Seattle Nightlife Guide – 8 Best Places to Visit

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Do you feel like you need more excitement in your life and looking for a good Seattle nightlife guide? You’ve come to the right place. This city might be ideal for family life and starting a business, but it also has a lot to offer when it comes to fun night-time activities. If you’re new here and wonder what places you shouldn’t miss, this convenient article might be very helpful.


Explore Seattle at night by following this convenient guide

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Does Seattle Have Good Nightlife?

Living in downtown Seattle is a dream come true to many, not to mention other significant areas and neighborhoods. Not only that this place has many daytime attractions, but it’s a city that definitely continues to live at night. Nightlife in Seattle is various and exciting – you can find almost anything that your heart desires – from relaxed bars and rooftop restaurants to clubs and parties that will keep you dancing all night long. Due to the COVID-19 situation, some of the places may not have full working hours, but despite that, there are still many exciting options. Before booking a table at some of the best rooftop bars, make sure to check their policy. In the following part, we’ll give you details about neighborhoods that offer the most exciting options.

Downtown Seattle Nightlife Offer Many Exciting Things

We all know that the central city area is home to skyscrapers, Space Needle, business lounges, and historical monuments, but what about those hidden gems? Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley that attracts visitors from all over the world for more than four decades is definitely worth visiting. You can enjoy the live performances of national jazz artists at any time. While you’re near, don’t miss out on The Triple Door.

Apart From Being Near Nice Beaches, Capitol Hill Offers Best Hotels and Bars

If you find yourself in Capitol Hill, apart from enjoying boutique shopping and lovely coffee shops, you can also try traditional German beer and pretzels at Rhein Haus or try signature cocktails at Kimpton Alexis Hotel. Another excellent location for whiskey lovers is Canon, where you can try more than 3,500 types of your favorite drink.

Belltown Is a Washington Neighborhood With Amazing Gin Spots

One of the local’s favorite spots in this area is Bathtub Gin and Co. Here you can try gins from all over the world. Right next to this spot, you can find fantastic Tula’s Jazz Club, which is also extremely popular for those with unique musical tastes.


Every neighborhood has its unique charm and attractions

Where Can I Go at Night in Seattle?

Depending on your personal taste and preferences, as well as energy levels at night, there are plenty of options you can enjoy around the area. Not only that you’ll have enough reasons to move once you take a look at this list, but you’ll also find it easier to get over relocation stress once you finally get the chance to visit them. Some of our best suggestions include:

  • Bars,
  • Restaurants,
  • Breweries,
  • Rooftops,
  • Wine bars,
  • Nightclubs.

In case that you’re relocating with pets, you can also check out some of the trendy dog-friendly restaurants. Keep reading to find out more about particular spots you can visit around some of the cool neighborhoods in SEA.

Rooftop view

Enjoy breathtaking views and delicious cocktails at some of the trendy rooftop restaurants

Central Saloon Is One of the Seattle Nightlife Signature Places

This institutional spot has been part of the city since 1892, and it remains one of the oldest bars that survived many earthquakes and Prohibition. During these challenging times, it hosted legendary bands, including Nirvana and Soundgarden. Today, you can enjoy a classic interior and some delicious appetizers, the best burgers and wrap sandwiches, as well as an extensive drinks menu including top wine list, spirits, and beers. Everything that goes through its beautiful mahogany bar will be a real delight for all of your senses.


Enjoy drinks from an extensive wine list at Central Saloon

Heated Atmosphere in Club Contour Will Make You Dance

Sure there are many things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, but are you looking for something more vibrant, perhaps a place where you can move your hips? Club Contour might blow your mind. Located in Pioneer Square, one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families, it is one of the most popular clubs, definitely worth a shot. During happy hours, until 10:00 PM, you can enjoy some delicious bites, including vegetarian quesadillas, panini sandwiches, hot wings, and tacos.
After the interesting dining session is over, this spot turns into a prominent nightclub. It offers everything you need for a fun night out – from DJ sets and exciting dance floor podiums where you and your friends can dance the night away. This spot also offers an outdoor area for late drinks, and you can even rent the whole club and host a private party or event. Sounds good? You bet it does!


