Seattle Weekend Getaways – the Best Tips for Short Trips

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The weather in Washington state is only getting better and better, and if this article finds you in the middle of a relocation process – you may feel even more inclined to look for Seattle weekend getaways. And there’s no place better than this. We’ve been blessed with the best nature has to offer – the beautiful ocean, sandy beaches, a lake, mountains, and islands. So much so that it sometimes feels like you can’t visit it all in your lifetime.

Forest around the lake

Our state has been blessed with some natural wonders – we should enjoy them

As a local, you’re probably tired of wondering how do I spend my weekend in Seattle when you’ve probably been everywhere already. It is time to expand your area of interest. Luckily, there are more than enough options for weekend getaways near Seattle, and we are here with tips for the coolest trips – give it a read.

Where Should I Go This Weekend in Seattle?

If you feel overwhelmed with moving stress and trying to figure out what to do with items movers won’t move – it’s time to take a break. While Seattle staycation may not be an option for you right now, there’s no reason not to take one of the best weekend getaways from Seattle and the hustle and bustle of the big city. So, enroll your kids at a school in some of the best school districts in some of the best neighborhoods for families, set up the city utilities at your new home, and get ready to go. Choose any of these beautiful places – you can’t make a mistake.

The Emerald City

We have some great destinations to show you

For the Best Weekend Getaways Around Seattle – Travel to San Juan Islands

Whatever reasons to move you have and whether you’re relocating to the best suburbs or are about to be living in downtown by now, you must feel overwhelmed. If you feel like visiting one of Seattle museums or doing some romantic things to do in SEA, just won’t cut it – take a trip to San Juan islands. You will need a car in SEA for this journey, though, as you first have to drive an hour and a half to Anacortes, then take a ferry to the islands. If you choose to stay at the San Juan island, we recommend staying at Friday Harbour.
And the place is definitely worth the long trip – from mesmerizing lavender fields at Pelindaba Lavender Farm to famous landmarks like Lime Kiln Lighthouse, where you can engage in whale-watching or hiking. The beaches and the food at the resort are also amazing, and it’s no wonder this place is so popular.

Or Spend a Weekend on Orcas Island

Orcas Island is another favorite in this archipelago, and for a good reason. Here you can enjoy that slower-paced, tranquil lifestyle of a seaside place while being surrounded by the most beautiful nature. If you like sports, you can enjoy hiking, kayaking, sailing, riding a bike, and so much more. We recommend booking a room at Rosario Resort & Spa and booking a spa to enjoy and relax to the fullest. Orcas Island Winery is another must-visit if you are a wine-lover and like to have a taste of the fine wine – they have a solid selection.

Don’t Miss Out on Once in a Blue Moon Farm

While on Orcas Island, spend a day on Once in A Blue Moon Farm – it really is a unique experience. About 3 miles north of the ferry sits this charming farm bathed in that homey feel. If you have kids – they will absolutely love it there as there are many farm animals like horses, cows, ducks, and lambs they can feed and play with. If you are moving with pets – you will be surprised how well they get along with the animals here. It’s a great place to get back to that simple life, at least for a weekend, so if you are visiting Juan islands, take a trip to Orcas Island and this cute farm.

San Juan, Washington

There’s so much to discover and learn about this island

Treat Yourself in Saratoga Inn on Whidbey Island

Untangle yourself from the tangles of your moving to-do list and moving expenses checklist and treat yourself to a trip to Whidbey Island. Just 30 miles away from the city, this is one of the closest and cheapest weekend getaways from Seattle. This is a great destination any time of the year, but especially so during spring and summer. There are many things to do on Whidbey, but the top three we recommend are sailing, hiking at Ebey’s Landing, and visiting Fort Casey. There are also many wineries and breweries here, so give their beer a taste and see if it’s on par with that of SEA breweries. Overall, this is a place to spend a peaceful and serene couple of days, far from all the problems.

Spice up Your Stay Here With a Trip to Langley, Washington

If you get bored and feel a need to spice things up a bit – the small city of Langley is within a 15-minute distance. Here’s where you’ll have more people around you if you feel like talking to strangers. Besides hiking, you’ll have a chance to try local food and groceries, and there’s even a theater where you can go on a date with your significant other – we imagine it’s been a while with all of these lockdowns and moving chaos.


