7 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Seattle Your Pooch Will Love

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Are you relocating within the Emerald City with your beloved four-legged friend? Since you already live in the area, you know it’s one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US. Follow our list of dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle because maybe your future home might be right next to one.

An image of a dog on a leash

Your dogs are welcome in many eateries and bars in the Emerald City.

Where Can I Take My Dog in Seattle?

Apart from being one of the cities with the most diverse natural settings and having a great coffee, the Emerald City is very dog-friendly. Since you’re moving with pets locally, you must be thrilled that you’ll still have a lot of things to do in each Seattle neighborhood with your dog. Dog-friendly places in Seattle are plentiful! The city doesn’t lack such spots when it comes to dining out either. Follow our list of dog-friendly restaurants and start exploring every one of them in cool neighborhoods in Seattle. Create your moving to-do list, learn how to pack glasses for moving, and start your local relocation as soon as you finish reading this article.

A puppy standing on a chair

Keep reading and discover the coolest dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle.

Here’s Our Guide of the Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Seattle

Many eateries in the Emerald City will allow your pets both inside and outside on the patio. You won’t ever have to leave your four-legged buddy behind at home when you’re up for dining out. Just remember that your pup must not bark loudly or misbehave.

1. Norm’s Eatery & Ale House Is the Best Known Dog-Friendly Restaurant in Seattle

Norm’s Eatery & Ale House is probably the most popular dog-friendly place in the Emerald City and is located in Fremont, one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families. The restaurant’s name actually comes from Norm, a dog himself. Norm’s walls are decorated with many portraits of dogs, and there’s even a separate menu for your four-legged friend. The restaurant also offers its venue to anyone who wants to rent it and celebrate doggie’s birthdays. If your furry friend likes to socialize, be sure to visit this place often as soon as you unpack.

2. The Pink Door Is Among Favorite Restaurants for Dining Out

If you start living in Downtown Seattle, be sure not to miss The Pink Door. This is a fantastic restaurant that serves Italian food and has a patio where you can have lunch or dinner with your pet. Did we mention the incredible view you’ll have while sitting here? That’s right. Apart from enjoying your meal, you and your beloved animal friend will enjoy the breathtaking waterfront view as well. If you are in a hurry and just want to pick up your ordered meal while walking your four-legged friend, know that The Pink Door has the best takeout in Seattle.

3. Pecado Bueno: Natural Ingredients and Organic Food for a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you like having brunch with a pet by your side? Pecado Bueno offers precisely that. A dog-friendly brunch in Seattle is the coolest here, especially on the weekends. If you haven’t visited it by now, consider doing it as soon as you settle in your new home. Pecado Bueno’s menu offers hand-crafted food, always fresh and nutritious. And your pets are allowed both inside and on the patio.

4. Start Your Morning in Bark! Espresso

We know that Bark! Espresso is not exclusively an eatery, but they do serve great breakfast food. This place is the best dog cafe in Seattle because it has one separate room just for pet owners and their dogs. We don’t even have to mention the excellent coffee! You can come here after a morning walk with your four-legged companion and work while eating a sandwich and drinking your latte. Your pup can enjoy complimentary biscuits, and you can order him a pooch latte, a drink made out of rice milk and peanut butter.

Dog in restaurant with owner.

Bring your pup with you to Bark! Espresso, where you can both enjoy your morning coffee.

Here’s a List of Dog-Friendly Bars in Seattle

Seattleites can also enjoy watching a football game and drinking craft beer with the pooch by their side in many bars around the city. Follow the list of our favorite ones.

5. Free Treats for Your Animal Friend at Fremont Brewery Co

Fremont Brewery Company is a pub that serves the best craft beer in the area, and every pet owner in the city is its frequent guest. Your pet(s) are allowed both inside and outside, but remember that they must be well-behaved and on the leash. They will even get complimentary treats like apples and pretzels. This pub is also completely okay with you bringing your pet’s or your own food.

6. Voff Bark and Brew Is One of the Favorite Dog-Friendly Bars

Apart from being a dog-friendly bar, Voff Bark and Brew offers a vast yard where your beloved furry friends can roam free. There’s a dog pool, toys, and many seating spots if you want to watch over your pup while drinking your beer, wine, or cider. Voff also has a huge TV where you can enjoy watching a sports game or a movie.

7. People Who Love Dogs Must Come to Outlander Brewery and Pub

Another dog-friendly place in Fremont, Outlander Brewery and Pub, is set inside the old Victorian house. Besides allowing pets in their backyard, this bar is also known for its unique experimental beers. You won’t have to worry if you get hungry. Outlander also serves bar snacks and sandwiches. If you want to catch a glimpse into this greatly looking bar, click on the video below.

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And we have come to the end of our list of dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle that you and your pooch will just simply love! If you didn’t have time to check some of them by now, we highly suggest you do that when you settle in your new neighborhood.

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