7 Common Moving Mistakes Every Seattleite Should Be Aware Of

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Moving mistakes can be detrimental to your relocation process and experience. They could make your move more expensive, time-consuming, and ultimately draining. And with relocation already being stressful as it is, you should do everything in your power not to stir trouble where it isn’t needed. To help you avoid any mistake that could arise while you move, we’ve created a perfect list of tips. So keep reading and turn your move into a piece of cake.
A man stressed that Seattle movers showed up late

Relocating without problems might seem impossible at times, but it’s completely doable with these hacks

Moving Problems and Miscalculations Can Happen Even to the Most Experienced

Did you know that relocation is considered to be among the three most stressful experiences a person goes through in their lifetime? Trust us, relocation stress is no joke. Once you are under it, your mind fails to think rationally. Because you have to keep track of too many obligations and tasks, you might end up losing sight of some or executing them poorly. Even if you’ve managed to move efficiently in the past and feel like you know the outline of the process inside and out, there’s still a chance you could make a relocation mistake or two. 

What Should You Not Do When Moving?

If you want to prevent any lingering post-relocation anxiety, you should do your best to refrain from overlooking, underestimating, procrastinating, and forgetting about important things to do before you relocate. So, to get you to move safely and effectively, you’ll have to jump the gun. And there’s no better way to do this than by finding out what these mistakes are. Here are the seven most common relocation mistakes, and of course, the best moving tips for overcoming them.

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You don’t want to lose sleep over relocation, so be careful about how you move so that you can relax later

#1 Underestimating the Importance of a Relocation Checklist

As you probably already know, relocation entails a ton of work. So, especially those not relocating for the first time might feel as if visiting one of the Seattle breweries would be time better spent than writing up yet another packing list. Although you might feel like you have your move under control due to previous experiences, or the alleged straightforwardness of the process, you would be wrong to underestimate the importance of thorough organization. Ultimately, the hour you would spare now in order to create a to-do list can save you days trying to fix the misdoings created by deciding to wing it.

Many Find That a Digital Checklist Helps Them Keep Track of Their Duties

The point of a checklist is to get you to organize. That being said, it’s crucial to find a way in which a list you create actually assists you without becoming just another duty to keep track of. So, one of our tips for all those who think the organization is important, but can’t seem to grasp carrying a planner with them, is to digitize their list. 
By having your list on your phone or another device that is always by your side, you can easily edit and update your tasks. Be sure to have all your duties, obligations, as well as a list of items you want to pack and move right there. It will help you immensely down the road by keeping you on top of the entire move.

A woman filling in a checklist on moving boxes in Seattle

Checklist is the ultimate pilar or efficient relocation

#2 Attempting to Move Without a Clear Financial Plan

Speaking of lists, another important list that people too often avoid is a relocation expenses checklist. People tend to think that they have a grip over their finances and that no additional financial planning is required when attempting to move. However, taking the ignorance route will have you spending much more than required, as well as make it impossible to allocate funds meant for different tasks and use them in optimal ways. How can you plan your relocation insurance when you don’t have your spendings planned to a T? How will you treat yourself to the best burgers in town if you are unsure if you’ll have enough to do that and tip cheap movers in Seattle? 

Start to Conquer Budget Issues by Posing the Question: How Do I Estimate Moving Costs?

To create a thought-out budget, you’ll have to research and consider how much each phase of the relocation costs. No two moves are the same, and accordingly, neither will be their prices. So, before you decide to eyeball your relocation spendings, consider the following fees, and try to plan accordingly:

  • Transportation fees – If you decide on a DIY move, you’ll have to pay for truck rental. Depending on how many things you wish to move, these costs could be smaller or higher.
  • Packing materials and equipment – If you decide not to hire Seattle movers and packers, you’ll have to cash out for all the packing materials. And these can be expensive, especially if you need special equipment like a dolly to move a piano or relocation blankets for relocating large items.
  • Deposit, rent, and the first month’s utility bills – Hiring a Seattle real estate agent is actually one of the lesser fees that come with relocation – the biggest expenses fall into paying the first month’s rent. So, make sure to allocate a big enough chunk of your Seattle job paycheck.
  • Relocation fees – If you decide to move with the help of professionals, you should keep in mind their fee, as well as an additional tip.
  • Relocation insurance – You never know what can happen to your valuable and expensive items. Of course, if you hire an expert mover in Seattle, there are lesser chances you’ll need insurance. Still, you can never be too safe.

#3 Relocating All of Your Items

It’s really important to minimize your inventory before you relocate. Trust us, you don’t want to move everything you own for multiple reasons. The first one being financial: simply said, it takes more money to relocate more items. Movers tend to have an hourly fee, so the more hours they spend on packing and relocating, the more you’ll have to pay. 
Secondly, it will take you much more time to unpack everything, and instead of spending a day or two doing all the things one has to do after relocating, you’ll be spending weeks. Finally, a relocation is a new chapter in your life. That being said, you shouldcreate emotional, mental, and physical space for everything new it will bring. This means that there should be no room for ripped socks, worn-out shirts, or gifts from an ex.

