5 Lessons Seattleites Will Learn After Moving in Together

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At some point in your relationship, you will realize that you don’t want just to date your partner – it’s time for something more serious. You are both ready to live together, and you want to make that step as soon as possible. So, what to know before moving in together? It’s not all about common relocation struggles – although there will be those as well. Knowing what to expect after you start cohabitating is of utmost importance.
Two girls, sitting on the floor, surrounded by boxes after the move with Seattle movers

Will there be changes after you move in with your significant other? You bet there will

How do you know when it’s right to move in together? How do you organize that move, and what happens after you unpack the last box in your new home? Couples are in for some profound changes, and being aware and knowing how to handle them is the best way to go through the after-relocation period. We can help you – we’ve gathered a list of the things that happen after you start living under the same roof as your partner.

When Is the Right Moment for the “I Think We Should Move in Together” Talk?

When is it time to move in together? How long should you wait to move in together? These are some of the many questions that bother those in long-term relationships. Love is one of the most common reasons to move, and it’s one of the best ones indeed – surviving relocation stress for the sake of sharing a home with your loved one is worth it. But, when should you start considering this local relocation?

How to Start a Conversation About Living Together?

You’re probably hoping that we will give you the exact time frame for this step, but the truth is that no one can tell you exactly when you and your significant other are ready for this commitment. Don’t take this decision lightly unless you want to compromise your relationship, or worse – end up homeless in Seattle. Our advice would be this – find a romantic thing to do in Seattle and relax a bit with your partner. Then, go for the best burger in the city, and start the conversation about cohabitation. If you’re on the same page, you can soon begin with preparations and tasks from your relocation to-do list.

How Do You Move in Together Successfully and Keep Your Relationship Stable?

You are still way too far from planning a going-away party, trust us. Before you even decide which affordable Seattle suburb you want to live in, you will have to learn a few crucial relocation tips. First of all, if you want to have an efficient move, you mustn’t panic. Yes, there is a ton of belongings to pack – packing dishes only can take a whole day, not to mention that you haven’t even found a Seattle real estate agent yet.
However, it’s not impossible to plan an effortless and straightforward move with your loved one. There is enough time for everything – you’re not relocating in a hurry, right? Just be organized and cold-headed, and everything will be okay. Remember, a packing list is a must-have, and it would also be wise to have a relocation expenses checklist.
Woman real estate agent showing a house to two men

Before you start organizing your move, you will have to go house-hunting

#1 Decorating a Home With Your Partner Will Be Super Fun

The legend says that couples who move in together have to visit an Ikea store. There’s one in Renton, just 11 miles south of downtown Seattle. You probably won’t be too lazy to drive there from your safe neighborhood – honestly, it’s Ikea. Who can resist that? If you can, Target is another option. You may need to buy a new sofa because you didn’t pack furniture from your old places so that you can choose items together. Even if you’re looking for house decor, this trip will be exciting.
You will be with the love of your life, and you will buy pots and pans or bookshelves and vases (you’ll surely need those if you didn’t pack fragile items properly). After a day that will feel like a Disneyland for adults, you get to come home and arrange all those items – isn’t that such a typical activity for couples? No doubt you will have plenty of fun talking with your loved one or simply listening to music while you assemble shelves (all those packed books must be placed on shelves eventually) or arrange cushions on the sofa.
Colorful frames and shelves on the wall

All couples have to go through this phase – decorating their new love nest

#2 It Will Be a Bit Difficult to Have a “Me” Time at the Beginning

Before you move, you will probably think it is unimaginable to wish to be apart from your significant other. Why would you need a few hours for yourself? Isn’t the point of living together not ever to be apart? Well, not exactly – that wouldn’t be quite healthy, you must admit.
Even though, at first, you will try to do everything together, you’ll soon realize that’s not a sustainable living arrangement. Occasionally, you’re going to require an hour or two to isolate, collect your thoughts, and relax. But, how to talk to your loved one about something like this without offending them?

