5 Tips for Moving Out for the First Time and Looking for a Home in Seattle

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Nothing is as scary and exciting as moving out for the first time. The task is a true endeavor, one that will take focus, planning, and last but not least – money. So we prepared the best tips for all the relocation beginners out there to make sure you maximize your investment by properly approaching the mission. This guide will teach you all you should know about smart budgeting and finding a new apartment on limited resources. Let’s get to it!

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After reading this article, you’ll be ready to get your keys in a second

What Age Is Best to Move Out?

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way. The best moment to move out of your parent’s home is whenever you feel ready to embark on your own journey. In today’s world, full of insecurities and shaken up by economic recessions, statistically, people move out much later than ever before. The average age at which people move out first is around 19 years old. And most US citizens will leave their parents’ homes at least once for a period longer than three months by the age of 27.
However, finding the right affordable Seattle suburbs, getting a job in the Emerald city one can support themselves with, and locating the perfect roommate to move in efficiently can take months, if not years. So, don’t be hard on yourself if you are unable to move out just yet – you know what they say: nothing good ever comes out of hurry and frustration.

How Do People Afford to Move Out for the First Time?

Living by yourself in the US isn’t cheap, which is also a reason for the rising numbers of the homeless in Seattle. So a question poses itself – while you can have a reason to move, where do you find money to support yourself through the move-out? Young people will most often either support themselves through the moveout or have their parents’ financial assistance. In the first case scenario, a person will work a job for a living wage.
In the second case scenario, parents will provide the starting capital for their children so that they can pay for a one-room apartment in a cool neighborhood in Seattle. Also, young adults often search for roommates to have better living conditions in their first adult place of residence.

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The first move can be hard if you don’t have savings, so see if you can get your parents to support a part of it

We Have a Few Budgeting Tips to Help You if You’re Planning On Moving Out for the First Time

It’s no secret that a relocation process starts way before the move-in day. And if you ask any professional mover in Seattle, they’ll tell you it starts months before – the moment you start actually planning the relocation. While there are fun things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, not every one of these neighborhoods will work with your budget. We will provide you with all the hacks to assist you in saving up on your relocation and optimizing the ratio between how much you can spend and what you want out of your move.

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To move out as soon as possible to an apartment you like, start planning and saving now

#1 Figure Out Your Finances

So, how much money should you have saved before moving out? Well, when it comes to the moving-out-on-your-own-for-the-first-time budget, there are a few things you’ve to keep in mind. Now that you will no longer have the safety net of your parent’s cash, you’ll have to make sure you can keep your spending under control. So take your savings accounts reports and bank statements and organize these documents at home, so you have a clear idea of how much money you have access to.

Work Out How High Your Budget Is, to Know How Much You Can Spend on Moving

Depending on your relocation expenses, you may not be able to afford living in downtown Seattle and will have to settle for a neighborhood with cheaper apartments. Luckily, you won’t need to move to one of the best school districts in Seattle as you probably don’t have kids and can ”settle” for one of Emerald City’s safest neighborhoods. However, you’ll first have to figure out how much you can give on rent, and that means taking into consideration the following:

  • Area of the city you wish to reside in,
  • The number of rooms and quantity of space in the apartment you can afford,
  • An estimate of utility costs,
  • Deposit fee,
  • The fee for one of Seattle moving companies,
  • Seattle Real Estate agent

Make Sure You Know What You Are Paying for When Giving a Deposit

As you are soon going to become a tenant, you should know your Seattle renters’ rights and obligations. When it comes to a security deposit or similar move-in charges, these can differ. The role of the security deposit is to provide the landlord with some safety in case the tenant violates the rental agreement or damages the place.
By Seattle laws, there is a limit when it comes to how much a landlord can charge for a deposit – the maximum amount being a one-month rental fee. Quite often, a deposit will have the function of a final month’s rent. So when you choose to throw your next going-away party, you won’t have to pay the final rent. Keep in mind that if you are to move with a pet, the deposit can go up to 25% over a month’s rent.

