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Moving is usually connected to something stressful and full of fuss and hurry. Most people are procrastinating with their moving process as long as possible.

But, does it really have to be that way?

If you hire Mercer Island movers, not only your move will not be as stressful and difficult, but you will remember it as something cheerful for the rest of your life.

Our Mercer Island movers are known for their hard working habits, punctuality and amazing skills. If you decide to give Mercer Island movers an opportunity to help you move, you will never again be moving and packing on your own!

How To Get Your Moving Quote From Our Mercer Island Movers Fast And Easily

Once you decide to hire a professional moving company to help you move your belongings you will need to see what moving quotes different companies offer and find the one that suits you the most.

Mercer Island movers know how important it is for our clients to know their moving quotes in order to organize the entire move properly. That is exactly why we have decided to offer completely  FREE AND NON OBLIGATORY MOVING QUOTES to all of our potential clients.

That’s right, if you want to move with Mercer Island movers, you will get a quote for free. And you will also have as much time as you want to think about whether this quote works for you or not.

We suppose you are wondering how to get a moving quote at the moment. Well, it is very easy actually.

You can visit our website and fill out a very easy form. It takes only around a few minutes for you to do that and our motivated Mercer Island movers will send you a quote in no time!

If you like, you could also send us an email and ask Mercer Island movers for your quote that way. Our moving specialists will give their best to send you a quote as soon as possible.

Finally, you can feel completely free to call your Mercer Island movers and ask them about your moving quote over the phone.

In order to provide you one, your Mercer Island movers will need the following information:

If it turns out that you feel completely happy with the quote you got, hurry up and book your Mercer Island movers on time!

How To Make A Reservation With Mercer Island Movers

You cannot expect your Mercer Island movers to just show up at your door exactly when you have imagined them to do so without making any deals and arrangements.

Of course, this means that you need to make a reservation and book Mercer Island movers on time in order for everything to go perfectly smoothly.

Mercer Island movers have tried to make the booking process as easy as possible to all of the potential clients and we promise that it won’t take too long before your moving date is set in stone.

If you are hoping to catch some really good discounts, you might want to try the booking process via Mod24. All you need is an internet connection and you can make a reservation with some of the best benefits in no time!

You can also call Mercer Island movers over the phone and make your reservation. Our moving agents are really friendly and always ready to help the clients with all their troubles, so you should not hesitate for a minute before making a phone call.

After you have booked Mercer Island movers, you will receive an invoice for a deposit from us. Once you receive it, you will see that the deposit is truly symbolic and there is no room for panic or worry.

After you pay a deposit, you will get a confirmation email from your Mercer Island movers. Here you will find all the details about your moving process and tons of useful moving and packing tips and tricks that will mean a lot to you once you actually start preparing for the move.

What Can You Expect The Moving Day With Mercer Island Movers To Look Like?

In order to prepare for the moving day and also for the arrival of the motivated Mercer Island movers you need to know what the moving day will actually look like, right?

That is exactly what we are going to explain to you right away.

Mercer Island movers will arrive at your door at the arranged time and start with all the preparations for the move.

They will start the process with disassembling all of your furniture. SInce Mercer Island movers are very experienced in what they do and have already taken care of more than a thousand moving processes, there is no need for you to worry about it at all.

If you want Mercer Island movers  to pack your inventory, you can feel free to ask them to do so. We are offering free packing service and you should not miss this opportunity.

After disassembling the furniture and packing the inventory, Mercer Island movers will start loading everything into the truck.

These movers are supplied with the latest equipment and the best possible tools, so it will be very easy for them to do all the packing and disassembling very efficiently and quickly.

Once you arrive at your new home, Mercer Island movers will unload everything from the moving truck and reassemble all the furniture from it. They will also give their best to unpack all of your belongings fast and efficiently.

Very quickly, you will be sitting in your new home, drinking coffee and enjoying your new environment.

  • Number of bedrooms in your home
  • Approximate SQFT of your home
  • The list of items that need to be moved in case of office moves
  • Zip codes of the pickup and delivery locations
  • Any unpredicted circumstances such as extra heavy items, narrow streets, stairs etc.

Use All The Benefits Mercer Island Movers Are Offering

In order to make our clients as satisfied as possible, we have given our best to create some incredible benefits that will make you want to move with our Mercer Island movers even more!

One of these benefits is FREE PACKING SERVICE. 

Most of our clients come back and keep working with us year after year because of these incredible offers you can get when working with Mercer Island movers.

Believe it or not, if you decide to hire our Mercer Island movers, your inventory will be packed and perfectly prepared for the move, for free!

