Moving To-Do List – A Comprehensive Planner for Your Next Move

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It’s hard keeping track of all the things you have to do before moving locally in Seattle. We understand what you are going through, so we made this moving to-do list to help you figure out your steps in the next couple of weeks before you relocate to your new home. Make sure you check all our tips and tricks and bring out your writing gear because you might want to take notes.

Person writing down notes on checklist.

Every person has a special checklist of their own. So feel free to customize your checklist the way it fits you best.

Make A Timeline Of Your Big Moving Checklist

When it’s time to start planning and organizing your Seattle move, your calendar and your to-do checklist will be your best friends. Fill each day of the week with a certain amount of tasks, so you don’t lose your energy too fast. The whole relocation process takes time, and the amount of moving stress and work that affects you actually depends only on you doing the best you can for your move.
Remember to also make a moving expenses checklist while making your overall to-do list. It will help you see how you are doing budget-wise so you can start planning your expenses ahead. When you know your budget, you know where you can loosen up and hire local Seattle movers.

Planner and notebook on desk with laptop.

It’s always better when you write things down. It will save you time and energy in the long run.

Six Weeks Before Moving

You may think that all you need is a day or two to pack – that is a common misconception!
But since you have made your to-do list and your expenses list, you should be able to figure out if this move is going to be a completely DIY gig or if you are going to hire a professional moving company in Seattle. This decision changes the whole process completely, so think wisely!
If you are on a tight budget, you should figure out ways to save money while relocating, but if you have saved some during your stay at your (now) old house, you can hire professional local Seattle movers near you for some help. To an inexperienced person, this may seem like throwing away your money, but hiring professionals will actually benefit you in the long run.
Don’t forget to start gathering all important information and documents regarding your family members that are going with you and yourself. This includes IDs, passports, medical records, etc. The same goes for your animal friend, in case you’re moving with pets.

This is A Good Time To Hire a Seattle Moving Company

If you have decided to hire professional movers, then now is the time to contact your chosen company and book services for your local relocation. There are different types of services available, and you can easily pick the ones you need the most.

Get Rid Of The Clutter By The End Of The Month

This is a good moment for you to stop and see the clutter that has been building up in your house or apartment. You should devote a day or two to sell, donate, or trash these items. You can organize a yard sale or give away things you don’t need to some friends, or, if these items are broken or useless beyond repair, throw them away! You can throw a moving away party and give your friends the things they like or have shown interest in. If you are feeling really generous, you can donate furniture in Seattle, donate to your local libraries in Seattle, thrift stores, homeless shelters, etc.
If you’re hiring Seattle movers, know that there will be some items movers won’t move. The reason is safety because many items on this list are dangerous and hazardous. You should research the list and find the best way to dispose of them.

Note with various reminders.

You can label each item depending on if it’s for sale, donation, or trash.

A Month Before Relocating

You are officially four weeks away from your big day! During this period, you should let everyone know that you are relocating to a new home, such as:

  • City of Seattle utilities
  • Your kid’s school
  • Homeowner’s insurance company
  • Current landlord
  • Bank/credit card companies
  • Government agencies
  • Anywhere you hold subscriptions
  • Anyone else who may be sending you important documents over the next few months

At the same time, you should check local schools, markets, hospitals, and other important facilities in your new Seattle neighborhood, so you won’t feel lost when you arrive at the new place.

Gather Boxes And Other Moving Materials

Items you should also check off your checklist are packing materials. You will need a lot of boxes, packing paper or bubble wrap, maybe some packing foam, and packing tape. Most boxes you can find for free:

  • at your local stores,
  • from friends and family that have moved recently,
  • even from local Facebook groups where someone may give away a box or two.

If you have a shredder, you can shred some magazines and other junk around the house, and use that to pack different items, or you can even use your clothes to pack more fragile items.
Be especially careful when handling breakables. These things tend to break very easily, so make sure you learn how to pack glasses and even how to pack dishes.

Person holding box with various papers.

Gather as many boxes as you can. Trust us, you are going to need them all.

Three Weeks Before Relocating

You have three weeks to get everything ready for your new home. Make sure to pack every little thing in your home. If you have a lot of items for packing, call your friends to help you. You want to clear the area as soon as possible. Most people don’t want to bother others with their stuff but don’t let that get to you. It’s completely okay to ask for help. Worst case scenario – you will know who your true friends are.
Pack your things in each box carefully and be sure to check what items movers won’t move and figure out what to do with them. Also, don’t forget to label each box! You can label a box depending on which room the things inside belong to and whether or not they’re fragile.

Tips On Packing

Check out these useful tips and moving hacks so you can start packing your boxes for your new home.

One Week Before The Grand Finale

The final week of your moving to-do list! It’s all coming together, and you probably can’t wait to start unpacking and relaxing in your new home. During this crucial week, you should:

  • Check if you have gathered all necessary documents for you and your family
  • Make sure you have returned everything you have borrowed over the years
  • Slowly dispose of all the hazardous and flammable materials that are way too dangerous to move – even locally!

Also, it’s always a good idea to check with your movers if everything is on schedule. If you are a box short, you can ask the movers to bring you one.

Prepare A Special Bag

During this period and a few days after you move, most of your stuff will be packed in a box. This can make it inconvenient when trying to grab your most needed things like a toothbrush or a phone charger. So, what you want to do is to prepare an overnight bag (which you will be using for more than one night) where you will place all your essentials. This will make things much easier for you.

Eat Only The Food Left In The Fridge

Don’t go shopping for groceries unless you really don’t have anything to eat. Even if it is only a local move, most foods are perishable, and you should either eat your food before you go to your new home or give it away. If you need to go buy things, just in case of an empty refrigerator, shop for items that can be left outside the refrigerator and last for more than two days. Canned food can be transported easily, so you can check with your local relocation company if they’ll accept it.

Clean The Place Before You Move Out

One more thing you should definitely put on your checklist is cleaning your old place. Yes, it has to be spotless, and yes, you can’t get away with not doing it. If you don’t want to waste your energy on cleaning your old place, and if your budget allows it, feel free to hire a professional from your local cleaning company. You won’t have to stress about it, and you can focus your energy on the entire relocation process.

Woman vacuuming house.

Look on the bright side. Now that everything is packed, it’s easier to clean.

The To-Do List For Moving Day

The big day has finally arrived, and your checklist is almost finished! If you haven’t hired anyone, you should begin loading boxes; if you have, let the professionals do their work. Go multiple times in every room to see if you have forgotten anything or haven’t packed something. Also, investigate if there was any damage done during the whole process – for instance, door frames or wooden floors. If you have hired professional local movers, be sure to tip them for their hard work when they’re finished.

People unloading boxes.

Relocating can be fun if you have friends who will help you.

Post Move List

You moved! What now? Now you get to explore your neighborhood and your new place. Go for a walk down the street and get to know the neighbors and important local people. Unpacking your stuff will take a couple of days, depending on how much help you have and how much stuff you have moved. Use whatever method suits you best – room by room, essentials then non-essentials, etc. Don’t forget to thank everyone who helped you move, and if you haven’t had a going away party, why not organize a move-in party instead!

Man and woman using laptop on floor while moving.

Explore online sites and facilities that are near you.

Final Thought

Don’t worry if you struggle a bit along the way. You have your close friends and family to help you. Follow your to-do checklist and keep track of your customized calendar of activities. If you require help at any point, Seattle Professional Movers would be happy to assist you in your big event. So feel free to check out our moving services, as well as the packing options we offer, and contact us at any time.