Dance the night away with your friends at Club Contour

Little Red Hen Organizes Fun Country Music Performances

Located in Green Lake, one of the upcoming neighborhoods, Little Red Hen is a classic country bar with an interesting set-up. Here you can enjoy listening to some of the top country music performances of local and national artists six nights a week. On Monday nights, you can even engage in free line dancing courses. If you wait till Wednesday night, you might as well participate in well-known karaoke events. Sundays are hosted by Billy Bodacious and reserved for acoustic mic nights. Apart from various musical performances and social events in 2021, you can always enjoy craft microbrews, well drinks, and cocktails. If you are relocating around this area, definitely add visiting this spot to your to-do list.


Enjoy country music performances at Little Red Hen

Oliver’s Lounge Offers Amazing Views

Back to classic spots, Oliver’s Lounge is a more relaxed and laid-back place, where you can enjoy some signature drinks and have quality talks with your friends or loved ones. Visiting this place should definitely be on the list of romantic things to do in Seattle. It has operated for almost 50 years as a part of the historic Mayflower Park Hotel. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows offer tremendous and inspiring views, and when you combine them with delicious drinks – jackpot! If you’re a fan of martinis, you will be amazed by their outstanding offer. Here you can also enjoy annual events like the International Martini Classic Challenge tournament or try out fantastic food, including club sandwiches, salads, and complimentary appetizers during happy hours.


Try signature martini at Oliver’s Lounge

Rabbit Hole Is Rustic and Extravagant

For those who like dark and rustic places with classical retro vibes, Rabbit Hole must be one of the favorites. With vintage photos and wall ornaments mixed with lounge seating and covered windows, this spot provides a unique atmosphere and breathtaking interior.

Their Food Menu Is Also Worth a Try

Not only can you enjoy delicious tallboys, shots, and cocktails, but the food menu will astonish you! Some of the flavorful specialties include bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, Sriracha burgers, and housemade hush puppies. After dinner, entertainment includes Skee-ball games, and by that, we mean serious competitors who organize tournaments almost every week. Don’t worry if you’re not very good at it – a nice glass of an Old Fashioned bourbon will help you relax!


Enjoy delicious Sriracha burgers at Rabbit Hole

Sea Monster Lounge Serves Delicious Organic Food

If you had fun at your moving away party before relocating to one of the best SEA suburbs, you might start thinking about making these fun nights regular. But having them in your house is not the most convenient option, believe us. Why not gather your friends and enjoy one of the popular live music spots? Sea Monster Lounge is one of the favorite performing spots among local musicians – and the most amazing part is that they organize these kinds of events pretty much every night, six times per week to be more precise.
With a party schedule relaxed like that, it will be much easier to find a suitable date for all of your friends to gather. Music is focused on jazz, and the kitchen serves delicious organic food. What more could you possibly ask for? Craft ginger beer is one of the drink menu specialties, and jazz brunches are served on weekends. Give this place a shot, and we’re sure you won’t end up disappointed. Check out this video showing one of the many incredible performances that Seattle Washington nightlife has to offer.

The Crocodile Is One of the Iconic Bars

If you’re relocating locally, you might be exhausted from all the planning of how to move efficiently, reading and writing down relocation tips, and tracking your long relocation expenses checklist. Why not take a little break from all of that and relax at one of the area’s institutional independent and rock spots, such as The Crocodile? Since 1991, this place has been home to some of the best national performances, including Yoko Ono, Nirvana, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, and Beastie Boys. Although it was closed in a period from 2007 to 2009, after it was reopened, Back Bar continued to host locals, organize events, karaoke nights, DJ performances, and even burlesque shows.


Check out fabulous burlesque shows at The Crocodile

The Tasting Room Is Popular Wine-Style Bar

Located near Pike Place Market, The Tasting Room is voted to be one of the top American tasting rooms. Some of the famous wines you can try here come from local wineries – Treveri Cellars, Naches Heights Vineyard, and Lost River Winery. Visitors can enjoy tasting and sampling flavors from different areas and participate in tasting sessions. Welcoming and professional staff can help you experience the tasting process with knowledgeable advice.


Participate in exclusive wine tasting sessions at The Tasting Room

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