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Are you looking for a new home in one of Seattle’s premium suburban neighborhoods in 2021?  If so, make sure you contact professional Cougar Hills movers to assist you with some of their many services. Reach out to a Seattle moving company as soon as you learn more about this beautiful suburban neighborhood.

What Is Attractive About This Bellevue Neighborhood

This sparse suburban neighborhood is one of many located around the Cougar Mountain hillside. Positioned between Issaquah and Newport, and with Bellevue about 7 miles northwest, the neighborhood provides its residents with several advantages. Besides numerous outdoor opportunities, the area is serviced by some of the best school districts in Seattle and beyond. If you’re concerned with commuting when visiting some of the best rooftop bars in Seattle, there’s no need to worry. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the city, as it’s just 13 miles away. Let’s go over some details about the neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Is a Great Choice for Successful People and Retirees

If you’re getting tired of living in Downtown Seattle and looking for excellent premium housing options, then the neighborhood is the perfect place for you. While the median home price of $952,500 is out of reach for many, successful business people, young professionals, and even retirees, find the area quite attractive. Surprisingly, even with these higher prices, 83% of the locals are homeowners. Rent prices are also on the upper side, averaging at $2,400 per month. When looking to rent a place in Washington State, make sure you read up on some Seattle renters’ rights.

Schools Make the Area Attractive for Families

Residents here have access to many highly-rated schools. Families with children relocating here can choose from one of many public schools, including Newport Senior High, Issaquah High, International School. If you’re looking for private institutions, we recommend Hillside Student Community School.

Plenty of Ways to Connect With Nature and Explore the Local Wildlife

Outdoor enthusiasts are going to feel like they are in heaven here. We can safely say that most parks in Seattle can’t compare to what the area offers. These open areas are particularly great if you’re moving with pets. Besides going on some of the best hikes near Seattle, there are numerous exciting opportunities in the area:

  • Visit the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlife Park – Want to experience a breathtaking view of a larger area? With over 3,100 acres of hill forest and 38 miles of hiking trails, this reserved plot of land enables enthusiasts to explore the local wildlife. If you’re interested in horseriding, there are also 12 miles of equestrian trails.
  • Check out Lake Sammamish State Park – Covering about 500 acres, while significantly smaller than the previous entry, the location features around 7,000 feet of the lake waterfront. Besides picnicking, you can have fun with some outdoor sporting activities on its numerous football and soccer fields. There’s even a boat launcher for those looking to go out into the lake. Overall, it’s an excellent place for a Seattle staycation.
  • Stop by Cougar Mountain Zoo – If you want to experience rare wildlife in a controlled environment, stop by this zoo just of the mountain’s north hill. You can encounter lemurs, Bengal tigers, and many other endangered animals.
  • Go on the Bellevue Zip Tour – Are you brave enough to set out on this thrilling adventure? Starting from Eastgate Park, each group is accompanied by a couple of well-trained guides. The tour consists of seven lines up to 485 feet long and 80 feet high, featuring a view of Downtown Bellevue, Glacier Peak, and Mt. Baker.

Local Families Earn More on Average Compared to Big Cities in the Area

The residents in the area have, on average, substantially higher education levels. According to Niche, 72% of locals have at least a bachelor’s degree, with one-third of all residents having a master’s degree or higher. Higher education often leads to increased incomes. Around 55% of all households earn $150+ each year, with the neighborhood averaging at $168k, which is significantly higher than Bellevue’s $112k and Seattle’s $85.5k. This, along with increased demand, significantly impacts the local home market.

Hire a Moving Company in Seattle With Excellent Cougar Hills Movers

Relocation can get pretty complicated if you’re trying to DIY. Even if you make a moving to-do list, you’ll spend too much time preparing everything. This is why you need to contact or send an email to professional, cheap movers in Seattle. With that in mind, our company Seattle Professional Movers is here to help with anything you may need.


Seattle Moving Companies Provide Many Services

Local movers in Seattle provide different types of moving services. Depending on the nature of your move, you have a few options, including the well-known residential moving service. Do you live in a building with multiple floors? Our apartment moves are just the thing for you. Need to move your offices? Our commercial moves will enable you to resume your work quickly.

Need Help Moving Boxes in Seattle? Seattle Movers Offer a Labor-Only Service

Moving companies in Seattle, WA, offer labor-only service for customers that already have a transportation option. With the help of this mover in Seattle, all your items will be loaded with the utmost care. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything.

Packing Is Critical No Matter the Distance

One of the essential moving services in Seattle that you need to get is packing. Since people tend to underestimate the number of things they own, the process can sometimes last for weeks and even months. The smartest thing to do is to get professional packing services and not deal with this time-consuming task. To reduce the amount of packing needed, look up where you can donate furniture in Seattle or some other nearby city.

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