Seattleite’s Guide on How to Prepare for Apartment Move-Out Cleaning

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Organizing a move is exhausting – anyone who’s ever moved can tell you that. Packing can often take weeks, depending on the size of your apartment, but eventually, you’ll be done. Just when you think you’re free and it’s time to relax, you remember you forgot about apartment move-out cleaning. But, you have no idea how to conduct the house cleaning after moving out, so what are you going to do?

Our tips can help you – check out how to do a deep cleanse of your home

There’s no reason to start panicking. Even though it may seem like a lot to handle after all that packing and preparations for relocation, it’s not an impossible task. We can offer you plenty of tips and tricks on approaching the move-out house cleaning so that you can leave your former home in the perfect condition for the new tenants. So, feel free to grab a pair of gloves, and let’s get to scrubbing.

Move-Out Cleaning Is an Essential Part of Relocation

When you think of scrubbing the whole place, the chances are that this task on your to-do list will make you nauseous. No one likes to vacuum and mop that much, especially not after weeks of packing furniture and filling boxes with all their belongings. You may ask yourself – do you really have to do this before you leave? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.
If you want to get your security deposit back, you have to leave the place spotless, without any trace of dirt and damage. For those selling a home, polished rooms will come in handy for the photos and showings with the real estate agent, but even if it weren’t for that – leaving everything dirty for the new residents is simply rude. So, even though it likely won’t help with your relocation stress, wiping and scrubbing the place is a crucial part of an efficient move.

It’s Best to Make a Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

So, how will you get that deposit back? Before you get to work, we suggest you use one of the most common relocation hacks – writing a checklist. The list will ensure you don’t miss anything and do things in the correct order. It will also help you keep track of the work done and keep an eye on how fast you’re finishing your tasks. You’ll find everything to be easier with the proper checklist, and we have no doubt that you’ll be ready on time to leave the old place and head to your new, cool neighborhood.

It will all be cleaned perfectly, don’t worry

Don’t Deep Clean Anything Until All of Your Belongings Are Packed

If you’re packing to move in a hurry, you will likely panic. Besides overlooking the most commonly forgotten things to pack, the panic may drive you to lose focus and try to do multiple tasks at once. That may work if you’re packing clothes and at the same time trying to pack dishes, but let us be clear – you can’t pack and clean at the same time.
You must finish packing every room before you get to vacuuming and mopping. Trust us, it’s for the best. Packing is messy – dust flies everywhere, and furniture you haven’t moved in years gets moved around the place, revealing everything that was under your sofa for years. Only once everything is safely tucked in boxes can you start to scrub.

Finish packing before you start to scrub your place – it will be way easier, trust us

Naturally, You’ll Need Cleaning Supplies

Naturally, you won’t be able to do anything without chemicals, so wait to get rid of them after you’ve cleaned everything. We say rid, not pack because chemicals are on the list of items movers won’t move. Additionally, don’t forget that you need water and electricity for this task. People often forget that, and they don’t wait to change their Seattle utilities.

Which Supplies Do I Require for Scrubbing My Place?

Of course, we can’t say our list is a final list of chemicals you should have, but it will be enough for the thorough cleansing of every room and surface you will leave behind once you head to one of the best suburbs in Seattle. Here’s what you should have by your side before you get to work:

  • Vacuum cleaner,
  • A mop and a bucket,
  • Cloths (including glass-polishing ones for windows),
  • Gloves,
  • All-purpose cleaner,
  • Stainless steel cleaner,
  • Additional: dishwashing soap, baking soda, and vinegar.

Nothing can be done without the adequate chemicals

How to Make Your Former Home Shine?

The key to perfectly scrubbed floors and surfaces is thorough and careful wiping. Don’t rush – this is one of those relocation tips that work in every situation. Take your time and carefully go over every surface. However neat you are, there’s bound to be a lot of dirt since this isn’t the ordinary dusting you do every other day. If you’re relocating with pets and kids, there will be much evidence they lived here, plus maybe a few damages from your parties, including a going-away party.

What’s Included in a Move-Out Clean of a Home?

What do you have to do to turn your old place into a shiny, new residence for those who will come after you leave? Let’s see how to do an excellent scrub and get your deposit back. We made a checklist for you to follow – here are your tasks, in the order you should finish them.

  • Vacuuming all the surfaces,
  • Wiping the windows in each room,
  • Scrubbing the whole kitchen,
  • Polishing the bathroom,
  • Taking care of the walls,
  • Mopping the floors.

Below, we will discuss the tasks on the list, but before you read that, here are some valuable tips and techniques that will teach you how to polish and scrub the best way possible – check the video below for all the info.

