box.

Try to get as many boxes that can withstand heavy weight as possible.

Pack Your Books By Size, Weight, and Category

Rule number 1 – don’t just throw your collection in random cases, baskets, or packages.

Use methods that best suit your needs and begin packing your stuff. Give it some thought and start separating by size and weight.

Use Different Packing Methods

If you don’t want to play Tetris at home while you pack, organize your items by size. Then pack them by weight – it’s one thing when you put together five small novels, and another when you do the same with five heavy encyclopedias. Every other method beside these two is totally up to you. Maybe you want them packed by genre, or color, or paper quality, or any other idea that may pop on your mind. Make your own method.

Tips On How To Pack Your Book Correctly

You can try three safe ways to box your collection:

  • Flat, on their backs – ideal for stacking, especially if the books are the same size and fit nicely in the box.
  • Standing up – just like you put them on the shelves. Spines should be facing the walls of the boxes.
  • Spines down – this means that you put the spine against the bottom to protect your pages without them being damaged.

Labeling Is A Must

If you don’t want to make chaos, start labeling. If you were packing your collection by genre, you could then label your box, for example, “Adventure,” or if you have organized by size, then “Big,” or by color “Red,” etc. No matter what your method is, always label your packages.

Woman writing label on box.

You won’t lose time when unpacking if you label your things before moving to your new home.

What To Do With Books You Won’t Be Packing

While you go through your collection, you’re destined to find items that you might want to get rid of. Whether it’s something you have read, but didn’t like or something you have in your digital library, there are ways to take care of these items.

  • Organize a yard sale – if you want to earn some money while getting rid of some stuff (all in one day), this is definitely the way to go.
  • Host a book party – this is a fun way to give some of your things away. Call fellow book lovers, treat them to some cheese and wine, and let them see your giving-away book collection. If they’re interested in a particular book, they’ll let you know.
  • Donate your books – this is the best way to handle down the mantle of a proud owner to someone who might want to read that particular volume one day. You can visit your local library and see if they’d be interested in accepting your donation.

Bookshelf with various books.

For every book out there, an enthusiast is waiting to read it.

Unpack Your Books First

You have finally entered your new Seattle home! Make sure that you first unpack your prized collection. Why? Because you’ll free up all those boxes and get a lot of space for everything else, you might need.

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How to Pack Books for Moving Locally With Success

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare, so just keep planning and organizing. But if you still feel overwhelmed by all of it, you can always check out Seattle Professional Movers’ local moving services, as well as our packing service, and contact us if you need some help. Whatever you choose as your best option, we hope you use useful tips and have a pleasant move!

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