Things to Know About Living in Seattle

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Have you opted for local relocation because you want to be closer to excellent educational and employment opportunities, as well as endless entertainment options that the biggest city in Washington State has to offer? Living in Seattle will, additionally, put you in the vicinity of hills, meadows, and mountains, but also museums, bars, and restaurants.
View of Seattle from the river
Emerald City can offer everybody something, no matter if you are looking for a spot to raise a family or chase a dream job. To help you have a stress-free and smooth relocation, we answered some frequently asked questions like How much money do you need to live comfortably in Seattle?, Is it expensive to live in Seattle?, Is Seattle a good place to live? and What should I know before moving to Seattle?

Go Over Some Pros and Cons of Living in Seattle

Are you asking yourself What should I know before moving to Seattle? Long before you start researching Seattle moving companies, go over the list of positives and negatives you’ll encounter when settling down in Emerald City:

  • It’s a foodie paradise – If you are a food lover that is wondering what is it like to live in Seattle, don’t worry, the metropolis is among the top-rated cities in the US for its quality and diverse cuisines.
  • Parks in Seattle – open green spaces on 6,400 acres, and there are hundreds of miles of walking and biking trails.
  • It is very diverse and open-minded – are you wondering what is it like living in Seattle if you are a minority? Don’t worry, the metropolis not only has a notable LGBT population, but it is also home to many religious and ethnic groups.
  • The traffic jams can be problematic to some folks – you might ask yourself, why live in Seattle if you can’t escape gridlocks and long commutes? The suburbs and surrounding towns where you already live are much less congested. You can use public transportation in the form of light rail, metro, monorail, and avoid the busy streets.
  • Homeless in Seattle – If you settle in Downtown, you’ll notice a large number of people roaming around King County.
  • There are no personal income taxes – if you are asking yourself how is living in Seattle better than living anywhere else, know that you will save a couple dollars from your income on taxes.

Consider the Cost of Living in Seattle Washington When Moving

If you want to avoid moving stress that often comes with relocation, plan every part of the move. Figure out would you prefer to live in downtown Seattle or somewhere else, learn how to pack books, and also how to box up dishes when relocating. The more things you figure out, the less stressed you will be, but the most important thing you shouldn’t skip is the budget.
Apart from planning out your moving expenses checklist, you should calculate and see Is it expensive to live in Seattle? The overall expenses should include housing, utilities, food, and transportation. When you know the financial limits, it will be easy to find a place to call home that won’t put a dent in your savings.

Utilities and Housing Play Major Factors in the Overall Cost of Living in Seattle

The thing you cannot escape will be paying the city of Seattle utilities. According to data from Numbeo, Seattleites pay around $200 every month for basics such as electricity, garbage, cooling, water, and heating. If you want unlimited internet data, you’ll have to add $62. When it comes to housing, renting a one-bedroom apartment would cost you, on average, $1,700, while a three-bedroom flat is around $3,900. If you are buying a property, prices per square feet are, on average, $425.

A panoramic view of the metropolis.

Just make a budget and stick to it.

Finding the Best Neighborhood to Settle Down Won’t Be Hard

Before creating a moving to-do list and hiring Seattle movers, you should put some time into researching cool neighborhoods in Seattle that you can potentially settle down in. The metropolis that is known as “a city of neighborhoods” is divided into seven Council Districts, and each of them is split into smaller areas. Are you relocating with pets and looking for the best dog parks or dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle? Or are you searching for affordable Seattle suburbs to fit the budget? Whatever the case you will surely find the spot that fits most of your needs.

Westlake Is One of the Best Places for Renters

With 0.15 square miles, this is the smallest neighborhood in the metropolis, however, with more than 1,700 residents, it is also one of the denser areas. According to data from the website Niche, around 80% of people rent their homes, and the median rent is $1,800. If you decide to settle here, be sure to get familiarized with Seattle renters’ rights. Since Westlake runs along the west shore of Lake Union, you will be able to enjoy many water-related activities. If you are big on biking, keep in mind that the Westlake Bikeway connects the location with Downtown via Burke-Gilman Trail.

When Buying a Home, Consider Fremont

Buying a property is a huge step. That’s why, before you hire a Seattle moving company to provide you with a packing service, or even with labor services, you should do your research. You’ll see that Fremont pops up as one of the best places for homeowners. This is expected if you consider the various property offers. You can be living: in bungalows, condos, craftsman-style, or ultra-modern homes. No matter what you choose, Fremont is a real estate gem you’ve been looking for. The median home value here is $640,350, and according to the survey from Niche, 67% of residents say that the interior and exterior quality of residences is excellent. If you decide to relocate into a smaller home, consider donating furniture in Seattle.

Hawthorne Hills Is One of the Safest Areas in the City

If the area’s safety is a top priority of yours when relocating, Hawthorne Hills might be the perfect place for you because it is one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. According to data from the website AreaVibes, crime rates here are 50% lower than the national average, making Hawthorne Hills overall safer than 89% of all the cities in Washington State.