In fact, there are two volumes of service. You can ask your Mercer Island movers to pack all the belongings you possess in your inventory and you can ask for partial packing service. If you ask for partial packing service, your Mercer Island movers will pack only the kitchen and your wardrobe.

Still, we need to mention that our reliable and motivated Mercer Island movers charge for the packing supplies that are required for packing your belongings.

Also, if you get your own supplies, Mercer Island movers will use them with no doubt, the choice is completely on you!

Living In Mercer Island, Washington

Mercer Island is best known as a very affluent city with one of the richest zip codes in the US.

It is located on the island also called Mercer Island, between Seattle to its west and Bellevue to its east, in King County.

The area spreads to around 33.41 km² and it counts around 25.750 residents. Its residents enjoy their free time walking around in one of the amazing parks or enjoying drinking their coffee in one of many coffee shops Mercer Island is offering.

This city offers a great mix of urban and suburban vibes and most people living here own their home.

The Cost Of Living In Mercer Island

It is no secret that the cost of living in a certain city will play a huge role in whether you will be moving there or not.

As previously mentioned, most residents own their homes in Mercer Island. The median home value in this city is around $1,504,500, while the median rent is around $2,244.

The median income for a household is around $150,506, while the median income for an individual is around $68,099.

Hire Mercer Island Movers And Your Piano WIll Be In The Safest Hands

We all know just how delicate and precious pianos are and everybody who owns them takes special care of them. Therefore, you will also want to have this special care while moving.

Our Mercer Island movers are the gentlest and most careful movers you will ever meet and they will safely move your instrument to the new location.

There is no room for worrying when moving with Mercer Island movers!

Mercer Island Movers Have Labor Only Movers Who Will Make All The Hard Work Look Like A Piece Of Cake

The hardest part of each moving process is not packing lamps or decluttering, but carrying that huge sofa from the living room and loading it into the moving truck.

Luckily for you, there is no need for you to go through this trouble, when you can just hire our Mercer Island Movers and they will do it all for you.

Mercer Island Movers are hardworking, motivated and reliable professionals and it will be easy for them to take care of this part of the job!

Moving An Apartment Is Much Easier And More Relaxed With Mercer Island Movers

When planning your perfect apartment move, you want the best movers to be by your side and help you do everything just perfectly – from packing to loading and unloading.

Mercer Island movers are very experienced and motivated movers who have been on the market for over two decades and have made thousands of clients happy so far.

If you decide to give our reliable Mercer Island movers a chance, we guarantee you will be more than happy with the results once the whole apartment move is over.

Move Your Office With Mercer Island Movers

Moving an office usually takes a lot of time and planning, especially if you are doing everything completely on your own.

Mercer Island movers are not only experienced in moving apartments, but moving different kinds of offices as well.

No matter whether we are talking about a spacious office downtown or a home office, our Mercer Island movers will help you move it successfully and efficiently.

Mercer Island Movers Have Moving Specialists That Will Make Your Move Fast And Easy

Have you ever thought that it would be just incredible if you had some of the moving experts planning and organizing your entire moving process?

Well, what if we told you that Mercer Island movers can make that happen for you?

If you hire Mercer Island movers to help you move, you will get one of the best moving specialists in town organizing your move and helping you manage during this entire process!

These moving specialists are very experienced workers who have been in these positions for over 3 years. 

No matter how difficult a certain problem might seem when it comes to moving your home, Mercer Island moving specialists will have just the right solution for you!

You can ask them absolutely anything about the moving process and they will have the answer – whether it is how to get a moving quote, how to prepare for the arrival of your Mercer Island movers, or how to properly pack your valuables, moving specialists will tell you all you need to know!

Having someone kind, experienced and professional to help you with the move is an amazing opportunity and you should definitely use it in order to make the whole process as easy for yourself as possible.

How To Reach Mercer Island Movers

Mercer Island movers are always trying to put clients’ needs at the first place and that is exactly why we have made sure that reaching us is simple and easy.

You should feel completely free to reach us any time, no matter whether you are only curious about your moving quote, or you want to make a reservation, or you want to ask some other move-related question.

You can reach us by simply calling us over the phone. All you need to do is dial the number (253) 656-4996 every day from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm. 

One of our trained and experienced moving experts will pick up and politely answer all of your questions and help you plan and organize a perfect moving experience.

If you are not a fan of phone calls, don’t worry, we have a solution for you too.

Our email address is and you should write to us about whatever you are interested in when it comes to your moving process.

Our moving specialists will answer you as soon as possible!

And if you want to get your free moving quote right now, you can do it RIGHT HERE.

Mercer Island movers are waiting for your call!