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Moving locally in Seattle? A local move is a smaller step than a cross-country move, but still a big step for you. All the stress that comes from planning and packing is there, whether you move a few blocks away or a few hundred miles away from your destination.


To ensure the greatest comfort in your move and to ensure that you experience no hardship in moving and avoid any unpleasantries that may occur, you will need a company that gives you the best service for a reasonable price range.


Seattle Professional Movers are here to ensure that our clients can have their relocation and still be satisfied with all the potentially tedious things that occur during a move. Our team gives expert advice, offers a wide variety of services, supports our clients.


If you have to wait before your items are transferred to your new address, we offer high-quality storage space where your items will be safely kept in an environment that will ensure that they remain intact until they reach their new destination.


We are looking forward to working with you and ensuring that you have a pleasant moving experience and a safe move. So if you wish to hear more details about our company, feel free to contact us on our website or give us a call.

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Why Us?

Seattle Professional Moving is a full-service moving company dealing with intrastate moves. If you are living in the Washington state and wish to relocate -- whether it is a new residence or a new office space, we are happy to provide our services to help this major step in your life or career be as enjoyable as possible.



If you have antiques or priceless china that need to be protected during your move or equipment that you cannot risk transporting yourself, you will be likely to need a professional moving company.



Our professional team will be at your service throughout the entire process of your relocation and see to it that your move is comfortable and stress-free.



There are no secrets with our prices. Our moving quotes, once the planning has been done, will be provided by our team of experts, and once you schedule your move, the cost will not change.

What we can do

We know that during a move it feels like a lot of responsibility suddenly swamps you and takes a lot of your time as it is something you hadn't done before. But do not worry, our team is here to help you during your relocation and to ensure that your local move is successful and easy.


Packing is no less important for intrastate moves than for cross-country moves, and with us, it will be made sure that it becomes as unstressful as possible.


In addition to that, we work at affordable rates, and our schedules are flexible, so it will be your choice when your move takes place and how you will distribute the time for packing and unpacking.


Our team will make sure to work according to your comfort to provide you with a pleasant and stress-free experience.


Your belongings will be transported safely to your new location and, if you choose, unpacked for you. Aside from that, we handle a wide variety of items, but you should know that we do not move grand pianos or safes heavier than 400 lbs.

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