Declutter on Time and You Could Even Earn Some Money 

A great thing about minimizing your inventory in a timely manner is that you can sell or donate. All the stuff that is relatively new or in good condition you could sell online or via a garage sale (yes, they are allowed in Seattle) and earn extra cash for your relocation budget. Or, if you feel like supporting a cause dear to your heart, you could donate clothes or even consider food donation
Just take unwanted things to a donation center in Seattle, such as Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or any other you find relevant. And if you are not sure how to go about your declutter, don’t worry. Check out the following video, and you’ll get all the best tips in a matter of minutes:

#4 Purchasing the Worst Packaging Equipment and Moving Boxes in Seattle

A move is a costly endeavor, on that we can probably agree. However, its pricey nature doesn’t mean you should be stingy where it matters most – and packaging quality matters. You don’t want to have your boxes fall through mid-way during your move. Bad quality cardboard boxes could end up without a bottom, and the same can happen if you don’t buy enough of them and have to overpack. 

It’s Important to Buy Quality Supplies and to Do It Promptly

It really is crucial to buy packaging that can sustain the items you are relocating. Nobody says you have to spend tons of money on it, but steer away from flimsy boxes and tape that won’t hold. To get the task done well, you can always have a moving company in Seattle provide you with materials.
Another common mistake people make is to buy supplies too soon or too late in the process. If you want to follow our expert tips, we recommend purchasing equipment right after you’re done decluttering your inventory. That way, you can know precisely what and how much of it you need and won’t additionally cram your soon-to-be former home with cartons and wrapping.

 A man holding a box of carton

Enough quality packaging will turn your move and unpacking into a breezy exercise

#5 Procrastinating the Packing Process

It’s so easy to underestimate the number of your belongings and the complexity of your move. Research shows that most people think they have way less stuff than they actually do, resulting in bad time and budget management. Packing up lasts anywhere from 15 to 80 hours, depending on the size of the home and the skillfulness of the packer. 
So, don’t think you can get the job done in an hour or two and leave everything unpacked until the last minute. It’s better to pack sooner rather than later, especially if you have to deal with fragile items. And, if you decide to create a relocation plan and a to-do list, procrastination will be that much easier to avoid.

A woman's hands wrapping up a plate like local movers in Seattle would

If you want to assure all your breakable objects will stay intact, you’ll have to dedicate yourself to boxing up

#6 Thinking a DIY Move Is Comparable to Having Seattle Professional Movers on the Job

Trust us, even if you are the most capable and experienced person, relocating on your own can never be as efficient and productive as professional help. A lot of people think that a DIY relocation will cost less money. However, with truck rentals, packaging costs, and relocation insurance, ultimately, you’ll end up spending the same, if not more, cash with a DIY move.

Professionals Didn’t Get That Name Easily – They Do the Heavy Lifting, and They Do It Well

Research shows that over 70% of people who moved on their own regretted this decision the moment they moved. So, if we are to trust science, it seems like hiring a reputable Seattle moving company is something you should definitely consider. Professional companies can supply you with an all-encompassing service, and pack your things, move them and sort them in according rooms. 
They ensure you don’t throw your back out and insure your things. And most importantly, they do all the work for you. So, if you are considering a local move, know that ultimately, you’ll be happier with a professional service than by doing it on your own.

Seattle movers providing moving services in Seattle

A relocation requires experience and strength, so why not get assistance from people trained to do it?

#7 Not Researching Multiple Seattle Moving Companies, But Hiring the First Company You Contact 

Although professional help is always a good choice, there are certainly ways to go about this process. People who never hired expert assistance tend to make the mistake of calling up the first ones they find in an internet search and hire them on the spot. Unfortunately, too many ”moving companies” in Seattle, WA, to this day employ relocation scams. So, to not fall prey to scammers or overpay a local move, you’ll have to do adequate research beforehand.

Check a Company’s Reputation Before You Hire Them

You don’t want the day you’re about to change your address to come, only to realize you’ve been subject to fraud. To avoid a nightmare scenario like this, there is only one thing to do – and that is to do a background check. First off, you’ll want to read a company’s reviews and check if anyone you know hired these professionals in the past. 
Next, you should do a legal check with the US Department of Transportation and the Better Business Bureau. These institutions will tell you if the mover you plan to hire is licensed and registered and can operate legally in the US. 

Two cheap movers in Seattle relocating boxes

Check professionals and avoid a nightmare that can arise from getting scammed

Steer Away From These and Other Moving Mistakes By Hiring the Best Local Movers in Seattle

While these relocation mistakes are the biggest and most prominent ones, there is too much that can go wrong when a person is relocating on their own. So, to be safe rather than sorry, we’ll give you one final tip: hire moving services in Seattle. Don’t know which one? Well, we do. 
Our relocation company is one of the best and most professional companies in the city. That’s because we take every residential relocation seriously, whether it’s an apartment move or a three-story home. We do commercial relocation as well and even provide partial assisting services, such as a labor-only relocation service or even in- and-out-of storage relocation. So, whatever your relocation needs might be, know that we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is contact us today and obtain the most affordable free quote you could imagine. Don’t hesitate, we’re waiting for your call!