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Fremont is an urban neighborhood located in Seattle, Washington, with a population of 11,994. Median home value in Fremont is $890,429, while median rent is $2,888 per month. Fremont real estate is mostly made up of medium sized to small single-family homes and apartment complexes. Most of the residential real estate is occupied by a mixture of owners and renters. Most of the residences in the Fremont neighborhood are quite historic, built before 1939. Fremont is a suburb with everything that makes Seattle awesome, like an abundance of outdoor spaces and activities, proximity to the water, diverse dining options, unique shopping, fascinating architecture, and a bit of quirk. It’s small enough to explore on foot, but has a lot of amenities and activities packed into the small space. It’s also nestled between a number of major landmarks, like the Gas Works Park, Woodland Park Zoo, Green Lake, and the Ballard Locks. If you haven’t explored the “Center of the Universe” yet, you probably should. You’ll most likely end up staying here. When it comes to the activities that can fill your day-to-day, Fremont offers an abundance of those. Enjoy a tasty latte and the fantastic artwork that lines the walls at elegant Milstead & Co. Drink, then go enjoy some of the amazing quality wines at Vif. After that, you can have some tasty burgers and amazing onion rings at Uneeda Burger. Another must try in Fremont are the Chirashi bowls that are generously filled with raw fish and rice at Fremont Bowl. Join the crowd at lively Fremont Brewing Company, and at Hannyatou, you can taste and learn about local sake. At Schilling Cider House, you can taste some of the best local hard cider. Eat some of the best cake you’ve ever had at Simply Desserts then go have some frozen treats from Fainting Goat Gelato next door. Shopaholics will adore Fremont Vintage Mall, that is full of unique souvenirs, from midcentury antiques, art, and clothes to souvenirs and local jewelry, while clothes and accessories from Seattle designers are the main point of interest at Show Pony Boutique. If you’re interested in hunting down some amazing public art, head to the Center of the Universe Signpost and stop by the bushy dinosaur topiaries. Stroll along the coast and watch the passing boats at Fremont Canal Park or visit the beautiful Fremont Peak Park to take in the amazing, breathtaking views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Enjoy a massive selection of classic arcade games or pinball machines at Add-A-Ball, an arcade bar open until 2am every day and is for adults only. This alternative neighborhood really does have it all – public art, spectacular views of the Seattle skyline, wonderful food, and unusual shops. Fremont is a lighthearted, enjoyable neighborhood, along with its festivals, including Fremont Oktoberfest in the fall, one of the best Oktoberfests in the Northwest, and the Fremont Solstice Parade, that is held every year in June.


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Fremont really does have it all – things to do, places to be, and a beautiful, unique historic charm that’s fairly rare to find in this area. If you wish to be in the center of everything, and move to Fremont, Seattle Professional Movers can help you get there. We offer a wide array of moving services, taking each of our customers’ needs into account, and help plan out the perfect transition for you. Seattle Professional Movers has moved countless residents both from and to Fremont, and we will gladly offer you a helping hand and take the weight of moving off your shoulders. We specialize in all types of moving, and we can become your favorite furniture movers and packers today. Give us a quick call or request a moving quote online, and find out why were are one of the top affordable moving companies in Fremont.

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