5 Best Seattle Breweries You Should Visit

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The beer industry is growing with new brewing techniques developing rapidly due to the high interest and demand. With so many Seattle breweries currently operating, after moving within the city, you might be wondering which places near your new home to visit first. Here’s a list of five amazing spots you can check out when you relocate to a new neighborhood in Emerald City.

bartender pouring tap beer into a glass

You can easily find a local pub brewery around your home in the city.

#1 Reuben’s Brews Taproom Has Over 20 Beers on the Menu

There are different things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, but the love of beer is something that unites them all. Besides being one of the more affordable Seattle suburbs, Ballard is the home of many Seattle craft breweries. Being one of the best Seattle breweries, Reuben’s Brews has 20 beers in the taproom at any given time. From Northwest hop to European styles, the selection has something for everyone. There’s even a small collection of sours, which is hard to find in the city.

Get Some Food on One of the Rotating Food Trucks

The spot is pet- and kid-friendly, so feel free to bring your whole family. In case you get hungry, there are rotating food trucks just outside that offer some great street food choices. You can even get a discount from the nearby Zeek’s Pizza.

Glasses of beverages on a counter.

This brewery has more than 20 taps available.

#2 Ballard Stoup Brewing Has Some Amazing Craft Brews

Located in the vicinity of our previous entry on the list, Stoup Brewing is a must for any beer lover. Famous award-winning brew Robust Porter and their Citra IPA are even available in cans, but it’s better if you try them out of a tap at their dog-friendly taproom in Ballard and some other places in the city. Their location even has an open patio, making it a great pick during the pandemic. If you’d like to know more, check out this video of the founders discussing Seattle’s welcoming beer industry and their business background.

#3 Pike Brewing Company Is an Old Seattle Brewery

If you’re living in Downtown Seattle or just looking for a good pub in the area, check out Pike Brewing Company. One of the largest and best breweries in Seattle, Pike has been making craft beer before it was cool. Operating since 1989, it’s one of the old breweries in the city. They make seven beers all year long, with XXXXX Stout and Kilt Lifter Scotch ale being the most popular. Seasonal, limited beers include Auld Acquaintance Hoppy Holiday Ale and Harlot’s Harvest pumpkin ale. Pike Place reopened its doors for visitors in July, but its beer has been pouring all over town, with cans popping up in many stores.

Grab a Bite, Go on a Tour, or Visit Their New Tankard and Tun Restaurant

The place has great options if you need a bite. From snacks to sandwiches and burgers, you can order in or to-go. Since the spot is child-friendly, there’s even a kids’ menu. Before the pandemic, you could even sample their beers on tour, but these have been canceled until further notice. Their New Tankard and Tun Restaurant had to be temporarily closed as well. By the time you’re done with Seattle movers, we’re sure they’ll be up and running again.

A row of taps.

This brewery has a long history of making craft beverages.

#4 Check Out Cloudburst Brewing in Downtown

Located in Downtown just northwest of Pike Place, Cloudburst is one of Seattle microbreweries that offer plenty of charm. With the names like That’s Bolshevik! and Sweater Wetter, it can’t get any sillier than this. With over 300 unique beer brews developed over four years, you can experience refreshing and eccentric blends with citrus and cinnamon notes. You can even order their ales online. If you’re moving with pets, you’re in luck because the spot allows dogs, but they have to be on a leash and behave.

Four drinks in stem glasses.

Cloudburst Brewing is famous for its silliness.

#5 Rooftop Brewing Company Has Amazing Outdoor Space

When looking to sip some beer on a great outdoor patio in one of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle, there’s no better place to do that than at Rooftop. What started inside an alley garage is now one of the favorite rooftop bars in Seattle. One of the new breweries in Seattle, when the company moved to its new location, so did the customers. While it may attract plenty of visitors from the northwest Ballard and Queen Anne below, the big open patio enables safe distancing and makes this one of the safest places to hang out during the covid-19 pandemic. Let’s not forget to mention some of their unique beers like Makeda Coffee Porter and the Mosaic Single Hop.

Grab a Bite While Enjoying Beer From The Brewing Company Food Truck

While the taproom doesn’t offer any food of its own, the company has a scheduled food truck that you can follow on their website. This way, you can grab a few bites while enjoying a pint and the views.

Restaurant roof patio.

The Rooftop brewery has a great patio.

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