If You Like a Family-Friendly Vibe, Consider Relocating to Greenwood

Have you ever wondered do you need a car in Seattle? If you move to Greenwood, you won’t need it. More residents here ride buses to work than in 98% of the US neighborhoods. Additionally, people use bikes to commute to work more than 95% of Americans. Greenwood is also known as one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families because it is relatively affordable, and it has quick access to the center. On top of that, there are highly rated schools and more than a few kid-friendly activities.

Check Out Renton if You Are Looking for a Suburban Lifestyle

Are you looking forward to settling down in one of the best suburbs of Seattle? Renton is only 11 miles southwest of downtown, but it is well connected, so you won’t even notice that you’re in the suburbs. It has vast green spaces and beaches, ideal for every outdoor enthusiast.

A property in the suburbs.

The WA capital has a diverse housing offer that many cities don’t have.

Booming Job Market Attracts Career Chasers

Have you ever wondered Is Seattle a good place to live if you’re a career chaser? With the lower than the national average unemployment rate and recent job growth, landing employment will be easy. The metropolis’s economy is a mix of older and newer companies, so there are manufacturing firms, start-ups, and internet giants. Finding a job and wanting to be closer to the office is a very valid reason for relocation. However, before one of many moving companies in Seattle WA relocates your household, take a look at some of the biggest employers in the metropolis and send a few resumes.

There Are Many National and International Companies

Besides Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Expedia Group, Alaska Air Group, Expeditors, and Weyerhaeuser, there are many other multinational enterprises. The metropolis is a global health hub with the headquarters of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Infectious Disease Research Institute, as well as Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Furthermore, Costco Wholesales, Microsoft, and Paccar are all located in the metropolitan area.

Figure Out the Average Salary

Have you figured out How much money do you need to live comfortably in Seattle? The answer to this will depend on your needs and lifestyle. However, if you know the average salary, it will be easy to negotiate with your employers and get a better paycheck. According to the website PayScale, the average salary in the metropolis is $80,000.

Panoramic view of downtown at night.

You can land a dream job in one of the many successful companies.

This Is a Metropolis With Highly Rated Schools and Universities

Due to many tech and engineering jobs that require advanced degrees, education has an important part in the lives of many Seattleites. Luckily, this is the home of some of the most respected universities in the country. The University of Washington is among the top-rated schools in the world, but there are also Free Methodist, Pacific, and Jesuit universities. Furthermore, for primary and secondary education, there are many elementary, middle, and high schools, both private and public. Just be sure to do research on some of the best school districts in Seattle.

A girl in the library looking for a book.

Seattleites have a huge offer of educational institutions.

A Guide to Things You Can Do in the Metropolis

You hired a moving company in Seattle to help you with relocation, and while professionals are handling all the grunt work, you can explore the area and plan exciting activities. There are many things to do in each Seattle neighborhood, no matter what your idea of fun is. If you are worried about the new COVID-19 situation and you choose not to travel to another country or state, you should plan a perfect Seattle staycation and explore the metropolis.
What’s it like to live in Seattle if you’re enthusiastic about coffee? As the birthplace of Starbucks, you can expect a strong coffee culture. When you unpack, it is time to go out: grab a cup of joe in Lighthouse Roasters, Milstead and Co., or in Espresso Vivace. Furthermore, if you need a stiff drink, there are plenty of rooftop bars in Seattle you can check out and enjoy gorgeous views.
For those Settleties who love sports and outdoor activities, there are more than 450 parks, 185 athletic fields, golf courses, and tennis courts. If you enjoy exploring nature, you’ll find some of the best hikes near Seattle too. Also, if you love going to museums, don’t miss out on the Pinball Museum, Cascadia Art, and Museum of Popular Culture.
If you want to support local businesses, stop by many farmers’ markets, and buy locally produced items. If you don’t want to bump shoulders with tourists at Pike Place, check out other less known spots such as Fremont Sunday Flea Market or University District Farmers Market. Whatever you decide to do, you won’t ever be bored.

A bar in dim light.

Every day brings new and exciting adventures.

Hire Seattle Professionals Movers to Help You With Relocation

By now you’ve realized that living in Seattle pros and cons are plentiful, but mainly, the pros outnumber the cons. When you go through all the benefits of staying here, it will be easy to answer the question Is Seattle a good place to live? With plenty of entertainment, employment, and education opportunities, this is an ideal spot for families, young professionals, and scholars. No matter who you are, there will surely be a place you can call home. So when you finally decide it’s time to relocate, call Seattle Professional Movers to make the whole process easy and stress-free. Our local movers in Seattle cover the majority of areas in the metropolis so we can relocate you anywhere you wish to go. They will also advise on what to do with items movers won’t move, such as hazardous materials from your household. Furthermore, our team will provide you with reliable local moving services in Seattle, so you won’t have to lift a finger. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the relocation process.