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Are you thinking about relocating to Interbay, WA? This community is very walkable, and there are a lot of bars, restaurants, cafes, and parks nearby. Contact our Interbay movers if you have made the decision to move here. But before that, read more about the neighborhood. In the following text, you can learn more interesting facts about this place.

About Interbay, WA

Interbay is a Seattle, Washington neighborhood composed of the valley of Smith Cove and Salmon Bay between Queen Anne Hill on the east and Magnolia on the west, plus filled-in areas. Salmon Bay, borders the community to the north; to the south, Elliott Bay Inlet; to the east, 15th Avenue W. and the Railway BNSF to the west.. The Ballard Bridge extends from Interbay to Ballard over the ship’s canal.

Interbay Landmarks

Today, Interbay is home to the Balmer Yard of the BNSF Railway and related locomotive repair stores, Salmon Bay’s Port of Fishermen’s Terminal and Smith Cove’s Piers, and related services. It is also home to the National Guard Armory of the Washington Army, the Interbay Arena, the P-Patch Interbay, which is a large community garden, and the Interbay Golf Course. Five houses near Smith Cove in the late 19th century, known as the Fourteenth Avenue West Community, have official status as a city landmark. Along 15th Avenue West, there is a number of light industry, warehouse, wholesale and retail businesses, as well as a few offices and some homes.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is 40% higher than the city average and 61% higher than the national average. Homes have a median value of $786,600. The median rent price is $1,500, and most residents rent their homes. The median household income is 47% higher than the national average. The median household income is $102,000. The unemployment rate in this neighborhood is 4% higher than the national average.

Things to Do

A tiny retail and dining community continues to exist on West Dravus Lane, the old Grand Boulevard. The Centre for Sex Positive Culture is by the Magnolia Bridge on the 15th. Cycling trail and footpath lead north from Belltown’s Central Waterfront through Myrtle Edwards Park through the pier facilities around Smith Cove and parallels the train tracks on their west through Interbay, finishing about three blocks south of Dravus on the west side of the tracks on 20th Avenue West.

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