This is such a perfect place for sailing

Where Should I Spend My Weekend in Seattle? SeaTac – Minutes Away From the Airport

If you don’t feel like leaving the city and taking trips away from it, don’t worry – there are many cool things to do in each neighborhood. If you are looking to spend a relaxing couple of days in a zen-like setting, visit Cedarbrook Lodge, just a short distance away from Seattle-Tacoma airport. It’s perfect for girls’ trips, too, as it has a beautiful spa with amazing facials. It also has a gym and many other amenities the whole family can enjoy, and they allow pets. The food is exquisite, and the whole place is so serene and just perfect for a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city without actually going far away from it.

A woman getting a facial

Treat yourself with a facial or full day in a spa

Vashon Island Is Another Gem to Visit

This lovely gem is just a 20-minute distance away from the city if you take a water taxi. The short ride will bring you into a whole new world, a laid-back, casual atmosphere, carefree people, and breathtaking views. If you are an outdoorsy type, you will love it here – you can ride a boat, bicycle, or go canoeing or kayaking. The hills are also great for hiking, and the beach is just picturesque. If you have teenagers, they’ll appreciate the photo-op spots around here. Take the whole family to dinner at one of the finest Thai restaurants in the state called May’s Kitchen – it’s better than the best burger or any takeout in Seattle you’ve ever tried.

It’s Best to Plan Your Trip Around the Time of the Festivals

Vashon hosts many festivals and music events on weekends, so if you plan to travel here, plan it around some of them for a fuller experience. This is also a chance for you to camp out in the open and mingle, and if you are a music lover – plan to travel in the middle of August. That’s when the popular RaftUp! Festival takes place here. And, oh – set out a day to visit the Farmers’ Market where you can find fresh produce and homemade liquor.


Vashon is full of photo-op spots like this one

Where Should I Go This Weekend in Washington State? Mt. Rainier National Park

You would be surprised to know how many Seattleites have never been to Mt. Rainier National Park! If you are one of them, maybe now is the time to travel there for a day or two. The magnificent sight we admire from the site can be a great day trip, a camping adventure, or an overnight stay at Paradise Inn (they have great restaurants). Either way, better bring your hiking boots, as Mount Rainier National Park is where you’ll find the best hikes near SEA. It’s a perfect place to have yourself a slice of mountain life, learn how to climb, or just admire the wildflower fields. Here are some of the highlight of Mount Rainier National Park:

  • Paradise area’s Hiking Trails,
  • Crystal Mountain Resort,
  • Copper Creek Restaurant,
  • Carbon River.

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park boasts breathtaking views

Where Should I Go for a 3 Day Vacation? Columbia River Gorge

The three and a half hours of travel to the state of Oregon is well worth the wonder called River Gorge. We recommend getting to the windy Hood River and booking a stay there. It will serve as a good base for everything this area has to offer. This charming town has plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can forget all about moving large items and packing pots and pans. Brace yourself for some adventure, as it has plenty of breathtaking waterfalls around it. Go hiking, water rafting, or fly a kite with your kids – there’s some good wind in Hood River.

Portland Is One of the Favorite Seattle Getaways

While in Oregon, why not travel to Portland and give it a visit? Those who enjoy a bit more active trips will appreciate what Portland has to offer. Portland has a more laid-back vibe than The Emerald City, so you will still feel relaxed, and it’s a foodie paradise with some amazing restaurants. Check the food trucks for a true taste of the local cuisine.
It also has great parks, like Washington Park and Forest Park, as beautiful as parks in Seattle. Washington Park is also home to a zoo and a cute little Japanese garden which we definitely recommend visiting. Hey, you gotta take those social media photos somewhere, so why not use the cute little pond with a wooden bridge as a background? Plus, spending time at parks is Covid-safe.


Columbia River Gorge is known for its waterfalls

One of the Best Ideas for Seattle Weekend Getaways – Soak up the Sounds and Serenity of the Seaside on South Sound

Travel to the rustic Alderbrook Resort & Spa by ferry and get ready to enjoy that quintessential Washington lifestyle. There’s a rumor going around that kids prefer this hotel to Disneyland – take yours and see if it’s true. Go kayaking or swimming in a glass-enclosed pool and finish a day full of activity with a gourmet dinner. Seafood is something else around here, and the oysters are harvested right there, at the beach.
There’s even a small gift shop if you feel like bringing some of that atmosphere back home. Cottages, fire-pits, the golf course, beautiful waterfront, and views all around are just some of the reasons why many families keep coming back here. If you are looking for serenity – this is where you will definitely find it. Who knows, maybe this place will become your family’s new tradition as well.

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