Your Significant Other Probably Needs Some Alone Time as Well

You might think that bringing up this discussion will offend your beloved, but the truth is that they probably feel just like you. Everybody has to recharge batteries occasionally, and being apart for a brief period like a few hours doesn’t mean that your relationship isn’t strong – it’s actually the opposite. Being able to communicate wishes like this is an indicator of a strong couple. If you, however, have communication problems, check out the video below – it can help you improve your relationship.

#3 Sometimes, You Will Feel Like This Was a Mistake – But Only Briefly

Slowly, you will start settling in the best suburb in Seattle, and everything will be great. But, occasionally, you might feel out of touch with your loved one. You could get overwhelmed with changes – especially if, in addition to changing a neighborhood, you’ve also changed your job in Seattle to have a shorter commute. You might miss your old place where you’ve lived alone and had everything the way you wanted it to be – this is pretty usual for those in a relationship who move in together, and it means absolutely nothing.

Both Partners Will Need an Adjustment Period

Yes, you have read it correctly. Regrets are common, but luckily, they are only a symptom of an adjustment period, and they will pass pretty quickly. It’s individual, but most people experience this in the first few weeks to a few months. How to calm yourself if you experience this? Easy – try an activity that you know will calm you down, maybe a walk in one of many parks in Seattle. You can also try to change scenery with your other half – go out for a drink to one of Seattle’s breweries that you both love. It will remind you of the dating phase, and butterflies will come back immediately.
Two women hugging, sitting in front of the table, two mugs on the table

Don’t overestimate the importance of occasional doubts – we all have them sometimes

#4 Yes, You Will Fight, But Don’t Make a Big Deal Out of It – That’s Quite Common for Couples Moving in Together

You can’t look at life with rose-colored glasses. It’s only natural that there will be small fights every now and then – that’s just the way of life, and you know that nothing can be perfect. You can’t decide on a place for a weekend getaway, or you can’t agree if you should make dinner or order the best takeout in Seattle? Relax, it’s not the end of the world. The important thing is that you expect an occasional quarrel, so you don’t overreact when it happens.
The good news is those pointless arguments with your partner can be resolved quickly and easily – we’ve already mentioned the importance of communication in a relationship and how understanding each other will be more important than ever. In addition to that, you should know how to choose your battles. Some things are simply not worth fighting over, and you must learn to let them go. Finding a compromise solution will strengthen your bond even further.
 Two men arguing at the kitchen table, the one on the right looking at the laptop

Can people even live together without ever fighting? Probably not, if you ask us

#5 Staying in Will Be More Appealing Than Going Out

Will you become a boring couple who spends their Friday nights watching Netflix? It’s entirely possible, we won’t lie. When a couple starts living together, they see their new place as a cozy, little corner where they can enjoy each other’s company without any interruptions. What can make you get off the couch and glam up for a night out with friends or just for a date with your partner? Seattle nightlife might be awesome, but your residence seems better.
You shouldn’t get too settled into a routine. It’s easy not to notice that until it’s months later, and your friends haven’t seen you in forever. However, we are here to warn you now – you have to balance everything in life and not let yourself become completely closed up in your new place, no matter how amazing it is to live there.
 Two girls sitting on the couch, eating popcorn

Watching movies with your significant other is fun, but don’t forget to go out sometimes

Why Do Relationships Change When You Move in Together?

Of course that there will be changes – you will spend way longer periods together. Dating and living together are two different worlds. You can’t expect things to stay the same – but that’s precisely the point. If you didn’t wish for changes, you wouldn’t even bother to look for a cool neighborhood in Seattle to move to, right? These changes will be amazing, but before you get to experience that, there is one crucial thing to do before you move – make sure you are on the same page when it comes to plans for the future.

Things to Discuss Before Moving in Together Into a New Place – Expectations and Financial Situation

So, what to discuss before moving in together? You won’t have to overthink this question – we are here to give you answers right now and spare you the trouble of researching this topic. Here’s the list of practical things you’ll need to discuss before you move in with the love of your life – don’t skip these conversations no matter what.

  • Do you plan on having pets or children?
  • How will you split rent and utilities?
  • How much can you set aside for rent?
  • How will you divide household chores?
  • Will you merge your finances or keep them separate?

 Two women looking at bills on the table, the one on the left holding a pen

Finances are boring, but you will have to coordinate budgets before you can live together

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