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Hire our professional Georgetown movers, and you’ll be enjoying a pint of delicious craft beer in the iconic Seattle neighborhood in no time! Apart from its legendary breweries, the district is famous for its thriving art scene and unique architecture. It’s a great place to call home, so why not speed things up with professional assistance of local movers Seattle?

Is Georgetown a Good Place to Live?

The records show it’s one of the oldest communities in the Emerald City. The first village was established back in 1851, when Luther Collins, Henry Van Asselt, and the Maple family cultivated the fertile alluvial lands of the Duwamish Delta. Today, it’s ranked high on the “cool neighborhoods in Seattle” list, going from shabby to chic, from industrial to artsy. Formerly a warehouse-filled manufacturing mecca, it’s now one of Emerald City’s most iconic districts.

It’s Rich With Industrial Heritage

Apart from being one of the oldest and best suburbs of Seattle, it’s also a thriving industrial and transportation center. The highlight of Airport Way (the main road) is its architecture, diligently preserved as a testament to the past. Although the old rail warehouses are now lined with modern galleries, restaurants, and bars, they continue to embrace the town’s industrial heritage. One of the more prominent landmarks is the Georgetown Steam Plant. Founded in 1906, it supplied power to local streetcars and the Seattle-Tacoma interurban railway. The building is included in the National Register of Historic Places and is recognized as a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark.

It Is A Mecca For Brewmasters

With the vicinity of great hop-growing areas along the Duwamish River and a significant number of German settlers, it quickly became the sixth-largest beer-producing district in the world. The town’s brewing company started operations in 1882 and subsequently purchased the Seattle Brewery with its Rainier brand. However, the Statewide Prohibition, implemented in 1914, brought the beer industry to a halt. With the government gradually cracking down on public morality, the neighborhood’s twenty-four-hour saloons (some of which also promoted horse racing) risked closure. Fortunately, Prohibition soon ended, and everything went back to normal. In recent years, the launch of several microbreweries marked the area’s rebirth as an entertainment district. One of the most popular Seattle breweriesGeorgetown Brewing Company, is located right here! It is well-renowned for its trademark craft beers, Manny’s Pale Ale being the most popular. If you’re moving with pets, you’ll be pleased to know the brewery is dog-friendly.

It Has a Thrilling Art Scene

This is by far the “artsiest” neighborhood, with a large number of galleries and artist studios scattered around Airport Way. The local Arts and Cultural Center is perhaps the most famous art venue in Washington. The Art Attack exhibitions feature the works of dozens of local and regional artists. If you’re looking for art lessons for your kids, an after-school program for teenagers, or even classes for yourself, definitely stop by the center after relocating.

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You’ve probably made up your mind about making this place your new home. Before you get down to your moving to-do list, you’ll need to find reliable movers Georgetown. Look no further cause Seattle Professional Movers have the right people for the job. We are a reputable Seattle moving company with a customer-oriented business model. Whatever your needs and preferences are, we are at your service! If you want to avoid moving stress and dedicate your time and energy to other things, we are happy to help you relocate to your new home.

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Our moving services are tailored according to different requirements. Whether it’s relocating your entire home or just a storage space or even packing your belongings, we can manage it. Judging by our customer reviews, we are the best in the business. By enlisting our excellent services, you’re guaranteed a smooth transition to your new home:

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Check Out Our In-and Out-of Storage Moving Services

If you need help transferring your belongings from one storage to another, let us take care of it. Our crew specializes in in-and out-of storage service. We recommend you call our agents beforehand and ask for information on items movers won’t move, don’t worry, it is not a long list. If you want to get rid of stuff you no longer use, before scheduling storage, we can also advise you on where to donate furniture in Seattle and other things.


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