How to Store Christmas Ornaments When Moving

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When the time for packing up Christmas decorations comes, it’s good to know how to store Christmas ornaments properly. After all, some of them have been in the family for generations, and you want them to remain in the family for the Christmases yet to come and bring joy to many more family members.

Boy decorating Christmas tree

Check our ideas to find your best way to store Christmas ornaments to save them for the generations to come

This is especially important when moving, as they tend to be overlooked or forgotten about if you haven’t arranged a packing service by professional packers and movers. They are fragile, so you should approach this task with the same care as you approach the task of packing glasses for relocation or the task of packing dishes for moving. And they can be pretty expensive, as well, so if you don’t want to add additional expenses to your moving expenses checklist, read our tips on how to store Christmas decorations.

Putting Away Christmas Decoration Doesn’t Have to Be a Drag

Remember how fun it was to unpack or buy new decorative items and decorate your home with your family for the holidays? And how much joy they brought into your home during this season? You can make the storing of your family heirlooms into a family event, as well! Make some food or order the best takeout in Seattle, get some drinks, and get everyone involved. That way, you will enjoy it, and your decor will be preserved and organized for the next year.
If you are relocating, without hiring Seattle movers, you can even host a moving-away party as a packing party and get the friends involved, as well. Get the boxes ready, and don’t let your precious decor become some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack.

Family decorating Christmas tree

You can turn putting decor to storage into a family event or a theme of a party!

Where to Buy Boxes for Storing Christmas Decorations?

You can find storage boxes in most home improvement stores, so check the one near you to see what they have to offer. Or you can order them online on sites like Amazon or ContainerStore – they usually have a wide assortment of boxes and containers for just about anything. You will be able to choose from sturdy boxes to transparent plastic organizers, and some even come in red, green, and gold color combinations, fit for the holidays!

How to Make a Box for Storing Ornaments? You’ll Need Cardboard and Paper

If you prefer the DIY approach and want to make your own organizers – you can, and it’s really easy. All you need is a box or boxes, some cardboard for partitions for each ornament, and glue. You can even cover it with wrapping paper if you want to decorate, to give it some holiday charm. Wrap the box with wrapping paper of choice, cut out the partitions, and glue them to the box. It’s that easy. Take a look at this video for more DIY storage ideas.

How to Store Christmas Ornaments?

If you want each ornament and every item of your decor to stay unharmed so it can adorn the tree and your home once again next year, you gotta treat them nice. You don’t want them to get crushed or scratched by other items or those with glitter to lose it or worse – break. Luckily, there are some storage and moving hacks to avoid it, and we know the best. Here are some ideas.

How to Store a Christmas Tree?

The best way to store your artificial tree is to use the box it came in. Disassemble the tree and bundle up each branch to what it was when you unboxed it. Sometimes, it’s hard to fit the tree in the same box, so some people choose to use a bag for trees instead. Some don’t even disassemble the tree but put it in a heavy-duty rolling case or simply cover it in plastic wrap. That way, you can just slice it open with scissors and fluff up the branches next year.

Put the Wreaths and Garlands Into a Plastic Case or Bag for Storage

Wreaths are best kept in crush-proof plastic wreath cases, so they stay protected from the dust and their integrity isn’t compromised. An alternative is a bag that you can place on top of other sturdy things. Some other ideas on preserving wreaths and garlands include putting a wreath or garland in a heavy-duty garbage bag or wrapping them with packing paper and hanging them on clothing racks. If you have a big house in some of the best suburbs of Seattle, investing in a clothing rack for this purpose is good as it’s an easy way to pack, preserve, and access them next year.

How to Store String Lights?

You don’t want your lights to be tangled when you get them out the next year, so you have to properly put them away now. The easiest way is to just buy the reels in a shop – they are inexpensive – you can get 5 of them and a bag for about $10. Or you can cut out a piece of cardboard and wrap the lights around it. The same goes for all tangible decorations like tinsel, garlands, and beads. Don’t forget to label which one goes where, as you don’t want to realize you’ve used the wrong lights on the tree when you already covered it with it.

How Do You Store Christmas Ornaments?

It’s best to put them in an ornament chest or sturdy ornament boxes or containers to separate each ornament and prevent them from scratching one another. Use tissue paper or bubble wrap to keep them secure and to prevent movement. If you don’t feel like buying containers, make your own or use egg cartons for smaller ones and apple containers for medium-sized ones. You can also glue paper cups on a piece of cardboard, fill each one with an ornament, and put it in a plastic container. Then you can stack another one on top of it.
If all of this seems like more trouble than it is worth, consider hiring one of the top-notch moving companies in Seattle, WA, to do it for you. Local movers in Seattle will provide you with everything you need for a successful move. While a Seattle moving company provides you with excellent services, you can sit back, relax and think about all the future holidays.

Christmas ornaments packed in box

Put each ornament in a separate partition so they don’t lose their sparkle while in storage

Where Should I Store My Holiday Decorations?

If you are living in one of the affordable Seattle suburbs or relocating to one, chances are you’ll have plenty of space. Pack everything into plastic containers to avoid them being exposed to moisture, and don’t forget to label them before putting them away. You can keep your holiday decorations in the garage, basement, or attic. You can even install the elevated storage system in your garage or basement to keep them out of the way and out of sight, for the most part.

Man and woman packing boxes

Label everything before putting it away for storage

Where Should Christmas Decorations Be Stored in an Apartment?

If you are living in downtown Seattle or relocating there, you won’t have that much space at your disposal. But, fear not, as Xmass’s spirit and love of holiday decor can go well with small apartments, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t. Use the space under your beds or in your closets. Big boxes may cause some logistical troubles here, so you may have to rethink your packing strategy and opt for bags instead. If you are moving, you can donate furniture in Seattle to those in need – it’s in the spirit of the holiday, and you’ll have more space for the holiday cheer.

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