Have you decided to relocate locally around the Emerald City? Your biggest priority when searching for a new neighborhood should be safety. We have listed the safest neighborhoods in Seattle to help you find the one that will fit your budget and lifestyle.

Seattle's skyline.
Read on to pick the neighborhood that will be both safe and fit your taste.

Is Seattle a Dangerous City?

Since you’re already living in the area, you know that there are far more dangerous cities in the US. The number of crime reports is just not that big enough to mark the place as unsafe. However, its districts are very diverse, so there are some areas that are more dangerous than the others. With the growing number of homeless people, crime rates seem to jump, too. Yet, wherever you choose to live, you should not wander around the streets alone after dark or leave your bag unattended. Before you start planning your moving expenses checklist, look at some areas you should definitely avoid when choosing your new home.

What Are the Bad Areas of Seattle?

Issues regarding crimes do exist here, and the city’s residents are well aware of that. You’ll surely choose one of the safest Seattle neighborhoods, but just in case, remember to stay away from these:

  • Belltown;
  • Northgate;
  • South Park;
  • North Delridge;
  • South Delridge.

Now let’s see what are the best neighborhoods to live in Seattle, WA. The Emerald City is also known as a haven for nature lovers, with an exceptional and unique culinary scene and safe areas. Keep reading to find out more about the safest places to live in Seattle.

An image of a homeless person.
Like in any other city, you'll find some unsafe areas here as well.

Madrona Is One of the Safest Neighborhoods in Seattle

With its tight-knit community, Madrona is ranked safer than 61% of other Washington cities. Regarding the home price affordability, this neighborhood is divided into two parts. The east side is abundant in costly Carriage and Tudor-style homes. This part is mostly populated with families. The west side has plenty of cost-effective condos and apartments where young professionals choose to settle. There’s an option for everyone’s budget!

Lowest Crime Rates in Seattle and Plenty of Community Events

Madrona organizes the Neighbor Appreciation Award, which is part of Seattle’s Neighbor Day and is one of the most charming annual events in the whole state. This event is just one of many that prove how much Madrona is a community-oriented place. If you choose to change your address and move here, keep a close eye on other events like Madrona Summer Concert Series and Madrona Mayfair. Where should I live in Seattle area? This neighborhood could undoubtedly be your answer to the question!

Check the Video Below to See the Beautiful Drive Towards the Lake Washington

Madrona Park offers a nice picnic and jogging areas next to Lake Washington. Take a look at the video below to see a local driving to Lake Washington in Madrona.

A Postcard From Locals: Magnolia Is Seattle’s Best

Wherever you choose to purchase or rent a home in Magnolia, know that you’ll get gorgeous views! That is the neighborhoods’ selling point, but not the most important one. This quiet and peaceful residential area attracts many young families. There’s plenty of kid-friendly activities in Magnolia Playfield, Magnolia Manor Park, and Bayview Playground. If you’re moving with pets, know that Magnolia Manor Park offers plenty of off-leash dog areas.

Violent Crimes Are Non-Existent in Magnolia

Apart from so many kid-friendly amenities and activities, Magnolia’s violent crimes are 67% lower than the national average, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. This is a small community where everybody knows each other. Thus, there’s little chance that something will ever happen to you when you settle here.

A sunset over the beach.
Magnolia is known for its safe streets and beautiful views.

Below Average Crime Rate in North Admiral

North Admiral is one of the oldest Seattle’s areas and is located on a hill. It offers breathtaking views over the Downtown, Elliott Bay, and surrounding mountains. It’s a great family-friendly place that offers plenty of greenery, top-rated schools, and low crime rates! Both violent and property crimes are below the national average. It’s actually safer than 58% of other Washington districts.

Looking to Buy the Affordable Property or Hoping for Cost-Effective Rents

Search no further than North Admiral! Due to the neighborhood’s age, you’ll find charming Tudor, Colonial, Craftsman, and Victorian-styles houses. The median home cost is around $550,100, but you will easily find something even cheaper with a good real estate agent. Looking for affordable renting: the median rent price in North Admiral is approximately $1800.

A house with trees around it
You'll find charming old houses in North Admiral.

Seattle’s Crown Gem: Lower Queen Anne

Lower Queen Anne is among the cool neighborhoods in Seattle! Some of the most exciting Seattle’s attractions are located here, and Space Needle is one of them. There are many kid-friendly activities, such as the Children’s Museum, the Children’s Theater, and the Pacific Science Center. If you’re moving with a family, consider this neighborhood because violent crimes are 37% lower than the national average. You’ll be living close to big-city amenities and in a safe environment!

Space Needle and surrounding buildings
Lower Queen Anne is one of the communities where crime rates are very low.

Is Downtown Seattle Safe?

Maybe this will come as a surprise, but living in Downtown Seattle is very danger-free. You can walk its streets without feeling uncomfortable or threatened. Downtown is an exciting place where you’ll find plenty of things to do and see. From Pike Market, Art Museum, Benaroya Hall to many bars and restaurants. The best thing about it is that you won’t even need a car. Most of the places are within walking distance, and the area is also very bike-friendly.

An image of a Public Market Center.
You're not likely to encounter any problems in Seattle's Downtown area.

Move to Your Chosen Neighborhood With the Best Movers in Seattle

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