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Every move has its own expenses – just ensure you know which ones you are paying for

#2 Always Have Some Extra Funds for Unexpected Expenses

Whether you have to spend more on Seattle takeout because you don’t have enough hours in a day to cook while you move, or you have to move items movers won’t by yourself, there are always some relocation costs you can’t foresee. So one of our crucial relocation tips is to always try to envision every possible scenario and how much it might cost you. If you are in doubt of how much something might cost you, overestimate it – better safe than sorry. A great relocation hack is to leave some money on the side each month you are preparing for a move. If your paycheck doesn’t allow for this, be prepared to tap into your savings once unforeseen costs arise.

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Planning every step is the ultimate relocation hack

#3 Take Apartment Hunting Seriously

Get invested in the search for a new place in a timely manner. You should start looking for a new apartment two months before the date you want to move in. If you start before that, you will probably find places that will be unavailable once you are ready to move. On the other hand, if you start later than that, you might not have enough choices that will coincide with your budget. Do some research so that you have an idea of what you are looking for and what your priorities are.
Is a parking space a necessity? Or is it having your bedroom separate from the living space? Keep in mind factors like public transportation, the length of your commute to work, the distance from your friends and family, the distance from the rooftop bars you visit weekly, etc. Research prices of apartments as well. If you know that the average rent for a studio in Seattle is about $1,545 and are aware of your priorities early on, you’ll know more easily what you can compromise on.

Look for an Apartment That Is Already Furnished

To save cash on a move, look for a new home that you won’t have to pack furniture for. A first move, by rule, entails a lot of spending. Some things you won’t be able to avoid buying, like a pillow, bedsheets, and kitchen utensils. Your spending habits will rapidly change, and so will your day-to-day life.
You’ll want to pack some pots and pans, as you won’t be able to afford to eat at your favorite dog-friendly restaurants often. So, if you can, try not to buy tables, chairs, and cabinets. In a few years, you’ll be able to become your own personal interior designer, but for now, try to settle for some cheaper options. For some first-hand experience on what apartment hunting in Seattle looks like, we recommend checking out the following video:

#4 Find a Roommate to Lower Your Monthly Expenses

Although you might feel as if you want to live completely on your own, consider the option of finding a roommate. For the first move, it’s great to have one, as it will allow both of you to get a nicer place and save extra cash to eat the best burger in Seattle regularly. Not only is it a wise idea financially as you’ll be able to split both the rent and the city of Seattle utilities, but additionally, it will probably be an emotional blessing as well. Having someone around makes it easier to adapt to the change that is underway. Living alone is a change, and any change is hard at first. Besides, you’ll have someone to share all that relocation stress with.

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Figure out if you’d like to live with roommates – while it pays the bills, it’s not for everyone

#5 Ask Someone to Help You

People often ask: how do I cope with moving out for the first time? Well, you know what the Beatles said: “I get by with a little help from my friends.” And we recommend you do the same. If you can’t afford to hire professionals, don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones if they can assist – your family and friends are for more than just Seattle nightlife. Some of them probably moved before and could know how to be there for you. If not, they could at least help you move large items.

Don’t Leave Calling Your Friends for the Last Day

If you’re moving out on your own for the first time, you might misjudge how many days a move can take. And when one ends up having to pack in a hurry, they tend to leave off tasks from their relocation to-do list for the last day. Be aware that if you need a car in Seattle and a friend to drive it and assist you with moving boxes in Seattle, you shouldn’t inform your buddy on short notice. Your loved ones might have other responsibilities or a weekend getaway planned. So, if you’re adamant about saving cash and not hiring Seattle movers, don’t take your friends’ assistance for granted. Make plans with them as soon as possible!

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If you have friends who you like to have fun with and who can assist you with a move, don’t take them for granted

The Best Help You Can Get Is That of a Professional Seattle Moving Company

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