Start With Vacuuming the Floors and Hard Surfaces

Once you’re done with the packing, there will be a mess – dirt, dust, and leftover supplies such as packing peanuts or pieces of paper. You can’t wipe anything unless you’ve vacuumed the floor in every room – that’s an essential first step. After that, you should vacuum any surfaces you can. Those include the bottom of the closets, drawers, cabinets, stairs, and hard-to-reach corners. Be sure to check if there’s a cobweb anywhere because you can quickly get rid of that by vacuuming. Once you go over the surfaces with the vacuum cleaner, the rest will be easy.

Be sure to vacuum the whole place, even though you’ve packed your carpets

Remember to Wipe the Windows

Windows are not a tricky thing to wipe. Their surface is smooth, and you can easily see if there’s any dust or fingerprints left. Of course, you will want to wipe them during the day when there’s enough sunlight. That should help you see if you’ve polished them perfectly. Play some music, and this tedious task will be over before you know it. Additionally, don’t forget the window frames – they can collect a lot of dust that’s not visible at first glance. After the windows are done, most of the living room and bedroom work will be over.

Carefully wipe the windows, and don’t forget their frames

You Will Need a Bit of Time for the Kitchen

You must’ve already realized that this is going to be tricky. Spoiler alert: fridge and oven will be a bit of a headache. We mentioned that you could vacuum the cabinets. There will be plenty of food crumbs in every corner, so after vacuuming, be sure to wipe them with a cloth and do that on every surface in this room. If you thought that packing pots and pans was a long process, wait till you see how much it takes to wipe the whole kitchen. But, don’t be discouraged. Keep in mind that after you’re done with this, the only challenging task you have left is scrubbing the bathroom.

Scrub All the Appliances You’ll Leave Behind

Whatever stays must be polished and shiny, and that includes the fridge and freezer. We know that figuring out how to scrub your fridge most efficiently will require a few hours, but remember – no one said you have to wipe and wash the whole place in one day, so if the fridge gives you trouble, take a break. You can order the best burger in Seattle since your fridge is empty – did you visit some of the food donation sites in Seattle? The best takeout in the city will surely lift your spirits. After you’re done with the fridge, the oven awaits you – that is, if you don’t have a self-cleaning one. Check out the video below for the instructions on how to properly scrub the oven.

Make Sure the Bathroom Is Spotless

Polishing the bathroom is never easy. You’d rather be anywhere else, but this must be done. So, the sooner you get this over with, the sooner you can relax and take the night off from all the preparations for the move – maybe go out to some of the Seattle breweries? So, get to work. Scrub thoroughly bathtubs, sinks, toilets, anything that’s left in the bathroom. Don’t forget the sinks, and be sure you’ve wiped them carefully. Check if there’s any rust or mold, and if not, you’re good to go.

Do your best to leave the bathroom spotless

Check to See If the Walls and Doors Are in Good Condition

The worst is done – after the bathroom, nothing is challenging. Most of the work is done, but you shouldn’t forget the walls. Are they in decent condition? See if there are spots you should go over with the paint, or maybe the whole walls. We hope you remembered to pack all of your paintings – if not, this is the chance to do that.
After you’ve taken them off the walls, don’t forget to remove the nails. In some situations, your landlord can ask you to leave them behind, but if not, it’s best to take them with you and patch any holes that were left behind. Additionally, you should check if there are any damages to the doors, such as scratches or peeled-off paint, and if there are, be sure to fix them. Lastly, wipe the doors with a cloth.

Walls and doors should be left without any damages

The Last Step of the House Move-Out Cleaning Is Mopping the Floors

Finally, this thorough clean is coming to an end. Everything is nice and shiny, and you only have to mop the floors. This is likely the easiest part. While you’re going through each room with the mop, take a look to see if you missed anything. Maybe there’s something you should wipe over once more. Don’t be lazy – remember, the spotless place is the way to get your deposit back, which could come in handy when you move, even if you’ve landed the best job in Seattle.

Mop the floors, and you’re finally done

Should You Hire a Professional Company for Cleaning Service?

Hiring professional services to help you out can be a good idea if you’re in a rush and you think you won’t be able to finish everything on your own before your Seattle movers come on the relocation day. Many companies in Seattle offer various services for this occasion, so if you wish to spare yourself the work, you won’t have any issues finding a quality service. Here are some of the businesses in Seattle you can contact for a thorough cleansing: MaidPro, Merry Maids of Seattle, and Simply Clean.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Whole House Cleaned in Seattle?

The cost depends on the size of the place. Typically, the service can cost you anywhere from $120 to $250, with the average price being $160. Service can be charged by the hour or by the square footage. Usually, an hour costs between $50 and $100. This is something you should keep in mind before you decide on hiring professionals – be sure that you can afford this cost amongst all others on your relocation expenses checklist.

Don’t want to clean on your own? Consider booking a pro company to help you out

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