Are you moving to a new neighborhood and looking for a go-to place to have a drink after work or simply on the lookout for the best rooftop bars in Seattle to safely and comfortably socialize in the wake of COVID19? Then you’re in luck because we prepared a guide on great rooftop restaurants in Seattle with breathtaking views of the city that you’re bound to feel instant infatuation for.

Emerald City
Discover the hidden and not-so-hidden gems of the Emerald City.

The Nest – Renowned for Its Breathtaking View of the Sound

If you are looking for bars with a view in Seattle, then this is the place for you! Nested on the top of Thompson Hotel, in the downtown area, The Nest boasts huge space, a breathtaking view of the Sound, and it’s a favorite of those living in downtown Seattle. Besides its elaborate house cocktails served in flamingo mugs (that will set you back $16), they also offer fine wine, beer, and a selection of snacks. Effortlessly sophisticated with comfy seats and a relaxed atmosphere – this is the place you go to when you want to dress up a little, have a drink, and enjoy one of the coolest neighborhoods in Seattle.

If You Want a Taste of Their Hand-Crafted Cocktails, It’s Better to Make a Reservation

A place this great is bound to be popular and therefore crowded, so if you want to make sure to get a spot, it’s better to reserve your table in advance or go there early. This is especially true nowadays due to the coronavirus pandemic as they are limited in the number of seats more than ever before. On the plus side, their COVID care is exceptional.

Ferris wheel
The Nest offers a great view of Elliot Bay and the famous Ferris wheel that everybody likes.

Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails – an Indoor/Outdoor Space

On the 5th floor of the 4th Avenue in the downtown area sits Frolik, an indoor/outdoor restaurant with a classic vibe of the 90s and the aughts. While the 5th floor can’t really offer a great view, but rather one blocked by the surrounding buildings, the classic decor with fire pits and a vibrant ambiance more than make up for the lack of it. And generous food portions and beautifully decorated cocktails don’t hurt either. We strongly suggest drinking their frozen slushies to cool down.

New Rules Due to Covid19 – Only the Outdoor Area Is Available

In the wake of coronavirus, Frolik has made it a point to follow and enforce all the safety measurements recommended, so the indoor space is currently closed. All tables are socially distanced, waiters wear masks and gloves, sanitizers are readily available, and you will also be required to have a mask to enter and wear one should you step away from your table.

Putting a mask on
You are required to put a mask on before entering Frolik.

Monsoon’s Rooftop Deck on Capitol Hill

You probably already know Monsoon as one of the best takeouts in Seattle, but did you know they added a cocktail bar to it? Yap, Monsoon expanded and built a patio, so now you can enjoy your favorite drunken chicken with some cocktails everybody likes surrounded by an abundance of trees. With its laid-back atmosphere, it’s a perfect place for a Seattle staycation with a Vietnamese taste to it.

Roof patio
Have a drink in Monsoon.

Rooftop Brewing Company in Queen Anne District

As we’re trying to hook you up with things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, we decided to include this hidden gem in the Queen Anne district. This microbrewery offers at least 13 brews at affordable prices, as many as 5 of which are IPAs, so if you like drinking beer, you know where to go. Overlooking the industrial buildings and the shipyard, Rooftop Brewing Company is one of the best Seattle breweries and a chill place to hang out with friends with easy-going ambiance. You can also grab a bite to eat if you like, as there’s usually a food truck in the outside space.

Feel Free to Bring Your Furry Buddy to Rooftop Brewing Company

If you’re moving with pets, you’ll be happy to hear that the furry friends are welcome here, so feel free to bring yours. There are always some other cats or dogs yours can mingle with while you enjoy drinking your craft beer.

A woman with her dog
A pet-friendly, chill place with great beer.

Mountaineering Club Atop of the New Graduate Hotel in the U District

With its mix of retro industrial-chic and cottage-style interior with an abundance of wood in decor and a 360° view of the city, the Mountaineering Club has earned its place on this list. The menu builds upon the theme, so you will find some Oysters, Salmon, Mountain Bacon sandwiches, and more. And of course, great cocktails and drinks.

You’ll enjoy the 360° view of the city while having your drink.

The Pink Door Is Instagram-Ready and a Favorite of Millennials

The Pink Door is located downtown in the heart of Pike Place Market. This charming, classy Italian restaurant with a romantic ambiance serves delicious food. Although the indoor dining area that used to host burlesque shows is still closed due to COVID19, outdoor seating is still available and they are taking COVID19 safety very seriously. Their distinctive pink door is a favorite photo-op spot of Instagramers.

Some Helpful Tips

  • Due to its great food and popularity, it’s best to book your table in advance.
  • You will be required to put a mask on when the waiters approach you.
  • To find it, go behind Breecher’s Cheese, down the Alley Shops, and across The Tasting Room

To see for yourself why everyone considers this venue so esthetically pleasing, check out the video below.

Ben Paris and Their New Rooftop Dining Area

Situated in the State Hotel, Ben Paris is known as the place with the best brunches among Seattleites. This year, they decided to open a terrace to make socializing as safe as possible during the pandemic (they’ll even give you a baggy to store your mask while you dine).

Ben Paris is famous for its food, so there’s no mistake there, but the chicken sandwiches are a must-try. As for the cocktails – go with the shrimp cocktail and thank us later.

Ben Paris is a go-to place for brunch among Seattleites.

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