How to Pack Shoes for Moving Locally With These Useful Hacks

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Do you have to move soon and don’t know how to pack shoes for moving? This text might be beneficial if you want to learn some interesting hacks on how to pack shoes. Your favorite pairs of footwear will be safe and secured during the process, and you can enjoy wearing them again once you relocate to your new home. You should also consider hiring a professional moving company in Seattle to ensure you have a safe and pleasant relocation experience. Movers in Seattle can tell you what is the best way to pack shoes for moving and give you some useful tips.

Heals on the floor

Follow these hacks on how to pack shoes for a move. It will make relocation to your new home much easier

How Do You Pack Shoes? Sort Out Which Pairs You Want to Relocate and Get Rid of the Ones You Don’t Wear

The key to a successful move is a good organization. Once you decide which one of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle you’re going to relocate to, it is always a good idea to do a little closet makeover before you start packing. You’ll be surprised by the number of items you’ll find unnecessary. Instead of throwing those things away, you could donate clothes and some boots or sneakers that you don’t wear. You can also donate furniture in Seattle if you have some things that won’t fit your new apartment. Go through your footwear collection and organize everything into these four categories:

  • Things to keep,
  • Things to donate,
  • Things to sell,
  • Things to throw away.

How Long Before the Moving Day Should You Start Packing?

Depending on how much time you have to prepare, you can start as early as possible in order to prevent moving stress. Once you make a moving to-do list, you should plan which items you want to be packed first and what items you’re going to use (or wear) till the day before the move. You should check what items movers won’t move, but luckily footwear is not on that list, and leave comfortably everything else to our local Seattle movers.

Make Season Pairs Easily Accessible

If you are relocating during winter when it’s snowy and cold, you usually wear boots, and you don’t need your flip-flops and sandals easily accessible. You can keep them in storage until some warmer weather conditions. On the other hand, pairs that you wear daily should be at the top of your boxes pile. That way, you can wear them as soon as you move and explore your new neighborhood and some beautiful parks in Seattle, no matter the weather conditions, or even have some best hikes near Seattle.

Elegant pair packed

Make sure to divide them according to some theme – season or occasion is appropriate

Save an Extra Pair for the Relocation Day

This hack can save you a lot of time and energy. Once the relocation day comes, you need to be ready, and wasting your time searching for the most comfortable sneakers you accidentally packed before isn’t necessary. Keep one extra pair in your essentials box in case the ones you have on get wet or damaged during your relocation.

Photo of sneakers

Save some comfortable sneakers in the essentials box

How to Pack Shoes for Moving and Keep Your Sneakers Fresh? Place Tea Bags in Every Shoe

Make sure you clean them and leave them to air dry before packing. If you find some pair extra smelly, keep them in the freezer overnight to kill any bacteria inside them and reduce the unpleasant odor. To keep them staying fresh during the relocation, put unused tea bags inside, and place them under socks or paper you’re filling them with.

The Best Would Be to Tie Sneakers Together With Laces

Sneakers or some other less delicate pair that you aren’t going to place in separate boxes, but put them all together in a potentially messy pile, might get lost and will undoubtedly get detached from its pair. In order to prevent this and save time once you need them, you can simply tie them together using their own laces. Take a look at this video, which shows how to keep your sneakers fresh and clean.

What’s the Best Way to Pack Shoes When Moving? Place Them Vertically in the Box to Save Place

One of the best moving hacks is to save place in your boxes by placing items inside vertically. To keep things clean and tidy, you can also use cardboard dividers. Make sure to use the same sized pairs in one box because dividers will also be in the same size.

Tips on How to Protect the Shape of Your Shoes

How do you pack shoes without a box? It is essential to keep them in excellent shape and regular form. You can do that by filling each shoe with paper, or even better – with socks. You will save materials and protect your favorites. To separate delicate ones, try using some additional materials like cloth or bubble wrap.

Pack Heavy Pairs on the Bottom of the Box

Even when your shoe is filled with socks or some other materials, the best way to pack shoes is to put those heavy and bulky pairs on the bottom of the box. That way, you’ll make sure delicate ones stay in great shape. This will also even out the weight of your box, making it easier to carry.

Hanged socks

Fill each shoe with socks or paper

Packing Shoes for Moving Is Easier With the Help From Professional Movers in Seattle

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